visual supports in the classroom is it worth the effort?

Download VISUAL SUPPORTS IN THE CLASSROOM Is it worth the effort?

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  • VISUAL SUPPORTS IN THE CLASSROOM Is it worth the effort?
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  • WE ALL USE VISUALS Think of 5 visuals that you use everyday. Why do you use them?
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  • Visual supports are a necessary part of life
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  • I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Chinese Proverb
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  • Communication status may be: Nonverbal Using limited expressive language skills Demonstrating receptive language difficulties Using language literally
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  • STOP Verbal GO Visual
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  • Why Use Visuals? Students will: Learn more quickly Reduce aggressive or self-injurious behavior Decrease frustration and anxiety Learn to adjust to changes Complete tasks by themselves Gain independence
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  • VISUAL SUPPORTS Help students with word finding difficulties retrieve words when in conversation with an adult or a peer.
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  • VISUAL SUPPORTS Help students remember the sequence of an activity such as a classroom job or activity.
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  • VISUAL SUPPORTS Help students maintain their focus on an activity such as morning circle, by having activity related picture symbols in front of them.
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  • VISUAL SUPPORTS Assist students who have difficulty processing and comprehending information and in organizing their spoken responses.
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  • If they cant talk it out, they will act it out. Bad behavior is communication!
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  • Improve Behavior Using Visuals Improve understanding Help students gain control over their environment Support self management
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  • Social Contact/ Conversation
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  • Self Management Strategy
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  • Why use a digital camera? Easy to use Creates more meaningful images Just print
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  • Can use a variety of formats. Actual objects Symbols Bubbles Text
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  • Classroom Strategies Support routine and daily activities Help student organize Direct basic instruction Support cognitive processing, enhance memory and recall Create ways for students to stay on task Promote student independence


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