Veterinary Equipments by Asian Cattle Equipment, India, New Delhi

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<ol><li> 1. Manufacturer &amp; Exporter ofSurgical Veterinary Equipments </li><li> 2. About Us Established in the year 2007 An ISO 9001:2008 certified company Full-equipped infrastructure Client oriented policies Efficient business operations Cater to Indian Subcontinent </li><li> 3. Why Us? Specialized R&amp;D facility Excellent logistic support Durable &amp; cost-effective products Genuine &amp; superlative quality Competent team of professionals Reputed clients like International Surgical Company, National Meditek, Strad Wel International &amp; many more </li><li> 4. Products Semen Storage &amp; Straws Cutters A.I. Guns, Sheets &amp; Containers Measuring Sticks &amp; Surgical Accessories Disposable Gloves Artificial Insemination Guns </li><li> 5. Semen Storage &amp; Straws CuttersSemen StorageVeterinary Straw StrawsCutters </li><li> 6. A.I. Guns, Sheets &amp; Containers Artificial Insemination Guns Mini Artificial Insemination GunsUniversal Artificial InseminationSheaths Containers A.I. Sheaths </li><li> 7. Measuring Sticks &amp; SurgicalAccessories Liquid Nitrogen Measuring Sticks Castrators &amp; Ear Tagging Kits Insemination Gloves Straw Holding Clamps Sheath &amp; Gun Containers Artificial InseminationSheaths </li><li> 8. Disposable Gloves </li><li> 9. Artificial Insemination Guns A.I. Gun </li><li> 10. Contact Us Asian Cattle Equipment, India Mr. R. G. Jaiswal (Director) E - 120/2, Gali No. 13, Rama Vihar, New Delhi - 110081, Delhi, India</li></ol>