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  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus

  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA -AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    IATF - Introduction

    The Intra-African Trade Fair is the first of its kind in Africa.

    IATF is a 7-day trade show for buyers, investors and sellers from Africa to meet, discuss and conclude business deals.

    Virtual IATF will mimic the Intra-African Trade Fair and allow Visitors unable to attend the event in person, a dynamic and convenient way to visit the IATF, identify investment opportunities, source products, network with exhibitors, engage in dialogue, identify solutions and strategies, create partnerships and do business.

    Virtual IATF will bring together key players from the Agriculture and Agro-Processing, Banking & Finance, Clothing & Textiles, Manufacturing & Consumer goods, Creative Industries, Energy, Power & Mining, Innovation & ICT, Infrastructure,

    Construction & Engineering, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Tourism & Hospitality, Transport and Logistics sectors and

    allow exhibitors and visitors to engage one another in real time during the physical event and continuously throughout the

    course of the next year (2019).

  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA-AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    IATF Virtual - Overview

    IATF VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE No travel. No hotels. No ‘out of office’ expenses. Exhibit on IATF Virtual

    conveniently from your office.

    Exhibitors can showcase their offerings to potential investors and distributors and engage

    intra-African trade experts, who will share their expertise on various aspects of trade and

    export / import finance.

    Exhibitors will dedicate physical staff to their virtual exhibition booths during the event to

    showcase investment opportunities and products and to engage investors, buyers and

    decision-makers, answer questions, generate leads and business and provide more


  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA-AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    Why Exhibit Virtually

    In this time of increased costs and competitive pressures, IATF Virtual is an innovative and cost-efficient

    platform to promote, educate, and sell your products and services to a larger audience of key players.

    Expand your reach into African markets with minimal investment.

    Work at your exhibit booth and meet attendees live, all without ever leaving the comfort of your office. You’ll

    have a conference-like atmosphere without the expense and time commitment of traveling.

  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA-AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    Who should Exhibit?

    • Agriculture and Agro-Processing

    • Automotive

    • Banking & Finance

    • Clothing & Textiles

    • Creative Industries

    • Education

    • Energy, Power & Mining

    • Heavy Industries

    • Innovation & ICT

    • Manufacturing & Consumer goods

    • Business Services

    • Infrastructure, Construction & Engineering

    • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

    • Tourism & Hospitality

    • Transport and Logistics

    Exporters, Importers, Trade Promotion Agencies, Export Manufacturers, Traders, Project Owners and

    Business Service Providers.

    Sector-focus and Exhibition areas:

    • Country Pavilions

    • Manufactured or produced for Export

  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA-AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    Virtual IATF Exhibitor Value Proposition





  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA-AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    Virtual Exhibitor Benefits

    • Meet new business contacts, invite private conversions and join special interest

    groups in the Networking Lounge

    • Visit the Auditorium and participate in the full program of live Speaker

    simulcasts, watch speaker presentations on demand and stay ahead of the

    rapidly changing African business landscape

    • Visit the Resource Center to download Country and trade information

    • Request personal assistance from The Help Desk staffed during the show open

    hours and receive relevant news, event and opportunity updates

    Five targeted ways to connect with Buyers, Investors and Visitors

    • Scheduled and ad hoc presentations in booths

    • Group chat at your booth

    • Private chat at your booth

    • Email and business card exchange

    • Pre- and post-event emails to attendees

  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA -AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    Virtual Exhibitor Package

    A virtual Company booth - created, branded and customized to present your staff, products, services

    and or projects.

    • Display corporate information, products and or services

    • Visitors can collect documents to a briefcase

    • Chat with visitors in real time

    • Receive email alerts from visitors to an unattended booth

    • Extensive trade marketing and advertising

    • Measure your ROI

    • Comprehensive exhibitor reports

    • Visitors, Investors /Buyer access to your booth for one year

    • Investment inclusive 12-month service -

    Only USD 750

  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA-AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    Promote project investment

    opportunities, products and services

    and develop your export business

    across Africa.

    Register Interest Book and invest Now

  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA-AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    How the IATF will drive investors, buyers and other visitors to your exhibition Booth

    • The IATF has been heavily marketed across various news and media platforms - including major television

    and web outlets such as CNN, BBC, CNBC, etc.

    • Billboards have been erected in key locations across all major African cities, to ensure the maximum visibility and

    to promote public awareness

    • In-flight commercials have been promoted on flights on the official IATF airline carrier, Egypt Air

    • Roadshows across Major African hubs including Johannesburg, Nairobi, Abidjan, and Lagos, and awareness campaigns

    on the side lines of major international events in Beijing, Shanghai, New York, London, Bali

    • The African Union (AU), as a co-sponsor, has leveraged its brand value to market the IATF across all member countries

    and to all strategic partners

    • Extensive digital marketing has been utilised across all of the major social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

    • Direct marketing on the LinkedIn platform to ensure a targeted business audience is reached

  • Virtual Booth Function

  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA-AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    Virtual Exhibitor Opportunity Highlights

    Don’t miss this opportunity to: • Expand your Reach • Grow your brand awareness • Access untapped international markets • Create Loyalty and trust with current and

    prospective customers • Maximize ROI • Facilitate industry relationships

    Save Money and Resources • No travel times • NO employee costs • NO accommodation or meals expenses • NO closed production losses • NO shipping fees • NO extra booth or service fees • Low initial investment

  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA-AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    Measure your ROI

    On average, the sales cycle after industry shows typically lasts 6-12 months. IATF Virtual service

    endures for 12 months.

    Save visa, airfare, accommodation and other ‘out of office’ costs

    Measure your ROI!

    • You receive comprehensive leads reports of all visitor contact data,

    product interests and downloads from your booth

  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA-AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    Become a virtual exhibitor

    Book and invest Now

    Register Interest

    Register Interest

  • Virtual Exhibitor Prospectus | INTRA-AFRICAN TRADE FAIR 2018 |

    Frequently Asked Questions

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