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Justin Akerman (CE ) Chris Hoerbelt (ME) Hersh Anand (EE) Anthony Poli (ME ) Greg Mucks (ME) Jon Notaro (EE) Eric Tripp (EE) Customer: Stan Rickel. Wandering Ambassador. Project Description. Mission - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Wandering Ambassador

Wandering AmbassadorJustin Akerman (CE)Chris Hoerbelt (ME)Hersh Anand (EE)Anthony Poli (ME)Greg Mucks (ME)Jon Notaro (EE)Eric Tripp (EE)Customer: Stan Rickel

Project DescriptionKey ObjectivesDebug I2C communication interfaceDesign & integrate sensor circuitryDesign & Implement redundant safety featuresDesign simple transport modeIncorporate ride vibration mitigationFabricate and assemble prototypeModify electronics to address known issuesMissionIntegrate existing hardware with newly designed subsystems to deliver functional prototype ready for software developmentDesign Concept

SafetyChain guardsEmergency stop buttonsBumper SystemEnclosureTransparent & water resistant electronics boxTransportCollapsible handleDrivetrain disengagementModularityFully modular bolted connection architectureSensor SuiteSonarInfraredBumpPhotodiodeGPSAccelerometerMoisture sensorTemperatureMotor EncodersDesign Concept: Electronics ArchitectureHigh Level Control / Decision MakingInput / Command InterpretationInput / Output DevicesCritical Risk AssessmentRisk: Difficulty producing I2C functionalityHardware and software incompatibilities and flaws produced multiple roadblocksRoadblocks pushed back electrical & test schedulesLearning curve for electronics system very steepMitigation: Investigated alternate beagleboard OSMitigation: Replaced I2C hardware to ensure proper configurationMitigations were unsuccessful for an extended period required revising of project goals

State of ProjectDesign meets all customer needsMechanical systems complete on scheduleMotors and water pump function as designedElectronics 2-3 weeks behind scheduleMultiple issues encounteredHardware issuesSoftware incompatibilityCost: $500 under budgetFuture DirectionP11216 team has received customer and P11215 input on feature addition and optimizationWater based vandal deterrent systemOptimization of sonar placement and actuationDesign and implementation of personality softwarePlant expansion systemLCD placement & function plan