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Post on 16-Apr-2017


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  • Data Driven Corporate Marketing

    Vidya Peters, VP of Corporate Marketing, MuleSoft@vidya_peters &

  • Why does data matter in marketing?

    1. Evaluates performance objectively2. Tells you where to focus3. Accelerates rapid and informed decision


  • Funnels are easy to measure: click throughs, trial, 1st time use, subscription, retention, advocacy

  • But measurement is even more important in the less intuitively quantifiable areas of marketing

  • Measurement best practices

    No more than 3 metricsCritical few to support, not paralyze decision making

    Objective not subjective dataNo good/bad, high/low type ratings

    Data that tracks over timeNo one time surveys

  • Brand Awareness

    Brand recall: Annual survey

    Direct traffic and search volume data

    Share of voice

  • Creative design

    Conversion growth through A/B testing

    Creative brief delivery score

    External validation and awards

  • Web development

    Site performance


  • PR & AR

    Leadership in top analyst reports

    Share of voice over time

    Tier 1 coverage growth over time

  • Developer relations and marketing

    Growth in community

    Product signups

    Growth in champions

  • Talent marketing



    % offers/applications

  • Questions?

    Connect with me on LinkedIn at /vidyapeters or follow me on Twitter @vidya_peters