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There are many palaces to visit in Jaipur like: Amer Fort and Palace, City Palace, Hawa Mahal etc. if you want to see these palaces then you should choose tours and travels in Jaipur.


<ul><li><p>Visit Palaces With Tours And Travels In Jaipur In the state of Rajasthan in northwestern India, inlaid with amazing castles, palaces and </p><p>rich tourist attractions. State best reflected in Jaipur, capital. It is known as Pink City Jaipur </p><p>has inside itself some shortcomings castles, palaces and attractively, you spend your entire </p><p>Rajasthan free exercise there. Here are some of the best and most popular palaces Jaipur </p><p>visits. </p><p>Amer Fort and Palace: Although technically a fortress, also known as Amir or amber </p><p>palace, because it is the former residence Rajput fees. About half an hour from downtown </p><p>Fort Amir is the perfect hilltop, overlooking the picturesque Maota Lake. Inside the fort, </p><p>you can find beautiful gardens, palaces, temples and halls. In the light and sound exhibition </p><p>is held here every night provided a considerable feast for the senses, and tell the story of </p><p>the rich history of the fort. In early 2015, the night tour also introduced in the fort, so you </p><p>can see Jaleb market, Sheesh Mahal and other attractions within the fort, in the evening, </p><p>each outstanding lighting. </p></li><li><p>City Palace: The huge buildings, including the courtyard, garden and various structures </p><p>presents a wonderful fusion of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. Palace palatial </p><p>appearance, especially a bright peacock door peacock amazing show, you can really see fine </p><p>detail work. The palace complex also includes an art gallery and museum, with a display </p><p>monitor and a life of royal Rajasthan great royal Maharaja era costumes, ancient weapons </p><p>and various items. </p><p>Hawa Mahal: Wind Hawa Mahal Palace is one of the citys most popular tourist attractions. </p><p>The palace has a complex facade frontage conceal five small windows and screens. </p><p>According to legend, on the main street which makes Miss Wang Shide who despise the Old </p><p>Town, and not see the passers-by from below. The palace was built in 1799 and offers </p><p>Jaipur, a spectacular panoramic view of the entire city you definitely should not miss the </p><p>free exercise of your testimony Rajasthan. For more: Tours and travels in Jaipur. </p><p>Reference:</p><p>with-tours-and-travels-in-jaipur/ </p></li></ul>