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<ul><li><p>Submitted by:</p><p>Virtual Mind Infotech</p><p>N-37, Ground Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001</p><p>Ph - 09718127007</p><p>Email</p><p>Web</p></li><li><p>At Virtual Mind Infotech, we are a full-service digital marketing and design company that takes utmost pride in its </p><p>robust organizational culture. With the help of a pool of some of the most skilled developers, technical professionals </p><p>and digital marketing experts, we have been able to leverage the latest web and mobile technologies to provide </p><p>world class solutions. </p><p>Leveraging our Expertise</p><p>Our clients have been able to leverage our expertise to make a mark on the digital world in India and around the </p><p>world. Our services are conducive to the needs of small, niche businesses as well as larger, more established </p><p>conglomerates. With robust development and marketing ideas strategized by our team, we work closely with your </p><p>team to make your business goal our personal objective. </p><p>We are committed to delivering all projects within pre-defined timelines so that our clients can begin to benefit from </p><p>our work as early as possible. Most importantly, we aim to provide high-class expertise at affordable rates in a way </p><p>that business across all stages can benefit from it. </p></li><li><p>Website Development</p><p> Wordpress Development</p><p> Ecommerce Development</p><p> Custom CMS Development</p><p>Digital Marketing</p><p> Google Ad Words </p><p> Search Engine Optimization </p><p> Social Media Optimization</p><p>APPS Development</p><p> iOS APPS</p><p> Android APPS</p><p> Hybrid APPS</p><p>Design</p><p> Logo Design</p><p> Web Design</p><p> PSD to HTML</p><p> PSD to HTML5 </p><p>Domain Registration</p><p> Hosting Services</p><p> Maintenance</p></li><li><p>Integrity and Reliability </p><p>We aim to serve the best interests of our clients by providing highly upgraded and experienced backed solutions that </p><p>are reliable. With an aim to build long-term relationships, we work with utmost integrity. </p><p>24/7 Availability </p><p>We understand that even the smallest problem on your website, application or any other digital platform can cost </p><p>your business significantly in money and reputation. We offer round the clock services allowing us to troubleshoot any </p><p>problem that you may be facing. </p><p>Transparent Work Processes </p><p>Our team is always in touch with the key decision makers of your company, keeping you updated with the work </p><p>process. This makes it easier for our customers to inculcate a sense of faith in our offerings and work well with us to </p><p>create results that are closest to their vision. </p><p>Finally, we offer the best technical support for all our custom web and application development and design </p><p>solutions. This means that your business can benefit from our expertise even after the job has been completed. </p></li><li><p> Project Management</p><p>(Project Managers, Team Leads, Project Coordinators)</p><p> Interface Design</p><p>(Mockup/Web Designers, Graphical User Interface Designers, Flash Animators)</p><p> Content Writing</p><p>(Blog Writers, Copy/Content Writers, SEO Content Writers)</p><p> Scripting</p><p>(CSS Developers/JS Developers, HTML5 Programmers, XHTML Programmers)</p><p> Programming</p><p>(ASP.Net, PHP, WordPress, Magento, MySQL, MS SQL, iOS Programmer, Android Developer)</p><p> Social Media Team</p><p>(Keyword Researchers, Link Builders, SEO Optimizers, Traffic Analysts, Online Reputation Managers, </p><p>Social Media Optimizers)</p><p> QA Team</p><p>(Quality Analysts)</p></li><li><p>Team Virtual Mind Infotech</p><p>Email:</p><p>Phone: +91-11-47614761</p><p>Handheld : 09718127007</p><p>www.</p></li></ul>