Walnut Creek Pedestrian Master Plan Summary of results of April–May 2014 online survey

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Walnut Creek Pedestrian Master Plan Summary of results of AprilMay 2014 online survey. June 9, 2014. E ISEN |L ETUNIC. Overview of online survey. Purpose: Get input on existing conditions and needs Open for seven weeks: April 10May 31 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Walnut Creek Pedestrian Master PlanSummary of results ofAprilMay 2014 online surveyJune 9, 2014</p> <p>EISEN|LETUNIC</p> <p>1Overview of online surveyPurpose: Get input on existing conditions and needsOpen for seven weeks: April 10May 31195 respondents (not everyone responded to every question)</p> <p>EISEN|LETUNICAge170 responses</p> <p>EISEN|LETUNICStudent, parent or neither?171 responses</p> <p>EISEN|LETUNICHome zip code162 responses94596 (east of 680south)33%94595 (south of 680)23%94597 (west of 680)20%94598 (east of 680north)20%Other 4%</p> <p>EISEN|LETUNICHow often do you walk for?194 responses</p> <p>TransportationFun or exercise</p> <p>EISEN|LETUNICObstacles and challenges to walking187 responsesHow much do they discourage people from walking in WC?</p> <p>Inadequate transit serviceCars blocking the sidewalkMissing / broken sidewalksMissing / broken crosswalksStreets too wide or busy to crossMissing curb rampsNowhere to walk / long distancesSpeeding or aggressive drivingFew or no amenitiesSteep hillsConcerns about crime</p> <p>EISEN|LETUNICOther general obstacles and challenges?108 responsesCommon responses:Poorly designed sidewalks (narrow, no buffer against traffic, obstacles blocking the way)Right-turning carsLong wait times at traffic lightsNo street lightsHomeless peopleLax traffic enforcementLack of street trees, shade</p> <p>EISEN|LETUNICFavorite walks or places to walk?164 responsesCommon responses:Iron Horse, Canal and other trails (but concerns about access)Downtown, Broadway Plaza (but too many cars)Open space areas: Rudgear Estates, Shell Ridge, etc.City parks: Civic, Alma, LarkeyHeather FarmsParkmead (but no street lights)</p> <p>EISEN|LETUNICChallenging streets and intersections?164 responsesCommon responses:Wide, busy streets with fast traffic:Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Blvd, California, Main, Broadway, Mt Diablo, Treat, OlympicNo sidewalks or shoulders:Newell, Walnut, San MiguelDowntown intersectionsTrail crossingsResidential neighborhoods with no sidewalks</p> <p>EISEN|LETUNICWays to improve conditions for walking173 responsesHow important are these for Walnut Creek?</p> <p>Faster / more frequent transitOvercrossings of busy streetsHigh-visibility crosswalksNicely landscaped streetsMore / better street lightsMore time to cross the streetTraffic-calmed streetsMore traffic enforcementPed countdown signalsMore crossing guards</p> <p>EISEN|LETUNICHow would you make walking in Walnut Creek safer and easier?148 responsesCommon responses:More enforcement against unsafe or aggressive drivingSidewalks and high-visibility crosswalksesp. to schools, trailsRestrict cars and create pedestrian zones in the downtownPromote walking to schoolTraffic-calming measuresBike lanes, bike parkingPedestrian bridges</p> <p>EISEN|LETUNIC</p>