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Explore Top-Rated Memorials on a Guided Washington DC Tour

The Capital city-Washington DC in the United States is full of life and has a variety of memorials, museums and attractions. In case you are flying to Washington DC for a vacation, then it is important to have a good idea about the top rated attractions and well- known sights. This will help you in making most out of your guided tour in Washington DC.

Please have look at the most significant and poignant sights of best memorials to explore on a well organized Washington DC tour:

#Attraction 1- See the Vietnam Veterans Memorial:As you tour the Washington DC, you will come across the moving tribute to Vietnam Veterans, which is a National memorial that honors those who fought and died, lost or missing in action during the war. Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located next to the National Mall and contains two walls that are 246 feet long with lists of nearly 60,000 men and women who gave their lives for the Nation. This memorial has three separate parts like a three soldiers Statue, the Vietnam Womens Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

#Attraction 2- Visit the World War II Memorial:Located on the National Mall in Washington DC, between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial is open 24 hours a day. For your information, there is no fee charged to visit the Memorial. This memorial honors all those who served in the US military during World War II and those who supported the war effort on the home front. The World War II Memorial consists of 56 pillars, 2 arches, a plaza, pool and wall of stars.

#Attraction 3- Witness Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial:Dr. Kings Memorial is located in the greater National Mall, which was designed as a lasting tribute to his legacy of freedom, opportunity and justice. The centerpiece of the memorial is a 30 foot statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which is carved into the Stone of Hope.

#Attraction 4- Discover Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial:This memorial is dedicated to the memory of our 32nd President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which spans across 7 acres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial features four different outdoor rooms, where each room represents one term of his four in the office Franklin Delano Roosevelt served as President from 1933 till 1945. At this memorial, you will find famous FDR quotes and statues as well as murals showcasing events that took place during his presidency. Made out of South Dakota granite, this memorial is wheelchair accessible.

Guided tours in Washington DC by Tours in DC will make your visit a convenient, comfortable and relaxing one. Having great years of experience in the sightseeing tour industry, we are competent enough in taking you around Washington DC to explore some of the wonderful and mesmerizing monuments, memorials and attractions.

Please give us a call today at (Monday to Sunday between 7am to 10pm) to book a desired Washington DC tour package.

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