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  1. 1. Extracted from Premium Quality Selected Coconuts Grown in Western Ghats Eco Soil
  2. 2. Cold Processed Premium Quality Unrefined Micro Filtered
  3. 3. 100% Certified Organic 100% INGI AR L O
  4. 4. 100% pure, 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Aroma, tastes like fresh coconut Non-RBD oil (NO refined, bleached, deodorized) 100% Free from Chemicals, Solvents & High heat. Triple stage micro filtered Quality of Virgin Coconut Oil
  5. 5. Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction This oil is extracted from the fresh coconut without use of chemical process. Due to its rich medium chain fatty acids, with 50% lauric acid present in it. Studies confirmed that this oil has higher ability to kill bacteria's and viruses. Due to its rich vitaminEcontent, thisisusedinpersonalcareproducts. Caproic acid 0.5% to 1% Caprylic acid 5% to 10% Capric acid 4% to 8% Lauric acid 45% to 52% Myristic acid 16% to 21% Palmitic acid 7% to 10% Stearic acid 2% to 4% Oleic acid 5% to 8% Linoleic acid 1% to 3% Linolenic acid Up to 0.2%
  6. 6. Medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) are metabolized directly into the liver from digestive tract and have therapeutic effects on digestive system. Obesity is the current problem all over the world. Daily intake of 15-20 grams of MCTs will increase 24hour energy expenditure by 5%. This amounts for totally 120 calories perday. Caproic acid: It helps to regulate pH of skin to safeguard it from harmful chemicalsandbacteria.Itsoftensskin. Capric acid: It keeps your skin healthy and brings you the youthful look. It is idealforsoftandsensitiveskin. Lauric acid: It helps you to maintain good dental health through oil pulling. It soothescradlecrapandskindisorders. Myristic acid: It has variety of uses in the cosmetic formulations. It is used for fragrance,cleansingandemulsifyingeffectinfacialcreamsandlotions.
  7. 7. Palmitic acid: It is mainly used in personal care products for its cleansing and emollient properties. It helps to make your skin healthy by stopping free radical activity. Palmitoleic acid: It plays a vital role in maintaining healthy skin. This oil is used forcosmeticandhealingpurposes. Stearic acid: Using this substance it is used in manufacturing more than 3,200 personal care products in US. It is used in cosmetic products that function as hardenerorthickener. Oleic acid: Reduce inflammation when used for external as well as internal applications.Itisusedfordryskin,reduceacneetc. Linolenic acid: It provides anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing support. Ithelpstofightacne,softensskinandkeepsyouyoung. Linoleic acid: It nourishes skin and protects skin from sun damage. It safeguards skin.
  8. 8. SKIN CARE BENEFITS Skin care benefits of any oil are decided depending upon the benefits it offers to each individual type of skin. Even though it is comedogenic oil, this oil can be beneficialespeciallyfordryskin. Usedasexfoliatingscrub Usedinmoisturizingcreamandanti-agingoilformulations Usedtosoftencrackedheelsastheycankeepheelshydrated Cangetridofchoppedlipscondition Usedtoremovemakeupfromtheface Softonskinandusedforremoveeyemakeup Canhelptohealsoremusclesandgiverelaxation
  9. 9. Isusedtopreventingrownhairgrowth Usedintreatingburns,cutsandsores Usedasconditioningmassageoilforsoftskin Itcanaidinhealinginjuredmuscles Anti-inflammatorypropertiesofthisoilcanhelplessenarthritis Itcancureskinfungusandathletesfootduetotheantibioticproperty Itwillhydratedryskin ItisinSPF4range,toprotectagainstsundamage Itisbeneficialforsensitiveskinalso Itgivessoothingandconditioningeffect
  10. 10. HAIR CARE BENEFITS Oils with rich anti-oxidants such as virgin coconut oil can be able to stop various bacterial and fungal infections on scalp. It can be good for people with sensitive scalp conditions. It contains vitamin C, E, magnesium and ironnecessaryforhairgrowth. Canbegoodforpeoplewithsensitivescalpconditions Makesyourhairsoftandshiny Asamoisturizer,thisoilcanhelpstrengthenhair Ithelpstoretainmoistureinhair
  11. 11. As children will have soft and sensitive skin, you can use this oil for detangling theirhair Youcanwitnesshairgrowthwithregularusage Itcanimprovebloodcirculationtostimulatehairgrowth Itwillboostnewhairgrowthbycontrollingtelophasestage Thiscanarrestmildtoseveredandruffconditions
  12. 12. FOR COOKING Use of virgin coconut oil in cooking has many benefits. Using it has no adverse effects or negative impacts on the lives, or health of its users. Virgin Coconut oil lowers bad cholesterol, long and easy storage reduces the amountofoilused,aidsinweightloss.Itcanbeaddedinhomemadeenergy bars, coconut butter cups, for sauting and stirring & frying. It gives a delicioustasteandsuperbtexturetofoods.


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