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WahooArt is a virtual museum of art and painting with a searchable directory which will take you to the world of imaginations.


Virtual Museum of Art OnlineLooking for worlds most popular paintings and artists? WahooArt is a virtual museum with a searchable directory of painting and sculpture from the 12th to the 20th century. We are in art business since 2004. Our talented and professional artists are dedicated and punctual to create an oil painting on canvas of your wish, in any size. Our skilled painters are formally and classically trained, and, as a result, we are able to handle any requests efficiently, and will help you with whatever it is you are looking for. We will help you with whatever it is you are looking for, whether it be a Giclee print, a hand painted reproduction of any art style (Renaissance to Pop Art), a specific masterpiece, or if you would like a photo turned into a memorable piece of art. With quality being of the utmost importance, our reproductions can take up to two weeks to create.Purchasing nice paintings for your house can be an exciting activity. Placing on your walls amazing good quality pictures allows you to create a personal, unique living area, while learning about art and design.

Choosing a painting for your house is one of the most interesting, yet challenging, things to do. Modern art painting are important since they speak the words that you would like to say all the time; they show our aspirations, interests and thoughts.

Another factor is the style you want to design your room, once you pick a style you will have to choose a painting of the similar style. This is important since the design would help create a theme that you may desire. It is important to keep in mind what environment you want to create, - if it is a relaxing environment, then you would probably go for paintings that depict nature or landscapes, which would be totally different from those trying to bring energy or liveliness in the room. The location of the painting in the house should also help to choose the painting; one that would be placed in the bedroom could differ from another placed in the living room.

You can explore various paintings of most popular artists and artworks with their biographies at our website.