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  • Walker Books Seasonal Catalogue September December 2010E

  • September Highl ights

    The award-winning creator of Alex Rider, and author of the bestselling Power of Five series, gives the horror genre a twist in this grisly collection of gruesome tales, presented in an exciting new, larger format. Stories of ultimate revenge from freshly-sold human meat and uncontrollable robots, to life-sucking MP3 players and reality TV with a deadly result are all told with dark humour and ghoulish relish. This is Anthony Horowitz at his most wicked.

    Old-fashioned cover look that belies the gruesome interior.

    Made even more fiendish by retro illustrations, chilling facts and a mischievous message from the author.

    Extra stories are available for download onto the handheld Nintendo DSi, for the interactive EA FLIPS range, as part of an innovative digital marketing campaign.

    Spooky trailer available online.

    Major nationwide press and publicity campaign.

    More Bloody HorowitzBy Anthony Horowitz

    Key Backlist

    Granny 9781406305708 5.99 Paperback

    Groosham Grange 9780744583441 4.99 Paperback

    The Switch 9781406305715 5.99 Paperback

    Return to Groosham Grange 9780744583458 4.99 Paperback

    The Devil and His Boy 9781406305692 5.99 Paperback

    9781406317008 9.99 Paperback 253x177mm 128 pages 12 years +

    9781406328752 9.99 inc. VAT e-PDF

    ROBO NANNYLater on, they would blame each other. It didnt matter which one of them you asked. They would both say that it had never been their idea to buy Robo-Nanny.

    But it had seemed sensible enough at the time. After all, they were busy people Sanjiv Mahal, international director of the worlds second largest internet bank, and his wife, Nicole, designer and photographer, in constant demand both on earth and on the moon. Their days were crammed full of clients, meetings and reports. They were invited to dinner parties five

    The door was blown off its hinges and there was Robo-Nanny with a Burglar Blaster automatic handgun in one

    hand and a dozen of his school books in the other

  • September Highl ights

    The Devil and His Boy 9781406305692 5.99 Paperback

    A thrilling prequel to the bestselling Mortal Instruments series, full of vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters.

    Magic is dangerous - but love is more dangerous still...

    When sixteen-year-old Tessa Gray arrives in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, something terrifying is waiting for her in Londons Downworld, where vampires, warlocks and other supernatural folk stalk the gaslit streets. Friendless and hunted, Tessa seeks refuge with the Shadowhunters, a band of warriors dedicated to ridding the world of demons. Drawn ever deeper into their world, she finds herself fascinated by - and torn between - two best friends, and quickly realizes that love may be the most dangerous magic of all.

    Clockwork Angel is the first in a new trilogy about the Downworlders the supernatural creatures introduced in Cassandra Clares bestselling Mortal Instruments trilogy.

    The Mortal Instruments series has been translated into 19 languages and has appeared on bestseller lists in the US, Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

    Praise for the Mortal Instruments: The Mortal Instruments series is a story world I love to live in. Beautiful! Stephenie Meyer, author of Twilight

    Funny, dark, and sexy ... Cassies writing makes my toes curl with envy. Holly Black, author of The Spiderwick Chronicles

    The Infernal Devices 1: Clockwork AngelBy Cassandra Clare

    Key Backlist

    City of Bones 9781406307627 7.99 Paperback

    9781406331417 7.99 inc. VAT ePub

    9781406331400 7.99 inc. VAT e-PDF

    City of Glass 9781406307641 7.99Paperback

    9781406331448 7.99 inc. VAT ePub

    9781406331455 7.99 inc. VAT e-PDF

    City of Ashes 9781406307634 7.99 Paperback

    9781406331431 7.99 inc. VAT ePub

    9781406331424 7.99 inc. VAT e-PDF

    9781406321326 9.99 Trade Paperback 229x152mm 496 pages 14 years +

    9781406332438 9.99 inc. VAT ePub

    9781406332445 9.99 inc. VAT e-PDF

  • September Character

    Bookaboo Rocks!Introducing a stylish range of tie-ins to the BAFTA-award-winning childrens television show Bookaboo, about the world-famous rock and roll drummer puppy who loves to read. Along with his bandmates, Growler and Paws, the fun and fearless Bookaboo has lots of exciting adventures but he never forgets his story a day and with his catchphrase A story a day or I just wont play! Bookaboo promotes sharing stories and early literacy.

    New series broadcasting on ITV, autumn 2010

    Welcome to Maisys amazing lift-the-flap world of words, full of fun illustrations and a fantastic first vocabulary!

    This biggest ever Maisy book from award-winning artist Lucy Cousins is bursting with 64 colourful pages of over 300 wonderful words and 25 fantastic flaps. All of Maisys favourite places and activities are featured: dressing up, cooking, in the park, on the farm, at the beach, animals, bathtime, bedtime, and many, many more.

    A Maisy First Concepts book, perfect for toddlers aged 1 to 3 years

    Visit www.maisyfun.com for a downloadable Maisy 20th anniversary party pack

    9781406327830 9.99Paperback 270x270mm64 pages 1 year +

    Bookaboo and the band pay a visit to the dog pound where they all met, but without a story Bookaboo just cant play! The show must go on, and with this two-in-one storybook you can share the specially created mini book inside with Bookaboo and help to save the day!

    Bring some colour to the antics of Bookaboo and his friends. With crosswords, mazes, wordsearches, puzzles and pictures to colour in, not to mention cut-out-and-keep bookplates, reading invitations and bookmarks, there are hours of fun to be had with Bookaboos colouring book.

    The band is in Paris and Bookaboo is determined to read his book even with a mob of photographers in his way. Will determination and a cunning disguise be enough to ensure Bookaboo gets his daily story? Join him and see by sharing the mini storybook inside.

    Join Bookaboo on tour and experience a slice of the rock and roll life. Use the four pages of stickers to decorate his bus, solve puzzles, and create your own book bits!

    Bookaboo: Puppies in the Pound

    Bookaboo: Colour and Do

    Bookaboo: Dogs in Disguise

    Bookaboo: Stickers, Drums and Rock & Roll

    9781406327021 4.99Paperback 260x215mm24 pages 3 years +

    9781406327038 3.99Paperback 280x210mm32 pages 3 years +

    9781406326543 4.99Paperback 260x215mm24 pages 3 years +

    9781406327045 3.99Paperback 280x210mm24 pages 3 years +

    Backlist Opportunities

    Maisys Twinkly, Crinkly Counting Book 9780744557510 8.99 Hardback

    Maisys Wonderful Weather Book 9781844286713 8.99 Hardback

    Maisys Amazing Big Book of WordsBy Lucy Cousins

  • September Non-Fict ionSeptember Novel ty

    Something Beginning with BlueBy Sally Symes

    Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

    Pop-up: A Paper Engineering Master ClassBy Ruth Wickings

    Illustrated by Frances Castle

    How to Get What You WantBy Nina Grunfeld

    I spy with my little eye something beginning with blue ... and green ... and brown. This bright and colourful read-aloud rhyming book, illustrated by Nick Sharratt, is guaranteed to appeal to young children, who will love guessing at the surprise hidden on each page.

    9781406326192 9.99Hardback 270x245mm32 pages 2 years +

    This step-by-step guide to paper engineering is a unique and exciting introduction to making pop-ups. From simple folds to pull-tabs and noise-makers, this interactive masterclass contains fifteen key paper engineering techniques; simply press out the ready-to-assemble pieces and follow the clear instructions to create four separate spreads, including a fire-breathing dragon, a fairy tale castle, Frankenstein and an elaborate jungle scene. Youll be creating your very own pop-up masterpieces in no time.

    Pre-cut pieces with double-sided tape already attached means that theres no need for scissors or glue!

    9781406330854 14.99Hardback 250x250mm16 pages 7 years +

    Life coach Nina Grunfeld shows teens the way to a fulfilling future in this stylish and inspirational self-help book. Ten accessible sections on topics such as identity, goals, success and confidence are backed up with practical tips and exercises to guide every young adult to reach their true potential.

    9781406323849 9.99Flexiback 215x190mm160 pages 14 years +


    So many people apologize for themselves all the time. Maybe you dont want to come across as a show-off, but you dont want to downplay your talents either.

    It may make you feel wonderfully modest,

    but ultimately saying out loud to yourself

    (and others) that youre good at something

    is far better than putting yourself down.

    Rewriting your qualitiesRewrite expressions you use so you dont

    sound less capable than you really are.

    Present statement: Im quite good at sport.

    Ideal statement: I play rugby really well.

    Present statement: I think others would

    say Im clever.

    Ideal statement: Im at the top of the class.

    talk yourself up ratHer tHan down

    9. How can I sound more

  • September Picture Books

    The Christmas Eve GhostBy Shirley Hughes

    There Are No Cats in This BookBy Viviane Schwarz

    It s a Secret!By John Burningham

    Bronwen cant understand why Mam doesnt seem to like their neighbours, the ORileys. It takes an act of kindness, following a ghostly fright on Christmas Eve, to make Mam change her mind. In this inspiri