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Introducing The House of Marketing

The era of engagement marketing

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Great and exciting examples of whats possible today, with todays technology. The opportunity thanks to technology today is unlimited. Actually technology craftiness is essential for todays modern marketer. But there is a downside: our customer adopts new technology and channels way faster than we can keep up with. By the time we have figured out how to use snapchat as a new channel, or how to leverage whatsapp - our customers are already dancing around in their virtual reality goggles. What is the key message for today? The key thing for today, the key thing for this session is that its not about the technology, but about the buyer. A buyer that is ready to be dealt with differently. Showing you how to increase relevancy for our customer is the goal for this session. And of all all the powerful technologies that you have today to help you achieve that as a marketer, MARKETING AUTOMATION should be a cornerstone of your technology stack.So let me introduce you to Tom from Marketo.Tom: Thanks Renout. At Marketo we are working with thousands of customers around the world to do just that to put the customer, prospect or buyer at the centre of the marketing teams world. In a world where the customer is empowered with access to unlimited information in the palm of his or her hand, is in complete control of the journey they chose to take with your brand, and has evolved to tune out the majority of the 1000s of advertising messages they see every day, we as marketers need a new way to reach that customer. The modern marketer needs to see through the customerseyes, thinks about the entire customer experience and journey that lastsweeks, months, or even years, and connect with that customers or whichever device or channel that buyer is using. And while the modern marketer undoubtable needs to be more digital, and marketing data is undoubtably getting bigger, we are Marketo believe that marketing doesnt need to be technical or hard with our 5 principles of Engagement Marketing, well help you think like a modern marketer and create an enduring relationship with your buyers.1

4 customer behavior trends 5 principles of ABCDE engagement marketingAgendaYearly Marketing Survey

Renout: So, Together with Marketo, I will walk you through the five principles of engagement marketing, but before we do that I want to highlight a 4 key customer behavior trends that all urge us to act now, and share some key findings of the Yearly Marketing Survey that this year highlights the technology maturity of marketers in Belgium.Why act now? 4 customer behavior trends.some key findings coming out of the 13th yearly marketing survey. What are the 5 principles of ABCDE engagement marketing?: The five principles you need to uphold to remain relevant in todays volatile world2

Lucas De Dycker (LDD) - Design TDBWhy act now?


The tactics of the past no longer work

So what are those 4 behavior trends that makes the tactics of the past no longer apply? 3

4 BEHAVIOR trends#1 Instant gratification#2 Connectedness#3 Hyperpersonalization#4 Contextual convenience

Its about(mention 4 trends)And those 4 combined make it so difficult for us to keep up with todays customer, and that make the tactics of the past to no longer work. Let me share where these 4 come from, and look into some great examples of companies and solutions that embody this momentum and that tap into the opportunity these trends represent. 4

#1 Instant

gratification90% of all text messages are read in less than3 minutesThe power of a crowdsourced platformConditioned by social media

Instant gratification. Where does this come from? What does it mean?conditioned by instant and constant feedback we all get from our mobile devices, making us constantly plugged in and turned on. In the meanwhile, we are used to receive instant feedback from our social followers. 90% of all text messages get read in under 3 minutes. Example of whatsapp and seeing when someone has read your message, and when someone is typing the answeryoure curious about the answer right? Youre just standing there, mobile in the hand waiting for the reply to pop up! You can actually see the other person typing. This is the kind of engagement we are starting to expect when we engage with brands as well. 70% of millenials would rather go to the dentist than listen to the sales pitch of an insurer so you want to better make sure you have real time calculators to get a price quote on your website. This translates into a graving for Instant feedback gratification. If you order a taxi you want to know when it arrives (typically in minutes) (Uber example), and you want to be sure its conform your standards.The moment you ask the uber, you get immediate response. Today, the transparency of a crowd sourced platform is far more powerful today than the message of a campaign.5

TechnologyConnectedness#1 Instant gratification

And we are already taking this to a next level. Now we have a graving for Instant experience: The customer in 2016 expects more and more to be immersed in an experience before making a purchase decision. 360 degree virtual reality experiences, in store VR. Example of Thomas Cook and impact on conversion 4x. Instant gratification is the child of social media, where the father is technology and the mother connectedness.6


Lets talk about that shall we? Connectedness. Mobile phones are the milennials sigarettes. We are so much in love with our mobiles that the first pedestrian lights built in the sidewalk are starting to appear. We no longer look up. Think about it. if we dont even pay attention anymore to the traffic signs, what does that say about the billboards or any other marketing message?7

80% use a phone to compare pricing, or lookup reviews while shopping1/3 of mobile time on messaging appsMicro moments#2 Connectedness

Trough the mobile device, the customer now has nearly infinite access to information and product choice anytime, anywhere, anyway. More than 80% of customers use their phone today to compare pricing, or lookup reviews while shopping a brick and mortar store. Price transparency is universal, and customers control many of the throttles regarding the messages they want to receive. Today, the customers path to purchase are rarely characterized by a few big, well-orchestrated moments. Instead, more but smaller interactions coalesce to determine success. In this new era, what happens in the nowin what Google refers to as micro moments is often becoming more important than the cumulative effect of our best-laid and elaborate marketing plans. Knowing that 1/3 of all mobile time is spent in messaging apps8

#2 Connectedness

t no surprise that Facebook recently announced AI Bots on their messenger platform meaning businesses can now build deeper automated but personalized interactions with their customers on Messenger in a way that is contextual and convenient.


Disrupting conventional business modelsConvert transactional customers into long term loyal buyers#2 Connectedness

And we are not only connected trough our addictive mobile device, but more and more trough the internet of things. But just that makes that customer less available for any other type of communication that either does not give instant gratification or is misplaced in place and time. Its making it even thougher to be relevant as a marketer. We need to ask ourselves, how do you cut trough the noise of big data?The Samsung connected smart fridge is just one of the many examples taps into the momentum of the internet of things, and disrupts conventional business models in this case in retail. Samsung and Amazon have worked out a subsidized business model, where you get the fridge for free and the revenue model is based on the stuff you buy. Its comparable to the subsidized models we have seen already in mobile telecommunication. This puts marketing organisations on its head. Its no longer matter of having a digital marketing team, or teams focused on tactical channels such as social media. Think from now on about the Fridge marketing team as a new marketing discipline. These innovations allow brands to convert transactional customers into long term loyal buyers, since the connected fridge will provide valuable insights into when you buy what. It will allow to personalize any messaging you do with this customer. 10

#3 Hyperpersonalization

Right time, right device, right channel in the right context

Which brings me to personalization. Probably most of us are aware personalized promotional emails have 29% higher unique open rate. And yes, thats important. But thats not the point here. The point is, more and more we get conditioned, by the contextual features for example iOs brought us recently, or for example Waze. Based on context (where I am), data (my calender has a meeting the other side of town in half an hour) and additional information such as traffic jams that occur along the traject Waze will notify me when to leave in order to be on time. Apps like if this than that put all of this on steroids connecting apps and devices together so that when Im leaving on time my work mileage gets automatically tracked in my google xls sheet, my nest thermostat kicks in, and the lights from my Philips Hue go on back homeThis conditions us and our customers we are starting to get lazy as a society and its a good thing.We are more and more assuming our suppliers know us better than we do, and no longer accept irrelevant messages in time and space. This means customers will only pay attention to less intrusive, most relevant mes