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Today’s knowledge, tomorrow’s business We offer a variety of courses within the five themes: Plant, Animal, Sustainable Development, Food and Policy & Markets.


  • Wageningen Academy

    Todays knowledge, tomorrows business

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    Wageningen Academy, the course portal of

    Wageningen University and Research Centre,

    is an important instrument to disclose our

    scientific knowledge to professionals in

    the field.

    We believe it is important to share and spread our

    knowledge. As a leading knowledge institute in

    the domain of Healthy Food & Living Environment,

    Wageningen UR does not only develop cutting-

    edge knowledge, but also makes an effort to apply

    our insights in practice anywhere in the world.

    Wageningen Academy helps to make the

    translation from science to practice.

    National and international experts have already

    found their way to Wageningen Academy and hear

    about the newest scientific insights and their applica-

    tions. I find it very inspiring to see the interaction

    between the lecturers and the course participants.

    Both gain new insights and leave full of new ideas.

    In this brochure you will find what Wageningen

    Academy can do for you and your organization.

    Martin Kropff

    Vice-President of the Executive

    Board of Wageningen UR

    Rector Magnificus

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    I proudly present Wageningen Academy,

    the course portal of Wageningen UR.

    We provide professionals from business

    or the public domain with the latest

    scientific insights in the domain of Healthy Food & Living Environment.

    Our courses and activities are an excellent

    way to catch up with the latest knowledge,

    developments and trends in your field of expertise. We help you to deepen your

    knowledge and offer you the opportunity

    to exchange ideas and share experiences

    with colleagues in your sector. In all our

    activities we make a connection between

    the knowledge from Wageningen UR and

    your daily practice.

    From the heart of our campus we bring

    our motto Todays knowledge, tomorrows

    business into practice. In this brochure

    you will read what we can do for you.

    Janine Luten

    Managing Director of Wageningen Academy

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    Wageningen Academy develops courses, trainings and knowledge events. The broad research field of Wageningen UR is divided into the following themes: Plant, Animal, Sustainable Environment, Food and Policy & Markets.

    We focus our activities on higher educated professio-

    nals working in business or for the (semi-) govern-

    ment. We keep a close track on developments in the

    different sectors and work closely together with the

    scientists and lecturers at Wageningen UR. This helps

    us making a connection between insights in science

    and questions from the field. Your learning objective is always the starting point. We adapt the learning

    approach to your preferences.

    Throughout the year we offer courses on the five themes and courses that focus on personal develop-

    ment. Besides the annual course programme we

    also offer in company programmes and distance

    learning modules. Furthermore, we organize Summer

    Schools, knowledge events and seminars. So it does

    not matter whether you are looking for in-depth

    knowledge or prefer to improve certain competences.

    We have a tailor-made solution for you.

    Todays knowledge for tomorrows practice

  • Wageningen Academy | 5Wageningen Academy | 5

    Our strength Your development first Your development is the first priority in all our activities. We help you with our scientific knowledge. Using cases and situations from your daily practice we make the

    theory applicable. But we also offer competence cour-

    ses such as project management, applied statistics and working with networks. The interaction between the

    course participants is an important element of our

    activities. At the end of our courses you will not only

    leave with new insights, but also with new contacts.

    Theory into practice

    We keep close track of the latest questions, trends and

    developments in the markets of our areas of expertise

    and continuously incorporate them in our course program-

    mes. Scientific knowledge does not always provide the solutions you need. It is our strength to make the trans-

    lation from science to practice and offer you the insights

    and tools that help you further. Wageningen Academy

    develops all courses and activitities in close cooperation

    with the lecturers of Wageningen UR and field experts.

    Unique knowledge basis

    Wageningen Academy discloses the unique knowledge

    basis of Wageningen UR, a leading knowledge institution

    in the field of agriculture, food and living environment. Researchers and lecturers of Wageningen UR help crea-

    ting the courses and transferring their knowledge to

    the participants, who obtain knowledge out of first hand. For some of our courses, and in case you have a specific question or request, we call in lecturers from other

    (international) knowledge institutes, companies or

    well-established training firms.

  • Wageningen Academy | 76 | Todays knowledge, tomorrows business

    Our knowledge We offer a variety of courses within the five themes: Plant, Animal, Sustainable Development, Food and Policy & Markets.



    The Dutch arable and horticultural sector are

    renowned worldwide for their innovative practi-

    ces, especially in the areas of plant breeding and

    sustainable production methods. Our courses in

    plant breeding, intellectual property, crop protec-

    tion and statistics for researchers help you to

    keep informed of the latest international

    developments in your field.



    With our courses in this theme we want to

    contribute to healthy and productive animals

    in a flourishing sector. We offer courses about animal feed, animal health and reproduction,

    often combined with topics like management

    and housing. We also offer courses that deal

    with the societal questions linked to animal


  • Wageningen Academy | 7

    The food industry faces several big challenges in

    which traceability, sustainability and safety are core

    concepts. Our courses in the field of sensory sciences, functional properties of ingredients, consumer

    perception, allergy, authenticity, regulation and

    food safety help you facing those challenges.

    The Dutch agro and food sector is active on the

    world market and has to deal with European and

    international regulations, such as the Common

    Agriculture Policy, WTO regulations and the Codex

    Alimentarius. We offer courses that help you gain

    insight in the policy context of the supply chain.

    Examples are our courses on risk management,

    WTO policy and the European policies for agriculture,

    food and nature.

    It is a complex task to shape our surroundings

    in a sustainable way. Many actors have their own

    (conflicting) interests. In our courses we deal with the different stakes and discuss develop-

    ments in policy and regulation. Examples of

    course programmes are the biobased economy,

    agricultural nature management, water manage-

    ment, climate and spatial and environmental



















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    Open enrollment courses

    During the year we organize many open enrollment

    courses within the five different themes. You will find these courses on our website. On the website you

    will also find regular updates on our new activities.

    In company

    Quite often companies and organizations come

    to us with a specific problem or request. In order to accommodate them we develop and execute a

    tailor made in company training. To this purpose

    our lecturers and trainers will train the company or

    group of colleagues at once. In company programmes

    are developed in close cooperation with the client

    to make sure relevant issues are being discussed

    and relevant competences are being trained.

    Master Course

    Besides the in company trainings, it is also possible

    to offer your customers or members a master course.

    Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.

    Professional competences

    Besides the courses on a specific content, Wageningen Academy offers a wide variety of trainings and work-

    shops to strengthen your professional skills. Examples

    are process and project management, stakeholder management, networking skills, skills to facilitate

    a workshop, writing skills, research skills and statistics.

    The trainings are offered in company as well as open

    enrollment trainings. Wageningen Academy will gladly

    advise you on applying learned skills in your work.

    Our offer

  • Wageningen Academy | 9

    Study visits and field tripsUpon request we organize company visits or excursions

    in the field for both national and international groups who come to visit Wageningen.

    Distance learning modules

    For professional