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Visir is an Icelandic fishing company exclusively with long-line vessels. The company operates a saltfish production and a freezing facility in Grindavk. Vsir has a broad range of seafood products from saltfish (wet salted splitted and fillets) and lightsalted products to fresh and frozen fillets and portions.


  • Half a century later

  • The story of Vsir, which is now celebrating its 50th anniversary, is one of audacity and perseverance. With roots stretching all the way back to 1930, the company forms an integral part of the history of fisheries in Iceland. The founder of Vsir, Pll H. Plsson, started to work at sea from an early age and, in doing so, accumulated his precious experience and knowledge of the fishing industry. He had a clear vision of the future, set high goals and, in a short time, established Vsir a dynamic company, which has since grown into one of the leading companies in the fishing industry in Iceland.

    50 Years of Success

  • Strong Roots

  • Vsir is an experienced yet innovative fishing company, which operates exclusively long-line vessels and runs its state-of-the-art processing facilities in Grindavk, one of the most vibrant fishing towns in the country. Vsir offers a rich variety of premium products from high quality raw material and serves a broad group of demanding customers from all over the globe. The companys employees are the key to its successful management. For 50 years, Vsir has had the good fortune to employ the finest staff, whose loyalty and commitment have been vital to the companys success.

    The people and the fish

  • A deep respect for nature

  • Vsirs fishing policy is founded on long-line fishing, traceability and effective management of its fishing effort. Vsir is a member of the Iceland Responsible Fisheries project, which endorses responsible fishing in Iceland, in compliance with the directives of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, FAO. Moreover, the company has been awarded MSC certification for fulfilling the standards of the Marine Stewardship Council for seafood traceability and sustainable fishing.

  • Fresh Approach

  • Icelandic Ingenuity

    Vsirs state-of-the-art processing facilities, based on Icelandic ingenuity and design, offer high flexibility while maintaining efficiency in production. Over the past years, Vsir has collaborated very successfully with many Icelandic high-tech companies that are at the forefront in the development and production of state-of-the-art equipment in the fisheries industry at a global level. As a result of this cooperation, the company has been able to produce a broad range of products from its high quality raw material.

  • I C E L A N D

    A R C T I C C I R C L E




    V AT N

    A J K U L L


    A ME R

    I C A

    E U R O P E

    Fresh out of the seas of the North

  • True Value

  • Zero Waste

    Vsir operates under the fundamental principal of using all raw materials to the utmost and is now proud to be utilizing 100% of its catch. The companys high-tech processing and constant development work have always been geared towards using raw materials in the best possible way in order to extract the highest value out of the oceans resources.

  • Quality

  • Delicacy

    Vsir produces fish products for demanding consumers looking for first-class Icelandic raw materials. The company strives to maintain a good relationship with its customers and does its utmost to satisfy their needs. The outcome is beautiful, fresh, high quality fish, caught off the Icelandic coast, which tempts and delights discerning gourmets all over the world.

  • Looking ahead

  • Vsir is a progressive company that is open to new opportunities and actively pursues product development that is guided by the requests of its consumers. The company exploits the latest technology in the field of fishing and processing, and seeks new opportunities and markets for its products. It is open to fresh ideas and new approaches, all in the good hands of its capable and reliable staff. Now, 50 years after the companys foundation, Vsir stands on a stronger footing than ever before and boasts a broad and ever-expanding base of satisfied customers.


  • vsir hf

    hafnargata 16

    240 grindavk


    tel +354 420 5700