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A magazine for sports lovers.


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    Versus MagazineLetter from the Editors

    Dear Reader,

    -The Versus Magazine Staff-

    Welcome to the first issue of Versus Magazine. The staff at Versus Magazine is passionate about sports, and we want-ed to share our passion with you. We strived to include arti-cles about a wide variety of sports so that whatever sport you play, you will find something that you like in our magazine.

    Sports are universal. They bring people together for com-petition, but they also involve teamwork, perseverance, and dedication. So in our title, we tried to incorporate all these different aspects of sport. So we went with Versus.

    Inside you will find features where we highlight inspiration ath-letes, opinions on aspects of different sports, and A.S.Fs that teach you about other aspects of sports, such as equipment. The experience of making this magazine will stick with us for a long time, and we hope the magazine will stick with you, too.

    Again, welcome to the first issue of Versus Magazine. Enjoy.

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    Christopher D. is currently a freshman at LASA. He has two brothers, Anthony who is currently at the Air Force Acad-emy and Patrick who is a junior at LASA. Christopher lived in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico for a year and a half af-ter which he came back to Austin to attend Kealing Middle School. He was a starting linebacker for the undefeated district champion freshman football team and will go on to run track later this year. He is interested in pursuing ar-chitectural engineering once he gets through high school.

    Hannah R. is 14 and is a freshman at LASA. She has two brothers, ages 7 and 12. She played soccer, bas-ketball, and ran track for Kealing Middle school. This year, she is running Cross country, track, and playing soccer for LBJ. She wrote the articles Reasons 2 Run, A Sport Survey, and Race of a Lifetime. She plans to run track in college and go to the Olympics. She also wants to be a coach/personal trainer, or a photographer.

    Andrea C. is currently a freshman at LASA. Her birth-day is August 9th and she is an only child. She played volleyball and ultimate frisbee at Kealing. This year, she is playing lacrosse. She wrote the articles Willing to Coach, One Sport, Two Games, and Sports Drinks: Better than Water? She plans to go to the University of South-ern Carolina and wants to major in forensic science.


    Junior R., currently attending LASA High School, has just finished his football season and is planning on join-ing soccer. He has a brother, age 10, who is a 5th grad-er at Cunningham Elementary, and a sister, age 12, who is a 6th grader at Fulmore Middle School, all of which live in Austin, Texas. Junior plans on attending col-lege at U.T. and wants to be a computer engineer. Both his parents were born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and attended Brackenridge High School. Junior is well known for his different personality. He loves a good challenge and his dream is to follow in his fathers foot-steps and become an intelligent and hard working father.

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    Reasons 2 Run Hannah R.Willing to Coach Andrea C.A Sport Survey Hannah R.Shea Sensation Chris D.Sport Anatomy Junior R.Race of a Lifetime Hannah R.One Sport, Two Games Andrea C.Its All About the Shoes Chris D.A Lifes Dream Junior R. Sports Drinks: Better Than Water? Andrea C. Skills vs. Education Junior R. and Chris D.

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  • I had been running for just over 12 minutes when I saw the finish line looming just over the top of the hill. I told myself I was almost done, and I sprinted as hard as I could toward the finish. I raced up the hill, passed up nearly 5 people, and as I crossed the finish line, I realized that it was all worth it, the hard workouts, the early prac-tices, everything. Everyone wants to be in shape, and get exercise while having a good time. All this, and more, can be accomplished by running high school cross country. I think more high school students should run cross country. When people think of high school cross country, you usually envision a lot of running, and guys in short shorts. Many people dont participate in cross country be-cause they believe that, as a school team, it involves get-ting up too early. Many people have also told me that, in cross coun-try, theres too much running, that its boring, and that there is no point. These are the main reasons cross country isnt as popular of a sport as say, football or basketball. Cross country practices at LBJ High School begin at 6:30 in the morning, but waking up that early and then exercising increases a per-sons alertness for the rest of the day. According to the National Sleep Foundation, most teenagers ages 11 to 17 require 8.5 to 9.25 hours of sleep. Adults (anyone older than 17, so 18 and up) need 7 to 9 hours of sleep. At first 6:30 sounds really early, but after a while a routine will form, and it will easy to wake up early. Its actu-ally really nice to get to school before everyone else, and not get stuck in traffic. Another plus of having the practices in the morning is that its not as hot, so you dont have to suf-fer through the Texas heat. One of the worst things about Texas is the extreme high temperatures it reached in the

    summer. The heat was especially mis-erable this summer, and according to KVUE news it was the hottest summer in about 80 years, and 4:30 is the hot-test part of the day. If high school cross

    I...when people think

    of high school cross country,

    they usually envision a lot of running, and guys in short


    country practices werent in the morning, they would be af-ter school, around 4:00 to 5:00, the hottest part of the day. If cross country practices werent in the morning they would be torturous. Its better to have practices in the morning

    when people are just tired, than in the afternoon, when its dangerously hot. All in all its a good thing that cross country practices are in the morning. The ideas that there is too much running and that there is no point in high school cross country are intertwined. The point of cross country is running. Some people run cross country to run cross country, because they like running, and they enjoy the competitive aspect, while others just do it to get in shape for their other sports, or just in general to get in shape. No matter the reason

    for doing cross country, the point is exercise. And when the point is exercise and the sport is running, you should expect to run, a lot. At a normal practice at LBJ we will run from 2 to 4 miles. In a race girls will run 2 miles and guys will run 3 miles. The practices are not too difficult. Sometimes we run hills to strengthen our legs and speed us up for when we run on flat surfaces. Other days we will do track workouts where we run repeat intervals for about 2 miles so we can work on

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    a story about why you should run high school

    cross country


  • our speed. Everyone is always able to complete the workout within a reasonable time, and everyone is a different speed. It doesnt matter how fast a person is, the important thing is that theyre out there trying and getting exercise. It is ex-tremely important for teens to get exercise. According to a new study by the American Running Association in Run-ning and Fitnews magazine by age 15 fewer than a third of kids meet the governments recommended guidelines of 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per day. This could lead to high blood pressure, which could even-tually lead to atherosclerosis. Decreased physical activity plays a critical role in the increase in childhood obesity. I strongly believe that cross country could help with this issue. There is a stereotype that cross country is a bor-ing sport. Many people say that all you do is run, and that its not fun. I believe that all depends on the way you look at it. If you want it to be fun, it will be. The people who run cross country on the school team will help with that. There are about 20 girls and guys on the LBJ team this, and each and every one of them are interesting and nice people. Nearly everyone runs cross country for their own personal reasons, and its cool to meet people that are different than you and are sharing an experience. For example, there are many soccer girls this year who are running to get in shape for the soccer season, and all of them are amazing people who make cross country more fun. Meets are also extremely fun. The more people who participate, the more fun it is. by: hannah


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    4A , 3A, 2A, 1A, and private school varsity girls at the Cedar Park Invitational, Saturday September 19, 2009.

    a story about why you should run high school

    cross country

    After running your best in a 2 mile or 3 mile race you feel like youve accomplished something. Its a great feeling, and the team really supports the rest of the team. At the end of each race, everyone congratulates everyone else. Also its neat being a part of a team. Running and awesome team-mates are the only neat things about cross country. At one of our last meets, we got chased from school by the police car because somehow we set off all the alarms at school without knowing it. Im pretty sure everyone driving by on the high-way slowed down to stare a big yellow school bus getting pulled over by the police. Thats just on