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Warmly welcome to our class !. AIR HOSTESS. SINGER. TEACHER. What job would you like to be in the future?. FOOTBALLER. DOCTOR. FARMER. Saturday, November 8 th ,2013. Part A : READING. UNIT 6 : FUTURE JOBS READING. A> BEFORE YOU READ: 1/ VOCABULARY:. interview. 1. . (v, n). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • FOOTBALLERDOCTORWhat job would you like to be in the future?AIR HOSTESS

  • Saturday, November 8th,2013

  • 1. . (v, n)-> interviewer (n)-> interviewee (n)UNIT 6: FUTURE JOBS READINGA> BEFORE YOU READ: 1/ VOCABULARY:Eg: The old man is the young man./'intvju:/



  • Eg:Her clothing makes a good . on us

  • 2. impression (n)

    + to make/ create a good impression on s.o:


  • vacancy/'veiknsi/ 3. (n):a job that is available for s.o to do

  • 4. . (n) = curriculum vitae (C.V)


  • 5. (v) = to note downto jot down

  • 6. shortcoming (n) /':t,kmi/:

  • 7. . .... (n) : special interest keeness= enthusiasm-> keen on (adj)

    -> enthusiastic

  • 1. interview /'intvju:/ (v, n) interviewer /'intvju:/ (n) interviewee /,intvju:'i:/(n) 2. impression /im'pren/ (n): n tng3. vacancy (n) : chng ch, bng cprsum /'rezju:mei/ (n) = curriculum vitae (C.V) to jot down = to note down6. shortcoming /':t,kmi/ (n): khuyt im7. keenness (n) = enthusiasm-> keen (adj) = enthusiatic



  • b.Task 2. Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F)1. Try to reduce the feeling of pressure and make a good impression on your interviewer2. Find out as much information as you can about the job and the vacancy.3. Bring with you a letter of application and your re'sume' after the interview.

    4. Take all your certificates and letters of recommendation with you.5. Remember to dress neatly and formally.6. Your voice should be clear and polite.

    7. Tell the interviewer about your shortcomings.8. Remember to say goodbye to the interviewer before leaving the interview.TTFTTTTFUNIT 6: FUTURE JOBS READINGDont tell before

  • Find out the information about the job and the company

    Prepare answers to the questions that may be asked during the interview

    Dress neatly and formallyBe on time

    Try to answer all the interviewers questions Be clear, polite, and honest Show your best side, keenness, and responsibility Be willing to learn more about the job Say goodbye before leaving Send a thank-you letter to the interviewer within 24 hours after the interview

    Think about the interviewers comments*List the things you should do before, during, and after a job interview.UNIT 6: FUTURE JOBS READING

  • 1.What must be prepared before the interview ?2.What do you bring with you to an interview ?3.What do you have to make sure before the interview ?4.What should you do during the interview ?5.What do you jot down in your rsums ?

  • * Discuss the question:Which pieces of the advice given in the passage do you find most useful and least useful? Why?UNIT 6: FUTURE JOBS READING3.AFTER YOU READ:

  • Learn new words Write about a job you may do after you finish school, using the following cues:Where you will workWho you will work withThe salary you may get paidThe working conditionsUNIT 6: FUTURE JOBS READING

  • Order the things we should do to get a job in the future? -Attend a job interview -Fill and send an application form-Prepare kinds of paper to bring to an interview. - Get information about jobs at a job center or an employment agency.

  • 1/ Tick () the factors that you think would help you succeed in a job interview.wearing casual clothesgiving clear, honest answers feeling self-confident

    feeling nervous having a sense of responsibilityavoiding difficult questionsA. BEFORE YOU READ:

  • a.Task 1. These words are from the passage. Look back to the text and tick the best meanings A, B or C.1. vacancyA. a part of a newspaper where jobs are advertisedB. a job that is available C. a seat that is available

    2. rsumA. a photocopy of academic certificatesB. a letter of recommendationC. a short written account of someones education and previous jobs

    3. keennessA. special interestB. very quick understandingC. sense of responsibility

    4. jot downA. mentionB. note downC. type