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Vocabulary Week 5 Study. Word 1: Clutter Def: A confused, not organized area Sent: Principal Miller walked into his house to find a clutter of ripped books. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Vocabulary Week 5 Study

Word 1: ClutterDef: A confused, not organized areaSent: Principal Miller walked into his house to find a clutter of ripped books.

Word 2: InfuriatedDef: To be extremely angry about somethingSent: Principal Miller was infuriated to find his books ruined and many things missing.

Word 3: Marvel / MarvelousDef: To cause surprise, excitingly wonderfulSent: Principal Millers marvelous book collection lay in ruins.

Word 4: ResidenceDef: Place where one actually livesSent: Someone had broken into his residence, ruined his books and stolen his valuables.

Word 5: PleadDef: To ask in a begging waySent: Principal Miller pleaded and begged the police to find the thief who stole his stuff.

Word 6: Queasy Def: Causing nausea and sicknessSent: Principal Miller felt queasy when he realized it was probably a student who did it.

Word 7: TalonDef: The claw of a bird of prey like an EagleSent: Principal Miller now had a headache that felt like talons squeezing his head.

Word 8: Capsize Def: A boat tipping overSent: Principal millers life was like a boat that had capsized and he was now drowning.

Word 9: CrucialDef: Very important , extremely significantSent: It was crucial for Principal Miller to catch and punish the thief.

Word 10: DreadDef: Something you are afraid ofSent: Principal Miller dreaded the thought of starting over with nothing but the clothes he was wearing.

Word 11: Coincide/ coincidenceDef: Events that happen at the same time unplanned by accidentSent: Was it just a coincidence that Billy who lived next door had not gone to school that day and often said he hated Principal Miller?

Word 12: LamentDef: To express sorrow and regret Sent: The teaching staff lamented the terrible loss that Principal Miller had suffered.

Word 13: Vivid Def: Distinct and clear picture or memorySent: A student told the police that he vividly remembered Billy saying he was planning to break into Principal Millers house.

Word 14: Convict / ConvictedDef: Someone who is found guilty of a crimeSent: Billy confessed and was quickly convicted of the crime.

Word 15: FidgetDef: Nervous body movements caused by nervousness or boredomSent: Billy fidgeted in court as the judge sentenced him to five years in jail.

Word 16: SootheDef: To calm and make feel betterSent: Principal Miller was soothed by the thought that Billy was in jail.

Word 17: BaffleDef: Not being able to understand something, puzzledSent: Principal Miller was baffled when he found his house had been broken into again.

Word 18: TremendousDef: Great in amount or importanceSent: Billy had a tremendous feeling of relief when they caught the real criminal.

Word 19: FutileDef: Useless in trying or unsuccessfulSent: Billy confessed he had lied in a futile attempt to protect his mother who did do it.

40Word 20: GlimpseDef: A short look at somethingSent: A neighbor reported getting a glimpse of Billys mother breaking in the the house.