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  • 1. Development of Animation Andrew Clements

2. Walt Disney Walter Elias Disney (Walt Disney) 5th December 1901- 15th December 1966 was an American Pioneer business man, animator, cartoonist, director, producer, screen write, CEO, entrepreneur and voice actor. ( Mickey Mouse) 3. Walter Disney was the creator of the most famous animations in the Golden age of American animation 1937-41 which was Walt Disney AnimationHe started animating adverts as a living before animating and creating his own business Walt Disney Studios 4. Steam Boat Willie Walt Disney created the first ever animated film with synchronized sound- Steam Boat Willie previous to his achievement animation either had no sound or was unsynchronized. 5. Silly Symphonies 1929-1939 Walt Disney Created 75 short animated films this was turned into a film series. 6. Old Mill In 1937 Walt Disney created the old mill, which was a silly symphonies cartoon. This animation was a testing ground for the animation techniques, once they had established the multiplane camera. This is a special motion picture camera, used in traditional animation to give depth in the film by moving slides at various speeds and distances 7. Snow White First full length animated film created. It was also the first full length film in colour (technicolour) the film was created in 1937 using rotoscoping, this is where they use an actor then trace their movements frame by frame, to make the film animation to look realistic. 8. Fantasia Within 1940, the first stereophonic sound for the film fantasia was invented. Walt Disney used stereophonic sound wich was a sound which created the illusion of sound being played from multiple locations. 9. Princess and the Frog Walt Disney Studios created Princess and the Frog, this was the last ever drawn film which Disney has made, now its all done by CGI. Princess and the Frog was created in 2009