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What's going on at VolkswagenOwnersClub.com with VW Owners showing off their rides and talking about what's new.



BRIAN123s Cabbie

Cupkake.luvers Bunny

Concept Bluesport20 Questions With Brian123

Well, Mardi Gras Season is upon us and what better way to start celebrating than Getting a member topless.

You and your dirty little mind was hoping it was anyone other than Briano1234, weren't you? Here's the first in a long line of featured Members and their Volkswagens. Keep those submissions coming. You

can find details on submitting your story and photos in the Announcement Section.

briano1234VWOC: What is your real first name. Briano1234: BrianVWOC: Where are you from? Briano1234: All Over the U.S. currently living in the Atlanta Area.VWOC: What's your favorite roadtrip in your area? Briano1234: Bug-A-Paluza Vw Show Chattanooga, Tn.VWOC: What is your favorite thing about your car? Briano1234: It goes from 0 to topless in 2 seconds.VWOC: What is your car's name. If it doesn't have one, what would you name it? Briano1234: Papa Smurf.VWOC: What VW Dealer did you buy your car from? Dealer name, City and State please. Briano1234: I am the 3rd Owner.VWOC: Do you service your car at that dealer or what dealer do you use if you don't? Briano1234: I do all my own MaintenanceVWOC: What was your best McGuyver moment with your car? Briano1234: Repairing a Broken Radiator hose @ 2:00am with Walmart Plumbing Parts.VWOC: If you were a Volkswagen, which Volkswagen would you be and why? Briano1234: A Cabriolet, I like driving Topless/VWOC: What color of Volkswagen would you be? Briano1234: Blue, no Green, wait,, I have both.VWOC: What is your favorite food? Briano1234: Corned Beef and Cabbage.VWOC: What is your favorite drink? Briano1234: GuinessVWOC: What are your three favorite movies? Briano1234: Any John Wayne, Patton, Quigley Down Under.VWOC: What is the coolest thing you've seen for a car in the last year? Mods, electronics, etc. Briano1234: Mirrors that moved when you backed up.VWOC: If you were a VW Salesperson, what three things would you say to someone thinking about

buying a car like yours? Briano1234:

1. Ownership has it's privileges.

2. It's Fast, Fun, and Contagious

3. With Maintenance it will go 300K easily

VWOC: What 3 things do you wish you knew before you purchased your VW? Briano1234:1. Who the previous owners Mech was so I could castrate him.

2. It isn't a Karmann Edition.

3. It is addictive.

VWOC: If you could have a super power, what would it be and how would you use it? Briano1234: Faster than the speed of light, get next weekslottery numbers.VWOC: If you won 10 million in a lottery, what is the first 3 things you would buy? Briano1234:

1. New paint on the Cabby,

2. New Seats,

3. New Carpet.

Then the wife would get the rest.VWOC: What is one thing everyone should know about you? Briano1234: American by Birth, Irish by DistractionVWOC: Tell us a little about your car and why it's special to you?

To Catch the rest of this interview, please go to


Pink, it was love at first sight!Dont miss our special Valentines Day Interview with the Princess of Pink. Straight out of the motherland, via Florida its none other than Cupkake.luver. Cupkake.luver is telling us about Pink and White Rabbits and why you want to be first born in Germany and stuff. I started feeling like Alice in wonderland with all the bright colors, strange language, (remember I talk cun-tree so a German accent throws me a little) and White Rabbit while putting together this interview, but then I realized the eyes that kept looking at me wasnt from a Cheshire Cat, but the MS Office assistant. Check out VWOC on Valentines day and catch this great interview.

Cheshire Cat: Oh, by the way, if you'd really like to know, he went that way. Alice: Who did? Cheshire Cat: The White Rabbit. Alice: He did? Cheshire Cat: He did what? Alice: Went that way. Cheshire Cat: Who did? Alice: The White Rabbit. Cheshire Cat: What rabbit? Alice: But didn't you just say - I mean - Oh, dear. Cheshire Cat: Can you stand on your head? Alice: Oh!

ARE YOU MARKED? VWOC members are finding themselves hiding in the shadows, changing their normal daily routines, and becoming mildly paranoid. Why? Because they've elected to become MARKED. No guns in this game, only Cameras, Iphones, Droids and the occasional Blackberry are the weapons of choice.

Despite a small software glitch preventing me from issuing medals and points, the VWOC Photo Assassin Game is going great. Members opt in to be killers (no one really gets killed here) and Marks. Contracts are put out on everything from cars to sales managers to even VW Dealer Principals. Then there's Contracts on cars. Passats, GTIs, Classic Bugs, etc. are marked to be photographed for a price. Chasing after a car or person not your speed? No problem, you can also earn points and medals by taking pics of your own car in certain settings. Le0n and Nitro are leading the pack so far, neck and neck. Of course someone could catch DJ strolling by a Honda and be right on top easily. Here's a few fulfilled contracts so far.

To fufill this contract, you have to go to a sponsor's website to get the clue.

Here Nitro bags some big game by showing the site's name in the photo.

Finally, you get to take out those ricers with the stupid wings.

Three finger Passat...

ThrowdownPerformance.com Rules! Contract: Red, New Beetle Convertible with proof of shot being ThrowdownPerformance.com Rules in the photo.

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