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wakeUPgirl is a multi-media platform with a mission to INSPIRE WOMEN TO WAKE UP! Through our engaging radio show, nationally recognized magazine and positive TV programming, we showcase women who are the leaders, the innovators and the activists Sounding the Alarm for all women to WAKE UP and go for their dreams. wakeUPgirl Magazine is the jewel in the wakeUPgirl crown. Our professional design and editorial team make our magazine informative, creative and dynamically suitable for a wide range of women. We took great care to ensure that our content is relevant for anyone from a college student, to CEO, to housewife, to entrepreneur, to political official to First Lady. We educate, inspire and empower women by bringing resources, information and a community of mentor’s to your doorstep, all you have to do is open the door. Ladies, it’s time to stop pressing snooze on the very vision that was meant to transform lives, families, communities and the world!


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    President Tiffany Dufu The White House Project

    President Tiffany Dufu The White House Project

    Promoting the Leadership of Women in Business!

    Michelle Majors Interview with Tiffany Dufu

    pen/pencil/sharpener/eraser/calculator pouch to keep all my stu together in one place. Oh and lets not even GO THERE about the color coding to make this little number just that much more sexy! Yes, the Trapper Keeper was the NEW WAVE of sleek, cutting edge, orga-nization. It was a NEW WAY to manage class.

    The women of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority knew this when they gave Tiany Dufu the nickname Trapper Keeper, for she too, is the cutting edge new way to manage classand leadership.

    As my sorority sister, (shameless plug to my sisters of Delta Sigma Sorority, Inc) I can attest to Tianys almost supernatural ability to manage multiple worlds with such seamlessness. I have yet to this day been able to understand it. She admits that its a lot to do, but that doesnt aect her ability and commitment to somehow do it.

    So lets go back. Its May 29th when we have nally managed to connect after the 5-years since I lived in New York. The Tiany I had known and loved BACK in the day is now, Tiany Dufu, President of The White House Project and let me say I am beside myself with pride and joy for her role in womens leadership and politics.

    The arrangement was that she would call me at 2:30pm. When my phone rang at 2:40pm, the conver-sation began like this:

    Me: Hello

    Tiany: "Oh my goodness I am so sorry I'm 10-minutes late, I want you to know that I really do honor your time".

    Do you remember the Trapper Keeper?

    Well, rst lets go back to the 70s the decade of the Pee-Chee. (I am embarrassed that I know about them) You know those peach colored folders with the athletes on them that virtually EVERY student had? They were simple little folders with pockets in them to hold your papers. Nothing special really but like any fadwe all had them.

    But then came the 80s. It was the dawn of technologi-cal advancements such as personal computers, DOS, Atari 2600, cable television, answering machines oh how we were blazing the high-tech trails. Its only natural that wed now require a more sophisticated way to organize our class notes and assignments to match this cutting edge quantum leap in technology. Hmmm What to do, what to do? How can we manage 6 dierent class periods in a single folder all completely organized and functional?

    Ta-da!!! Its the Trapper Keeper, by Mead.

    Forget about that spiral notebook junk, forget about the Pee-Chee the Trapper Keeper was the Cadillac of binders. I couldnt WAIT to get mine! I somehow thought that THIS would MAKE me more organized and perhaps even smarter. Even if I only LOOKED smarter, my mom and I, like so many others stood in line at Woolworths making our contribution to the Mead Family Fortune. I mean this thing was cutting edge, it was state of the art, it had this snazzy vinyl holder which held several dierent pockets for dier-ent subjects, a convenient clip board thingy that held my pens in place, (even though I always forgot to put them in there and they broke way to easily) and a sleek