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  • 1. Virtual Experiment: Plants and Animals
    How it works?
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    The experiment consists of three different types of activities: Spotter, Sorter 1 and Sorter 2.
    • Spotter Activity

Diagram 1
Using mouse, select one living thing either plants or animals that you can see in the picture.Once you have found one, the mouse pointer will change into a camera icon as shown in diagram 2 below. Then, click the camera icon to place the living thing that you have selected inside the white box as shown on the right and left hand side of diagram 2 below. Repeat this for the remaining seven living things.
Diagram 2
If you have found all the eight living things, the message below will appear.
Diagram 3

  • Sorter 1 Activity

Diagram 4
Using mouse, drag the living things of either plants or animals into the correct spaces to show where you found them. For example, a worm was found in the soil as shown in diagram 5 below.
Diagram 5
When you have placed all the living things into the right spaces, the message below will appear.
Diagram 6

  • Sorter 2 Activity

Diagram 7
Using mouse, drag the right plants or animals into the right spaces. For example, caterpillar will grow into butterfly as shown in diagram 8 below.
Diagram 8
Once you have finished with the activities, the message below will appear.
Done by:Rasidah Binti MahmudReg. No: 10d0010Diagram 9

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