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Water as rain. Valentina Basso It’s raining on millions of roofs It’s raining on millions of fields And I, from inside my kitchen, Am looking at the rain fall down slowly Like a loving snail. Bortolussi Chiara METAPHOR The rain, sound of a musical instrument. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Valentina Basso

    Its raining on millions of roofs

    Its raining on millions of fields

    And I, from inside my kitchen,

    Am looking at the rain fall down slowly

    Like a loving snail.

  • Bortolussi Chiara

    METAPHORThe rain, sound of a musical instrument. The rains fingers noisily hit the tiles of roofs, keys of a large piano.

  • Campaner Gianluca

    METAPHORRain, an alphabet with a thousand sounds.

  • Casetta Grazia

    SIMILE Rain is like the sad weeping of God, poured to clean away the sin from souls.

  • Roberta Colautti


    RainIs like a fountain of emotions.

  • Erik Da Ros

    A SUMMER STORMIt rains. The warm earth Hears a crackle in the distance. The agony of the dreadful war Is over. Now we believe God is in the rain But the worst is still to come: The Sky starts thundering and threatening hailstorm It ruins fruits their feast.

  • Giulia Del Frari

    RAIN Tears of melancholy like silkthreadssuspended in a grey veilthat darken the soulwith whispers noisily silent.

  • Laura Durat

    METAPHORThe rain on the glass is the music of a thousand diamonds on the ground.

  • Fasciano Viviana

    Rain,a lonely and melancholy nymph,cold and insensitivedestructive and inexorable,but generousits got an eternal and mysterious Beauty.

  • Gianluca Floriduz WATERYou, that flowfrom the fountainfull of remembrancesyou steal away my sadness like a lightin the darkness.

  • Giusti Lodovico

    Rain is sad and coldas if announcing death:when it I see, anguish hangs over meand serenity dissipates,indeed my soul it steals.

  • Eleonora Macor

    Rain is reaching out to stroke something softRain is getting wet to run after someone.Rain is leaving everything behind and dream of a new sun.

  • You softly fall on our roofs, crystalline, transparent, silentyou sound like a lullaby when you gracefully lean on the houses. Rain, you cool the hot summer and our hearts are relieved. You are like a little girlperfect, pure, innocentbreath of life,a gift of the spring.

    Marina Nadalin

  • Silvia Odorico

    I cannot stand anything cold and wet, but the rain has something special. I like its sound. I like to see it when it falls. I like to listen to it because it means something to me. I particularly remember one day a few months ago. I was alone in the house and outside the sky wasdarkening. Looking out of the window I saw that it was beginning to rain. In the garden the raindrops bounced off the leaves of the trees, so, I turned off the television and in silence I lay on the sofa and I concentrated to listen to the noise of the rain. The ticking was like the beating of time an old and ancient clock, full of history, like the one in my sitting room. Then, staring at the rain, falling from the abundant gray clouds, I began to reflect on the day that was nearly over. The rain is a good friend when you think, and I remember that day because I began to think about my future, what kind of person I would become and what I would be in my life. I meditated so much that I thought that I would have liked to be just like the rain, independent and free to fall at my will.

  • Klajdi Priska

    RAINS POEMYou're the shrill cryingOf his celestial sky,you're the burst of tears thatremove the smiles fromthe happy terrestrial facesyoure rain.

  • Evelina Quattrin

    METAPHORRain, never ending thought.

  • Ilaria Trevisan

    SIMILEThe rain falls down like dry leaves in autumn.

  • Sara ZadroRain for me means to dive into myself.When I look at the raindrops my memory starts to travel back in timeIt makes me smile about every single thing that reminds me of the good things happendIt takes me to a reality of happiness and nobody and nothing can separate me from it.