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  • VIRTUAL REALITY GAMING Main Question: What are the pros and cons of virtual reality gaming? By Alexandra Hubbard
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  • Sub-Questions (On Data Chart) 1) What is virtual reality gaming? Virtual reality gaming is a game where players can interact in a three dimensional, virtual world (an essential part to the game.) The virtual world in the game is an artificial environment designed with software in such a way that it feels real. The virtual world is experienced through the senses; usually sight and sound, but depending on the game other senses can be used too.
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  • SightSound These are the two senses that are used to make an online virtual reality game realistic. In other virtual reality games other sense are used (such as smell.)
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  • Dividing the research question further: 2) What are the benefits of virtual reality gaming? 3) What are some disadvantages of virtual reality gaming?
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  • ProsCons Acts as a problem-solving device letting people explore various outcomes. Lets you create your own version of Utopia. Lets people live under another name and identity. Offers total freedom of expression. Lets you make and experiment with decisions and actions without real life consequences. Lets you use your imagination and creativity. In a virtual reality game you are not so afraid of being judged. You can be your 'true self. You can hide your identity on virtual reality games. No one has to know who you are. You can take on a whole, new identity if you wish. Decreases social interaction in the real world. The consequences of actions in a virtual world aren't necessarily the same as in the real world. Could lead to low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness and insignificance, even suicide attempts. In most virtual reality games socializing is a big part of the culture of the game and the real life consequences of socializing and relationships still exist. People may become addicted to the game. This can be very unhealthy.
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  • I wasnt getting enough information, even when using the techniques learnt in the video we were shown. So I decided to look at a specific game and research the pros and cons of that particular game in the hope of getting more hits and information. It worked and I found an article on Ebsco.
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  • 4) What is an example of a virtual reality game? What are the pros and cons of this/these games in particular? A popular example?
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  • Second Life:
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  • Second Life ProsEvidence or Description Qualities you aspire to have in the real world ( e.g. confidence) that you display in your virtual world often spill over into the real world. This is the case with the game Second Life. Virtual behaviour on games such as Second Life may have a positive impact on our health. People can date through Second Life. Dating on Second Life can be good because people can enter into the relationship being true to them self. People can have a long-distance relationships and can see each other from any location with an internet connection. Bailenson who has studied the virtual reality game Second Life says: "When we cloak ourselves in avatars, it subtly alters the manner in which we behave," says Bailenson. "It's about self-perception and self- confidence. Avatars were randomly assigned to 75 volunteers whom were divided into three groups. One group watched their look-alike avatars run on treadmills for about five and a half minutes, another group saw their avatar lounge around while the other third watched their avatars (who did not look like them, but were of the same age and gender) run on treadmills. A day later, they found that volunteers who watched their avatars of their own likeness exercising had themselves exercised an hour more in the intervening 24-hour period than people in the other two groups. A couple dated on Second Life, (Rondha Lillie and Paul Hawkins) for two years despite living thousands of kilometres apart her in California, him in Wales.
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  • ProsEvidence or Description People can make money through virtual businesses and virtual land on Second Life. They can sell things and because its virtual, stock is endless. Games such as Second Life are used for socializing (mainly.) Second Life has the 3D potential that other social networking sites (such as Facebook) lack. Used as a design tool for architects, interior and fashion designers etc. Magic exists in games such as Second Life. People can make avatars that display their real selves. A woman became a millionaire through the game by distributing virtual land. Her name was Anshe Chung and because of the game she has a real-life fortune. When used as a social-networking site Second Life takes online socializing to a whole new level. It used the senses and is 3D making the socializing so much more realistic. Many artistic workers have used the site as a free program that they can use to see their vision. People can experiment with magic in the virtual world. This experience is unique to the virtual world as magic doesnt exist in real-life. Second Life Continued
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  • Cons (Gathered from knowledge) When in a relationship in a virtual world: It is easy to be disloyal in the real world (no one is likely to find out.) When you meet face to face you may be disappointed by what you find. You can lose real-life money on games such as this. There is always the risk of getting hacked or groomed on games such as this. Bully and criminals exist in the online world too. People spend too much time on Second Life (on average 18 hours a week,) taking time away from life in the real world.
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  • 4) What are some statistics/interesting facts about Second Life? Interesting Facts: There are approximately 35-50,000 avatars online. 54% of users are from Europe. About 31% users live in the United States of America. The median age of users is age 33. The game was created in 1998 by developer Phillip Rosedale in San Francisco. More than 45 multinational companies, including American Apparel, IBM, General Motors and Dell are using the medium for customer service, sales and marketing purposes. Phillip Rosedale American Entrepreneur
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  • Summary & Reflection There are many pros and cons of using virtual reality games. When used correctly, Second Life can be very good for your wellbeing and you can even make real money through the game. When using virtual-reality video games people are free to be themselves and express themselves in any way they wish and are able to create their own version of Utopia. The pros out weight the cons, however, it is important to stay smart online, (e.g. beware of strangers) in order to stay safe and to get the most out of using virtual reality games such as Second Life. By using sub questions I was able to answer my main question. I learnt a lot by completing this task and learnt a lot about virtual reality games (especially the game Second Life.) By completing this task I was able to identify pros and cons which can allow me to make a decision about whether or not I should play a virtual reality game in the future. I am happy with my end product and use of diagrams, tables and colour- coding to effectively display my research and newly acquired information.


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