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VR is the ultimate reality - What is VR ? - What is the current state of the VR market ? - How to create VR applications ? - What's the future ? London - Oculus Rift VR Meetup 12-13 December 2013


  • 1. VR! The ultimate realitySbastien Cb Kuntz @Cb_VRGeek

2. Sbastien Cb Kuntz(French railways)Creating Virtual Reality Games:! The FundamentalsFounder & President 3. Simplify VR (software)! So YOU can spend more time creating apps! MiddleVR for Unity 4. Plan What is Virtual Reality ?! VR applications! MiddleVR for Unity! Future 5. What is VR ? VR is reborn ?! VR never died !! Market! 2013 Europe: 100M$! Peugeot: 7M since 99! Renault: 3M new VR system! 2018: Between 400M$ and 1B$! Because VR is used to improve reality! Saving time, money and lives 6. What is VR ? Growing because of! Proved usefulness & ROI! Democratization! Projectors! Trackers! HMDs 7. Virtual reality Presence in a virtual world 8. CAVE 9. Sony 10. Experience of presence is in your brain ! 11. VR works because reality is virtual Lawrence Stark Perceive reality through (imperfect) senses! Drugs / dreams create perception! Allegory of the Cave (Plato)Natural reality vs Virtual Reality 12. Cognitive presence Perceptive presence 13. To create and maintain presence, you need to ... Build hardware Build software Build user experience 14. VR Applications 15. Prototyping Design / Ergonomy Car, aircraft, boat, tractors, house appliances! Work on objects or environments that dont yet exist! Identify conception errors early! More iterations, better products! Test usage ! Train! Maintenance! Communication tool(c) Peugeot PSA 16. Marketing Market study! Virtual showroom 17. Training Military, surgeons, reghters, mine safety, oil & gas platforms, nurses, building industry! Practice actual gestures! Repeat until master! Analysis, replay! Practice rare/dangerous situations! Easy accessibility! Reduced costs! Save material 18. Phobia treatment 19. Current VR Games Very early stage! Similar to origin of radio & TV! People accept low quality because new and not paying! Rift is not (yet) a complete VR platform! Just display, missing interaction devices! Missing hand & head position tracking, joystick 20. Current VR Games We dont know how to make simple VR games! Adding as much hardware as possible wont work! Presence is fragile! Adapting existing games! Automatic drivers conversion cant deliver on promise! Can be played with any game using keyboard/ mouse 21. MiddleVR for Unity 22. Platform for creating interactive 3d applications! Widely used! 2 million registered developers 23. Desktop 24. Deployment Modify application to! Change drivers! Change displays! Change interactions 25. To create and maintain presence, you, the author, need to ... Build hardware Build software Build user experience 26. VR is mainly a software problem!! aron Lanier! J 27. What is MiddleVR ? Generic VR plugin ! Functionalities Manage input devices 3D trackers, keyboard, mouse, joystick !Manage display Viewports, cameras, stereoscopy, cluster 28. Desktop 29. Supported Devices Native drivers Oculus Rift Leap Motion Kinect (Microsoft SDK) PNI SpacePoint Fusion GameTrak Razer Hydra Motion Analysis (beta) Via VRPN : A.R.T Vicon Optitrack Wiimote ! Polhemus Fastrak Tracker, 3Space Tracker, Patriot Trackers, Ascension Flock of Bird Intersense IS600, IS900 3dTech HiBall-3000 Wide Area Tracker, Advanced Realtime Tracking Gmbh DTrack Client, World Viz Precision Position Tracker PPT 1.2, Natural Point Optitrack Rigid Body Toolkit, Phasespace optical tracking OWL, ... 30. Supported displays Virtually any HMD VR-Wall, Powerwall Workbench, Holobench HoloStage CAVEs 3D TVs zSpace Igloo Vision 31. MiddleVR 1.4 Free edition! Oculus Rift! Leap Motion! Kinect! ! http://www.imin-vr.com/download! ! Future! Haptics (IPSI - Haption)! More interactions! Menus & GUI (HTML5)! Warping / blending! Collaboration / multi-user! 32. Future 33. Perceptive illusions Perceive reality through (imperfect) senses! Sensitivity of senses! Selectivity of attention 34. Perceptive illusions Redirected walking(c) Franck Steinicke - Wurzburg University 35. Perceptive illusions Change blindness Change blindness :(c) Evan Suma - USC/ICT 36. Perceptive illusions Playing with limitations of human perception! Useful to lower cost/complexity of VR systems 37. Conclusion 38. http://www.imin-vr.com/download !Thank you ! Questions ? !Sebastien.Kuntz@imin-vr.com @Cb_VRGeek @imin_vr


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