vocabulary group #2 kari anna byrnes, jack bosse, kevin barrett

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  • VOCABULARYGroup #2Kari Anna Byrnes, Jack Bosse, Kevin Barrett

  • corroborateDef.-to confirm; to back up with evidencePart of speech-verbSynonyms-verify; validateAntonyms-disallow; contradictEx.-He corroborated my account of the accident.

  • amorousDef.-feeling loving; especially in a sexual sensePart of speech-adjectiveSynonyms-romantic; attachedAntonyms-hateful; unfriendlyEx.-He gave her an amorous look.

  • decorousDef.-proper; in good tastePart of speech-adjectiveSynonyms-civilized; formalAntonyms-inappropriate; unsuitableEx.-An owner of a business is expected to act in a decorous manner.

  • expediteDef.-to speed up the progress ofPart of speech-verbSynonyms-accelerate; advanceAntonyms-cease; haltEx.-Express mail expedites the shipping on a product.

  • idyllicDef.-naturally peacefulPart of speech-adjectiveSynonyms-comfortable; pleasingAntonyms-bad; disagreeableEx.-They spent an idyllic vacation on the beach in Hawaii.

  • juxtaposeDef.-to place side by sidePart of speech-verbSynonyms-pair; connectAntonym-break apartEx.-Juxtaposing two essays can bring out many differences in the authors viewpoints.

  • incandescentDef.-brilliant; giving off heatPart of speech-adjectiveSynonyms-beaming; radiantAntonyms-dark; terribleEx.-They change incandescent bulbs four times per year.

  • ExasperateDef: to annoy thoroughlyPart of speech: verbSyn: provoke, irritateAnt: calm, sootheSentence:Bob exasperated the cat, so it bit him.

  • DiscordantDef: lacking harmony or agreementPart of speech: adjectiveSyn: conflictingAnt: agreeingSentence: Her discordant singing upset the neighbors.

  • VolatileDef: highly unstable; explosivePart of speech: adjectiveSyn: unstableAnt: stableSentence:The volatile soda-can exploded when it fell from the table.

  • DistendDef: to expand; swellPart of speech: verbSyn: inflateAnt: shrinkSentence:The bubble distended but finally popped.

  • FecundDef: fertile; productivePart of speech: adjectiveSyn: fertileAnt: unproductiveSentence:The fecund school day seemed to drag on forever.

  • SageDef: a wise man; to be wise through experiencePart of speech: nounSyn: guruAnt: simpletonSentence:The sage could answer every question we asked.

  • VacuousDef: lacking ideas or intelligencePart of speech: adjectiveSyn: foolishAnt: awareSentence:The vacuous child couldnt think of the answer.

  • DerideDef: To ridiculePart of speech: verbSyn: mockAnt: praiseSentence: The rabbit in the video was derided by the people who paid money.

  • assailDef: to attack with words or forcePart of speech: verbSyn: assaultAnt: defendSentence: In the political debate, one person assailed the other persons statement on taxes.

  • benevolentDef: generous, kindPart of speech: adjectiveSyn: benignAnt: unfeelingSentence: The man was benevolent towards the beggar.

  • scrutinizeDef: To examine very carefullyPart of speech: verbSyn: inspectAnt: overlookSentence: The teacher scrutinized the test closely.

  • histrionicDef: overly dramaticPart of speech: adjectiveSyn: overactingAnt: calmSentence: The drama teacher was histrionic.

  • didacticDef: intended to teach; morally instructivePart of speech: adjectiveSyn: educationalAnt: entertainingSentence: The student learned using the didactic math materials.

  • A Realistic Fairytale nce upon a time, there lived an idyllic princess and a vacuous prince. If juxtaposed, you could tell their personalities were totally different. The prince tried to expedite their relationship, but the princesss discordant thoughts about the issue contradicted. His lack of incandescence clearly corroborated. His amorous mood led him to attempt to kiss the princess, but instead she was histrionic. She derided him to seek help, because his common sense was volatile. The prince found a sage, who could immediately tell that the prince needed decorous guidance. Although the prince exasperated the wise-man, the man never assailed. The didactic counselor scrutinized the princes behavior. After the princes brain distended with relationship knowledge, he was able to go back to the princess.Her benevolent attitude let her give him another chance. This time the prince was sweet and nice to the princess. From there, their connection became fecund. At last, both were happy.The End

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