warm up what makes you angry??. today we will… define anger identify physical symptoms of anger...

Download Warm up What makes you angry??. Today we will… Define anger Identify physical symptoms of anger Discuss reasons for keeping your anger under control Learn

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Warm up

Warm upWhat makes you angry??

Today we willDefine angerIdentify physical symptoms of angerDiscuss reasons for keeping your anger under controlLearn tips for controlling your anger

Answer the following questions.How often do you get angry?Do you always control your anger?Did you ever get into trouble because of your anger?Little anger vs. big angerAnger Discuss with a partner the definition of anger.

a strong feeling of ___________ mixed with the urge to _____ ____.


Fight back

What bugs you??Complete page 62 in your LS workbook.

Physical effects of angerIncreased HRTight muscles Rush of blood to headConfusion / irrational thinkingSweatingLoss of concentration

How can you deal with anger?Discuss this question with a partner.

Good ways to deal with angerExerciseListen to musicTalk to someoneScream into a pillow Relax / reframeDo something funRead a bookFind something to do to take your mind off of the problem. Count to 10 / deep breath / stress ballSeek counseling or take anger management classes

Bad ways of dealing with angerFighting backYell at someone / take out your anger on themThrow things / break somethingPunch, kick, throw a fitKeep it to yourself


Fire analogyAnger is like a fire; if you dont put it out you could loose something very valuable!


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