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  • Flexible Discovery Management Software-as-a-Service For law firms and corporations that want to outsource hardware, software, related infrastructure and data-intensive eDiscovery processes, Viewpoint is offered as a hosted service. We take care of your data pre-processing, processing, hosting and production requirements. Case teams have access to review and analytics functionality, and are supported with 24/7 client services and project management. This model is available on a per project basis.

    Managed ServicesXerox offers custom managed services solutions designed to provide clients with price stability, control and total transparency into the processes and workflows being employed. Our managed services eliminate capital expenditures and minimize the resources needed to support data-intensive eDiscovery

    activities all infrastructure and software for Viewpoint deployment is administrated and handled by Xerox. Managed services are offered on a hosted basis deployed behind the Xerox firewall in a dedicated environment, relying on the highest security levels at our data centers, application and user level controls or as an on-site solution, deployed behind the clients firewall.

    Mobile Discovery Support Backpack Solution Organizations often have an immediate need for a temporary on premises eDiscovery solution, driven by document populations that must remain on-site due to data privacy concerns, custodians located in geographically dispersed locations or discreet internal investigations. For these types of sensitive matters, our eDiscovery experts can rapidly deploy our Viewpoint appliance on-site and manage data collection, processing, review and production activities. When the project is complete, all relevant data can be produced and exported to the Xerox

    Viewpoint eDiscovery Services

    Xerox Litigation Services Viewpoint eDiscovery Platform Technical Brief

    Viewpoint by Xerox delivers a flexible approach to eDiscovery designed to help you manage your litigation, investigations and compliance projects, end-to-end, while addressing the complexities and scope of todays global electronic discovery. At the same time, Viewpoint is ideal for supporting everyday litigation workflows.

    Xerox understands how to make eDiscovery work better for you. Viewpoint, our proprietary eDiscovery platform, gives you flexibility and scalability to manage eDiscovery processes the way you need them to work for your unique requirements and caseload.

    Viewpoint eDiscovery Platform Technical Brief 1

  • cloud for hosted review or moved to an in-house eDiscovery technology.

    Functionality OverviewViewpoint supports extensive integrated functionality, advanced analytics and visualization capabilities to allow case teams to move from one phase of the eDiscovery process to another with optimized efficiency, accuracy and speed.

    CollectionViewpoint Collection allows you to identify, filter and collect potentially relevant data directly from your network, servers and data sources like Google Drive, Twitter, SharePoint and other cloud-based sources of data. Data is forensically copied and processed directly into Viewpoint.

    Pre-ProcessingViewpoint Pre-Processing enables you to rapidly reduce data volumes at the earliest stage of your project. Pre-processing features include data cataloging, file extension filtering, fully recursive document level date/time filtering, file type identification, user-directed file folder removal, MD5 hash calculation, NIST filtering, system file removal and de-duplication.

    ProcessingViewpoints processing engine allows you to filter and process large volumes of data in a fraction of the time it would normally take, so you can review and analyze data sooner for data assessments, Rule 26(f) planning and analysis before data is posted for review.

    Early filtering capabilities allow users to apply one or more filters, including custodian, file type, data range, file size and to view only results of interest and quickly reduce data volumes and associated processing and review costs.

    Systematic de-duplication can also be applied within or across all custodians and data sources. Viewpoints intelligent de-duplication algorithm gives the administrator or users choices as the data moves through the system, tracking, saving and making available for export all custodian data for a defensible process.

    Viewpoint is fully Unicode compliant and supports dozens of foreign languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK). All multi-language documents are fully supported for processing, review, coding, indexing, searching, metadata filtering and production.

    Data processing functionality also includes: Recursive email and e-file container extraction Recursive embedded object extraction Metadata extraction Full text extraction Near duplicate identification Indexing all data using dtSearchTM engine Visual index and key term analysis File type (extension) analysis Email thread redundancy identification File validation confirming identity of file type TIFF generation OCR processing

    2 Viewpoint eDiscovery Platform Technical Brief

  • Document Review FunctionalityFor accelerated linear review, Viewpoint helps users quickly organize, filter and sort data using customized layouts and a drag and drop interface to view and navigate documents based on set preferences. Viewpoint supports image text, HTML and native file review for more than 400 document types. Basic review features include: View Manager Search Preview: Users can review search

    results prior to creating a document batch, and ensure that search and filter criteria are correctly enabled to exclude false positives.

    Native Viewers: Users can review document types in their native format without having to open corresponding applications, thereby reducing on review time.

    Suggestive Coding: Users can significantly reduce review time by instantly viewing similar documents across the entire the document collection previously coded by other reviewers. Suggestive coding flags documents that are not exact duplicates to help eliminate coding conflicts.

    Inline Redaction: Inline redaction functionality helps users redact parts of or entire documents, using redact out to quickly redact large areas by only selecting the small, non-privileged parts, including multi-thousand page Excel spreadsheets, in seconds.

    Keyword Filtering and Hit Highlighting: Dynamic filtering capabilities display documents containing one or more hits within the entire search. All search terms that appear in a document are highlighted to accelerate review.

    Advanced AnalyticsFor more advanced analysis, Viewpoints analytical tools enable a deeper and more targeted review. Advanced features include:

    Near-Duplicate IdentificationViewpoints proprietary near-duplicate identification technology automatically identifies and groups documents, including

    attachments, emails and other files, into a near-duplicate family, increasing both reviewer productivity and consistency. Users are able to: Review side-by-side version comparisons, including a

    differences only option that removes common text so users can review documents faster

    Code large groups of documents individually or across entire near-duplicate families

    Email Redundancy and Thread ManagementViewpoints email thread analysis functionally groups emails together from the same converation, and identifies all emails with unique text and attachments within a thread.

    Viewpoint eDiscovery Platform Technical Brief 3

  • Users are able to: Defensibly reduce data volumes by only reviewing the last

    email in the thread Have complete confidence that previous emails in a thread are

    included within the last email Easily detect subject line changes, the addition or removal of

    correspondents, or where emails are missing all together Identify families across multiple custodians to ensure

    consistent treatment of each thread Code entire families at once, preventing inconsistencies across

    custodians or messages

    Relationship AnalyzerWith Relationship Analyzer, users can quickly identify the who, what and when of complex email communications between custodians with simple graphic visuals and maps.

    Additionally, Relationship Analyzer enables users to: See spikes in communications between custodians early in a

    matter eliminating the review of unnecessary data later on Identify communications between known custodians

    and unknown parties to help you comply with discovery requirements

    Know who sent and received important documents within specific timeframes

    Understand communication patterns of interest among various custodians

    Dynamically group communications sent to various network domains (i.e., outside of the company)

    Identify privileged domains and spam emails to mass code all at once Concept Analyzer Concept Analyzer

    Concept AnalyzerConcept Analyzer allows users to search and visually cluster documents by concepts for one or more sources based on multiple criteria. Clustered concepts can be reviewed immediately, save or made available to multiple users to access, review and code.

    4 Viewpoint eDiscovery Platform Technical Brief

  • Users can: Quickly identify important topics and groups of related

    documents across and between concepts Automatically cluster, search, group, merge, sort, save and

    print by concept Prioritize documents for review early on in a case and focus on

    what matters most right from the start

    Visual Index Search Term Refinement and Document ReductionViewpoints Visual Index functionality gives users and in-depth look at their search term results without running time-consuming searches. Users can: Easil


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