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  1. 1. Manual for Wall DecalsPreparation Please read the instructions thoroughly before startingand grease If necessary, mark the corners of the designated area using a pencilStep1Step 2Step 7Step 8Smooth out the backing paper using your hands -Please peel slowly...or a plastic squeegee, to ensure the design ad-gle to ensure the decal remains adhered to theheres to the application tapeapplication tapeStep 3 Step 4Step 9Step10 Smooth out the application tape using yourCompletely remove the application tapeAfter removing the application tape, press onthe adhesive side facing the surface hands or a plastic squeegee to ensure the decal is properly applied to the surfacecloth Note:Step 5 Step 6 If your wall is freshly painted, please wait approx. 3 weeks until the paint has thoroughly dried. When storing the Wall Decal or Wall Print make sure to place in a dry and clean area, between 50 F to 85 F During shipping bubbles might appear between the layers. This has no eect on the quality of the decal once it is applied. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@my-wall-decal.com.We are happy to assist you!Please pay special attention to the edges andsmall detailsanglewww.my-wall-decal.com