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    Awakening Path

    J U LY 2 0 1 9

    What does it mean to walk on an awakening path? It is something much simpler than you might think.

    First, we would like you to consider an experience that many of us have had. If you have not had an experience like this, that is OK! You can still imagine it. Then, talk about awakening paths will make so much more sense.


  • Imagine – you are walking on a path through fields of green grass. Every- where, there are bright little dande- lions. What do you say to yourself? “My goodness! Look at all these obnoxious little weeds everywhere!” Or, “What beautiful little flowers! I’m go- ing to pick a few and make a nice green salad and some tea with them!” Maybe you remember the joy of plucking these flowers as a child. Or maybe you think with disgust of the toil of dig- ging them up in your garden.

    Now. The truth is, there is just you, the fields, and the dandelions. Are dandelions obnoxious? Are they delightful? If you really look at it, those experiences – delight or disgust – have to do with you. Do you want dandelions to bring you happiness and joy? Or do you want them to make you miserable? This is the choice you get to make. That is how life is, and that is what it means to choose to walk on an awakening path.

    Our life is like a path. We have to walk it every day. Along the way, we will encounter many things, people, and events. Every one of these can open our hearts more, teach us more about life, and deepen our connection to others, to the living world around us, and even to the universe.

    This path we walk every day can bring us more joy, peace, gratitude, and contentment. Or, it can turn us around, wear us out, and take us deep into

    thorns, thickets, and muddy places. Our mind might end up going one way, our body another, and our spirit – who knows! We can get lost easily. That means being dis- connected within ourselves, discon- nected from what is around us, and being caught up in pain and suffering.

    This path of thick- ets and thorns is a very easy path to go down. It is very

    easy to see weeds and nuisances. But it is just as easy to see flowers and delight, and to walk an easier path. That is exactly what Spring Forest Qigong helps you to do! There is an easy way to reconnect to yourself and to the world. There is a simple way to see the world differently.

    Master Lin created Spring Forest Qigong to be simple. Yet, it is very, very powerful. His teach- ers told him, the simplest thing is usually the most powerful. And...it is true!

    Would you believe that love, kindness, and forgiveness have the power to completely trans- form your life? Would you believe that taking time to feel a little gratitude, contentment, peace, happiness, and joy every day has helped

    thousands of people to heal every health challenge you can imagine, from cancers to chronic pain? Well, you don’t have to believe it. You just have to try it. Love, kindness, forgiveness, joy: these are all things you already have. You were born with them. You just need to remember that.

    This path we walk every day can bring us more joy, peace, gratitude, and contentment. Or, it can turn us around,

    wear us out, and take us deep into thorns, thickets, and

    muddy places.

    www.SpringForestQigong.com 2JULY 2019

  • In that sense, awakening is nothing but be- coming aware of your body, mind, and spirit. It is becoming aware of their connection to each other, and of your connection to everything around you. The simple practices of Spring For- est Qigong help you to do all of those things.

    What kinds of things do we mean?

    Do you want to reconnect to your body? Clap your hands nine times. Cup the inside of your left elbow nine times, then your right. Cup your armpits the same way nine times. Do all of this a few times.

    Just doing this stimulates your heart energy, your lymph system, and what Qigong calls the “triple heaters,” a system that customizes energy for your whole body. That is because your hands have vital energy channels in them. Stimulating them, and using them to stimulate your arms, benefits your whole body. Just a little clapping and cupping! Try, and see how you feel.

    Do you feel better? Maybe you feel... happy for no reason? Just like when you were a child with a dandelion! And that is perfect, because now you may remember another moment from childhood, which is so perfect for what we are discussing. Did you ever sing this song –

    “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”? There was a lot more wisdom in that simple song than you realized, wasn’t there? What else did it say? “If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will really show it.” Then, it asked you to stomp your feet .

    Just like clapping your hands stimulates six major energy channels, so does stomping your feet. There is even a point on each foot called “Bubbling Spring,” which connects to the kid- ney energy system – the body’s main source of vitality. There are stories of people clapping their hands, stomping their feet, and laughing to heal severe health challenges. Now you can begin to appreciate why!

    So you see, it is simple to reconnect to your body and see all the gifts it offers you. Connect- ing to your body like this, you even learn about the energy of positive emotions like happiness.

    From the Qigong perspective, the energy of happiness helps to heal the liver system. The liver transforms 70% of the toxins in the body. So, in a very real way, laughing, smiling, and feeling happy can save our lives! As happiness grows, it leads to joy, which benefits the heart and its energy system. Joy’s fullness leads to peace. That benefits the spleen, pancreas, and stomach energy system (which also includes the joints and muscles).

    Out of peace arises contentment, which nourishes the lung energy system.

    Contentment gives rise to gratitude, replenishing our kidney energy system, which you know now is the body’s main source of vitality. Gratitude feeds happiness. That means, living like this, we find ourselves in a continuous, heal- ing cycle of positive emotions.

    So, by using Qigong to connect to the body, we can also

    reconnect with the kinds of emotions we value and desire the most. This, in

    turn, helps the body.

    www.SpringForestQigong.com 3JULY 2019

  • And out of all these gathering benefits – with a healthy body, with health-nourishing emotions flowing through us – arises a calm, quiet mind. How can the mind be disturbed in an environment like that? So, the mind can be at ease, too.

    Then, with a calm mind, balanced body, free of the inner tyranny of disturbing emotions, we find we have created the most fertile soil for the growth and expression of our most beautiful spiritual qualities. As we awaken to the nature and the expression of these spiritual qualities – to our soul and its purpose – we really begin to walk an awakened, awakening path. Living our soul purpose is a journey in itself... but that is a story for another day!

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  • Giving as a

    Qigong Practice

    All kinds of people read this newsletter.

    Some are longtime students of Spring Forest Qigong. Many even teach classes and do healing in their communities. Others have taken a class or bought a home-study course or two and continue with their own practice. And some are even beginners!

    But among all these different people in different places, one thing is fairly consistent: they first came to Spring Forest Qigong for their health.

    You name it. Cancer of every kind. Arthritis. Injuries. Heart challenges. Lung challenges. Chronic pain. Depression, anxiety, life-traumas. Whether they came to the healing center in Minnesota, to a class, or to a simple book and a video, what they were