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Sclafani, Don Pepino, and DeIorio's are dependable Violet brands that have become staples in commercial and home kitchens. Insisting on quality ingredients, continuing with old family recipes, and developing expertise in processing have been successful practices over multiple generations.


  • Introduces new logo (Label means quality on the table)

    1955 DeIorios sold to Tracy Baking Co. under Harold TracySold by founders Pat DeIorio & John DeIorio

    1968 Ben DeIorio & Brother John Jr. DeIorio son of John DeIorio purchase DeIorios from Tracy Baking Co.

    1980s - DeIorios produced both fresh baked products and frozen products

    1991 - stopped all lines for fresh baked products and focused on frozen dough market and pizza.

    DeIorios moves to a larger 90,000 square foot facility expanding production from the previous 27,000 square feet.

    2005 DeIorios enters retail again w/ the introduction of the signature item, the dough ball.

    1955 Don Pepino Pizza Sauce introduced into the market.

    1800s 1920 1930

    1924-29 1932-48 1951-68 1970s 1980s -90s

    1945 1955

    1900 - Sclafani sons began importing Italian products under the Sclafani Brand name and expanded to various locations in Brooklyn

    1930s - Maries grandchildren took over Sclafani Brothers changing the name to Joseph L. Sclafani, Inc. The company was comprised of 5 brothers: James, Joseph, Dominick, William and Leo as well as two cousins, Marie and James. They continued to import and distribute Sclafani brand products.

    Over 200 years of combined experience using only the finest ingredients to give you the best product on the market.

    2007 DeIorios introduces full line of Par-Baked products

    Don't be fooled, there is only one Don and he's from New Jersey.

    1926 - The first Tomato Pie was introduced and sold to homes, stores and many weddings in East Utica.

    1932 - DeIorios introduces Sliced Italian Bread

    1948 - Moved to our Elizabeth Street Facility (10,000 square foot)Bread 8/loaf and a shopping bag full of bread heels 35

    1951 - DeIorios began experimenting with merchandising unbaked dough.

    1970 - Expanded building to 22,000 square feet to accommodate for a custom automated system and three bulk flour silos.

    Ben DeIorio recognizes a shift in the baking industry.1979 - DeIorios offered the first in-store bakery pilot store which developed into a turn-key operation that combined bread product, training and equipment in a system that occupies a small footprint



    After World War II, the Sclafanis purchased Violet Packing Company LLC which allowed them to double sales and expand distribution to ethnic stores and neighborhoods from New York to Chicago.

    1945 Sclafanis purchase Violet Packing Co.

    Late 1800s - Marie Sclafani with her husband and their four sons came to the United States from Italy. The family began a small grocery store on Elizabeth Street in New York City

    1920s Expanded to the five boroughs of New York City.

    1950 - Dominick Sclafani envisioned a vast post WWII market for pizza. He developed the benchmark Don Pepino formula that has never been changed. It was the first fully prepared pizza sauce in the United States, and was sold under the names of Violet Special Formula A and Don Pepino.

    Lou and Chip Sclafani manage and expand Violet Packing

    2004 - Lou and Chip Sclafani, fourth generation, with no family looking to enter the business, began executing a strategy to allow Violet Packing to grow to the next level. They, after successfully managing Violet for 20 years, sold Violet Packing to Rob Ragusa and still remain part of the Violet family and active in the daily operation of the business.

    1929 - DeIorios begins distributing bread in paper bags, other bakeries follow.

    During the hard times of the Great Depression, in the after-noon when the ovens were cool-ing down, the local housewives would bring in their own dough to be baked. The charge for the baking was a penny per pound.

    During the holidays the neighbors brought their turkeys and hams, and DeIorios would bake them for free.

    In 1924, - Pasquale(Pat) and Giovanni (John) DeIorio, together wih their wives, went into the baking business. They built a coal fired brick oven, purchased a mixer and worked as a team in the bakery which spanned the backyards of three two family homes. Hearth baked Italian bread was sold in the bakery and delivered house to house.

  • A History of Excellence with

    Sclafani, Don Pepino, and DeIorios

    are dependable Violet brands

    that have become staples in commercial and

    home kitchens. Over 200 years and a few

    generations of loyal customers have allowed

    the Violet Family to develop a line of dough and

    sauce products that can be found in eateries

    from pizzerias to full service restaurants.

    Insisting on quality ingredients, continuing with

    old family recipes, and developing expertise in

    processing have been successful practices over

    multiple generations.

    At Violet, were proud of our product

    heritage, and were happy to bring the

    benefits of our tradition of excellence into

    your business. Let our experienced staff

    show you how our old world recipes can

    make a profit in your business.

    2007 2010In 2007, the acquisition of DeIorios under Violet Packing was completed to create a complete package of products.

    2008 Introduction of Pizza Sauce with Basil and retail pop top cans.

    Gluten Free line of DeIorios dough products and the 85th Anniversary for DeIorios

    Pizza Sauce with Basil



  • With 200 years of combined

    succesful history, our family recipes are reminiscent of old world home-style flavors in

    many product forms. We carry

    everything from traditional dough balls to topped par-baked

    pizzas. Our ready to use and fully prepared sauces are so rich

    in taste and texture that no other

    ingredients are needed. Our sauces

    are made with East Coast plum

    tomatoes harvested at their peak,

    cholesterol free corn oil and a

    blend of spices. Try our Sclafani

    and DeIorio brands for smooth,

    naturally sweeter flavor profile.

    Our dough utilizes intermediate

    proofing for a truly unique taste profile. We make it our business to cater to customers large and small,

    offering private labeling and proprietary formulas.We process and test every batch

    during and after production for

    consistent quality.

    WhatMakes usUnique?

    Innovation &Commitment

    Utilizing our expertise, we create innovative products

    that meet our customers needs. 100% developed and made in the USA. Were committed to quality and service.

    Innovation &Commitment

    Utilizing our expertise, we create innovative products

    that meet our customers needs. 100% developed and made in the USA. Were committed to quality and service.

  • Market SegmentationYour Complete Solution for Commercial ApplicationsEach market segment has unique needs and we meet each need with years of experience and expertise.

    Convenience Store Time and space are very valuable in a convenience store environment. Profit per Square Foot (PSF) is to be determined daily. Most c-stores are finding real profits in selling pizza. Whether its a national branded program, your own branded program, or our branded program, Don Pepino and DeIorios will have your customers experiencing a pizzeria taste on the go. Some great money making menu ideas may include pizza, calzones, subs, breadsticks, and sandwiches.

    Pizzeria Fresh vs Frozen Dough Believe it or not, the end product tastes the same.We use the same ingredients found in your kitchen. Our full line of products allows you to be in charge. Choose our signature recipe or customize your own sauce from a base such as whole peeled or crushed tomatoes. Let us show you how our recipes can make your business more cost effective.

    Private LabelingYou make your product unique. Allow us to make that secret family recipe for you. With our trusted confidentiality process, your secret will remain a secret. Our trained and experienced product development department is able to create a special formulation matching taste and consistency with 100% guarantee. Well also personalize the packaging of your product.

    In-store BakeryMixing, scaling and sizing consistency are tough to maintain day in and day out. Purchasing quality frozen dough products can save over six steps in your bakery. All you have to do is proof and bake. Let us share some of our famous recipes for your instore bakery to profit from.

    Institutions / SchoolsOur freezer to oven items enable you to bring worthy products to yourcustomers with the least amount of prep work. We all know pizza is found everywhere. Bring our prized family recipes from our kitchen to yours. Each time you use our products, you know the taste and texture will be consistent. Breadsticks, wheat products and different sauces deliver a well rounded menu.

    QSR (quick serve restaurants) Every bread product served for breakfast, lunch or dinner starts with the best tasting dough. Use our dough and sauces for many different applications. One dough product can be made into pizza, stromboli, calzones, bread, rolls, bread sticks, and subs and sandwiches. One sauce can be used for pasta, meat dishes, pizza, and dipping for cheese sticks or bread sticks. Give your customers an upscale homemade taste.

    Theme Parks, Recreation Centers Pizza contributes to an atmosphere like no other food. Great pizza brings aroma and profit to any type foodservice venue. Our dough and sauce products are time tested and bring many options to your business. Fully prepared frozen pizza goes from freezer to oven, or our flats and dough balls can be more personalized for your operation. Let us help you determine the most efficient way to produce the food your customers w