Water and soil pollution

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Water and soil pollution

Environmental pollution - is the state of the environment resulting from the introduction to air, water or soil the solid liquid, gas or energy in such quantities and composition that it can negatively affect human health, wildlife, climate, soil, water or cause other unfavorable changes.Soil pollutionSoil degrading factors can be natural phenomena that occur without human intervention, such as:earthquakeserosiondroughtfires

However, the factor which affects the largest imbalance in the soil are biological, chemical pollution.The main source of pollution is industry.Industrial plants emit large amounts of gas and dust containing lead, mercury, sulfur compounds, nitrogen and chlorine.

Using artificial fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture causes soil contamination. Fertilizers used by the farmers include pesticides and toxic components which may penetrate into the crop and then into the animal and human organisms.

Disposal of industrial waste has a huge impact on soil contamination.

Negative effects on the condition of the soil have transportation through the construction of transport routes and transport.

Water pollution. We say about the pollution of water when in its composition there are an increased amount of chemical substances, bacteria and microorganisms which are not their normal ingredients.The main cause of degradation of the water is wastewater discharged from industrial and municipal sewage.

Pollution from transportation routes and means of transport adversely affect the status of water. These fumes and pollution flushed from roads.

The water pollution is also caused by agriculture using strong chemicals as fertilizers. About one-third of water pollution comes from the atmosphere. Rainwater absorb dusts and gases. Contamination of precipitation into groundwater.

In order to reduce the pollution of surface water and groundwater we use wastewater treatment consisting of removal of sludge from waste water and substances dissolved in water.Such functions fulfill sewage treatment plants.

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