WANDO HIGH SCHOOL School of Arts and Humanities scope and administered by the ... School of Arts and Humanities JANUARY 29, 2008 WANDO HIGH SCHOOL ... and to provide a medium

Download WANDO HIGH SCHOOL School of Arts and Humanities  scope and administered by the ... School of Arts and Humanities JANUARY 29, 2008 WANDO HIGH SCHOOL ... and to provide a medium

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  • Wando Students Recognized at the 2009 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

    The Scholastic Art and Writ-ing Awards offer creative teens

    early recognition by local and

    national professionals in the arts,

    exhibition and publication oppor-

    tunities for regional and national

    audiences, and scholarship oppor-

    tunities for graduating high school

    seniors. The program is national

    in scope and administered by the

    Alliance for Young Artists and

    Writers. Notable past winners

    include Andy Warhol, Robert

    Redford, Sylvia Plath, and

    Truman Capote.

    Approximately 15,000 young

    artists from across the country are

    recognized yearly at the regional

    level of the Scholastic Art and

    Writing Awards. The most out-

    standing works of art from each

    Regional Affiliate program, the

    Gold Keys, are forwarded on to

    New York City to be assessed on

    a national level.

    Nine students from Wando High

    School had artwork chosen to be

    displayed at the 2009 South Caro-

    lina Scholastic Art and Writing

    Awards. Dylan Agardy, Meredith

    Burwell, Taylor Epps, Erin Skinner,

    Marilyn White, Sarah White, and

    Summer White all received Honor-

    able Mention Awards for their

    work. The following students

    received Silver Key Awards for

    their work: Stephanie Cummins for

    her painting All Roads Lead to

    Home, Marilyn White for her draw-

    ing Purple Skeleton, Derek Riker

    for his digital design Diamonds are

    Forever, and Taylor Epps for her

    drawing 40% of Homeless Men are

    United States Veterans and for her

    painting Morning Dew.

    Seniors Dylan Agardy, Meredith

    Burwell, and Marilyn White all

    received Gold Key Awards for their

    Art Portfolios. In addition, Dylan

    also received a Gold Key Award for

    her digital Design Organ Harvesting.

    These Gold Key winners will now be

    sent to the National Scholastic compe-

    tition, where the awards include

    twelve cash grants of $10,000 for

    exemplary work. The students are

    taught by Mary Catherine Middleton,

    Cheryl Clair and Ashley Webb.

    The award reception for the 2009

    South Carolina Scholastic Art Awards

    will be held at 2:00pm on Saturday,

    January 31st in the Cultural Center

    Auditorium at Lander University. You

    can view the other winning artwork at




    School Musical: 42nd Street February 12th-14th @ 7:00 pm February 15th @ 5 pm in PAC*

    PTSO Big Bash (school fundraiser) February 28th @ 7 pm @ Alhambra Hall

    Wando Film Festival March 13th @ 6 pm in PAC*

    Quest Competition March 14th @ Trident Techni-cal College

    Percussion/Jazz Concert April 17th @ 7 pm in PAC*

    Drama Showcase April 29th & 30th @ 7 pm in PAC*

    Chorus Spring Concert May 4th @ 7 pm in PAC*

    Orchestra Spring Concert May 7th @ 7 pm in PAC*

    Band Spring Concert May 14th @ 7 pm in PAC*

    * Wando Performing Arts Center (PAC)


    JANUARY 29, 2008 School of Arts and Humanities WANDO HIGH SCHOOL

    Student Musicians Place in All-County/Region

    Each year, the choral and band programs at Wando High School participate in All-County/Region and All-State auditions. The pur-pose of the auditions is to recog-nize outstanding achievements among the students of South Caro-lina, to provide encouragement and guidance for the serious students of music, and to provide a medium through which directors of the state may exhibit their top students.

    This year, the Wando High School band placed 51 members

    and 19 alternates to the South Caro-lina All-State Band. This represents the ninth year in a row that the band has placed the most students in the band of any high school in South Carolina. The next highest totals were the Charleston School of the Arts with 11 students and Fort Mill High School with 11 students. The band also placed 108 students in the South Carolina Region Four Honor Bands. In addition, our Jazz band also placed 9 members in All-State, representing the most in the state.

    Our choral department placed 67 members in All-County and 27 mem-bers in All-State Chorus, which repre-sents the third highest in the state. The department also had five mem-bers place in the American Choral Directors High School Honors Choir.

    This accomplishment represents the quality leadership that is provided by our choral and band instructors and the dedication and talent of our stu-dent participants. Congratulations to both the directors and students!

    Scholastic Art Awards 1 Student Musicians 1 School Musical Highlight 2 Teacher of the Quarter 2


    Marilyn White, Purple Skeleton

  • the school musical. The pieces create an accurate and eye-popping look for 42nd Street. She has a meticulous eye for detail, and is never satisfied with less than the best.

    Ms. Guthrie graduated from DePauw University in 1986 with a BA in English Composition. Following her schooling, she worked for two years in the Peace Corps in Lesotho, Africa, teaching students Science and English in Secondary School. In

    1996, she obtained a MAT in Special Education from the College of Charleston. She began teaching at Wando in 2004 and has been a tremen-dous asset in educating stu-dents in their Math and Eng-lish courses. Thanks and con-gratulations Ms. Guthrie!

    Teacher of the Quarter: Robbie Guthrie

    School Musical To Be Performed in February

    It might be hard to find this teacher of the quarter. Stuck behind endless racks of costumes, Ms. Robbie Guthrie prepares for the up-coming school musical, 42nd Street. Ms. Guthrie is a tire-less and dedicated supporter of the arts at Wando. She works on the Student Council Talent Show and performs in Faculty Follies. She teaches music, coaches actors, and has designed and organized costumes for previous school musicals. This year, along with Catherine Lawson, she has helped to gather, buy, and create over 230 costumes for

    Get To Know Jodye Carroll

    Why did you choose to complete an Arts and Humanities major? This major has given me the opportunity to incorporate music and the arts into my school schedule each day. It has been a challenging course load but given me the opportunity to experience a variety of art forms such as Chorus, Percussion, and Stage Technology. What are your plans for the future? After graduation, I hope to attend a four-year college and major in theatre/musical theatre. I hope to end up in New York City as a working actress.

    Wando High School will

    present its fourth fully live

    musical production, 42nd

    Street, in four performances

    February 12-15 in the Per-

    forming Arts Center. The

    curtain rises at 7 p.m. Thurs-

    day through Saturday with a

    special Sunday matinee at 5

    p.m. The production stages a

    cast of 50 students and nearly

    20 instrumentalists, and show-

    cases a school-wide range of

    student talent, both on-stage

    through student performances

    and off-stage through stage


    The plot of the musical

    takes place in 1933 at the

    height of the Great Depres-

    sion. Famous director Julian

    Marsh is putting on a new

    show. Enter Peggy Sawyer, a

    small town girl with big

    Broadway dreams. This fairy

    tale of the Great White Way

    features extravagant sets, glit-

    tering costumes, and lavish

    production numbers with a

    cast of 50 singers and tap

    dancers, and a fully live or-

    chestra, all of which are sure

    to make this an evening to


    Lori Carroll, director of the

    musical and theatre teacher,

    guides students through an

    amazing journey about stage

    performance and design. Sean

    McGrew, Wando assistant

    director of bands, and Eric

    Wilkinson, assistant chorus

    director, teach students to

    perform professional musical

    scores. Roberta Guthrie and

    Catherine Lawson, both fac-

    ulty members, have enhanced

    the visual design of the pro-

    duction through costuming.

    Be sure to make plans to

    spend a night with the talented

    students of Wando High

    School and enjoy the glitz and

    glamour of the 1930s Broad-

    way show!

    Tickets for the evening

    performances are $5 per per-

    son for students and $10 per

    person for adults. All tickets

    for the Sunday matinee are $5

    per person. For more informa-

    tion, visit


    musical or call (843) 375-


    Theatre, Practice for 42nd Street

    Percussion Ensemble Class


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