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    Veris Billing real-time for the real worldReal-time convergent charging, policy control and billing, serving nearly a billion subscribers worldwide or visit AsiaInfo, All rights reserved.

    At a glanceVeris Billing is a fully convergent charging, policy management and billing system, providing 3GPP compliant OCS, OFCS & PCRF capabilities and deployed in some of the largest operators in the world. Its greatest strength is its innovative real-time capabilities that enable pre-paid and post-paid subscribers to be served by a single telecoms billing system, and provide great flexibility in pricing and marketing offers without creating IT complexity.

    Veris Billing is designed with the end customer in mind focusing on their interaction with operator services and empowering them with Real-time Self Service (RTSS) to put them fully in control of their spend and service usage. Being able to trade or transform included usage (minutes, megabytes or any other resource) from one type to another, or one person to another, enables better utilization of a given plan and perceived value for money.

    Providing the operator with the ability to charge small fees for these self-service transactions enables operators to devise inno-vative pricing models and monetize data in ways which are not possible with existing legacy systems. In addition, being able to interact with end customers in a personalized way, by methods preferred by them and irrespective of the specific device they are using, enables a transparent end-to-end service experience that benefits both customer and operator alike.

    Veris Billing provides powerful marketing capabilities, with the flexibility to easily configure highly targeted offers, and to allow end users to control their own experience in real-time by creat-ing their own plans or controlling their own bandwidth policy, where appropriate. Sophisticated customer hierarchies can mix pre-paid, post-paid and hybrid accounts for families or business-es.

    Veris Billing is proven in real world deployments serving almost a billion subscribers in China and Southeast Asia, from traditional single location deployments through to centralized Private Cloud installations using multi-tenancy to serve multiple operating units each with their own unique requirements.

    Veris Billing, like other products in the Veris product suite, is packaged in a modular fashion allowing for deployment of a full Policy Control, Charging and Billing solution or individual components to address specific business needs. Veris Billing provides:

    A fully integrated, convergent, real-time charging, policy management and billing system

    Standalone 3GPP OCS, OFCS and PCRF components

    Sophisticated, multi-level customer hierarchies for individuals and business-es alike

    Personalization and simple end-user control to improve customer experience and service transparency

    Multi-tenancy capability for centralized BSS deployments

    Proven, highly scalable, cost effective deployment on Private Cloud platforms

  • AsiaInfo, All rights reserved.

    Modular Composition

    AsiaInfo and all AsiaInfo-based marks are the trademarks or registered trademarks of AsiaInfo. AsiaInfo operates a policy of ongoing development, and reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this document without prior notice. To the maximum extent allowed by applicable laws, under no circumstances shall AsiaInfo be responsible for any loss of data or income or any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages however caused. The contents of this document are provided as is. Except as required by applicable law, no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are made in relation to the accuracy, reliability or contents of this document. Any user of this document shall not disclose, lend, grant license, transfer, sell, distribute, circulate, or conduct any other disposals in relation to this document, without prior written approval from AsiaInfo.

    For the most current product information, please refer to

    The availability of particular products and applications and services for these products may vary by region. Please check with your local contact for details and availability of language options.

    Veris Billing provides all the components of a fully convergent real-time billing system, including real-time charging, policy management and billing. It offers multi-network, multi-service convergence as well as convergence of prepaid, postpaid and hybrid payment models.

    Real-time ChargingAt the heart of Veris Billing is real-time charging that provides proven scalability and performance to manage users in intelligent real-time whatever the preferred payment method. In this way, real-time credit management is only invoked when actually needed. Real-time credit management combined with real-time self service ensures the customer has accurate, up-to-date information on which they can act. The Veris Billing charging components function as 3GPP compliant Online and Offline Charging Systems (OCS and OFCS).

    Policy ManagementThe Policy Management component of Veris Billing is designed to deliver policy and charging rules, in real-time, to multiple network elements and application functions using standard interfaces. It makes real-time policy decisions based on service usage, subscription information and contextual information such as time or location and orchestrates network QoS for latency and capacity sensitive services such as VoIP or video streaming. The Policy Management component functions as a 3GPP compliant Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF).

    BillingVeris Billing provides the fundamental building blocks to successfully bill and manage both postpaid and hybrid customers, such as Charge Generation, Discounting, Invoice Generation, Accounts Receivable and Dunning.

    Veris Billing, like the other products in the Veris product suite is packaged in a modular fashion enabling operators to select products to address specific business needs.

    The core products are available for deployment as standalone functional units or as an integrated system and include Convergent Online and Offline Charging (OCS and OFCS); Policy Management (PCRF) Convergent Billing; Settlement & Interconnect; Mediation and Voucher Management.

    Veris Billings core capabilities are also complemented by a Unified Product Catalog (UPC) that offers a unified product view, ability to personalize offers for individual customers, smart shopping cart features including the ability to offer purchase based discounts in real-time, a versatile product creation environment that greatly reduces time to market, and end-to-end product lifecycle management functionality. The UPC comes pre-integrated with both Veris Billing and Veris CRM.

    Veris Billing is a true real-time, online billing solution that provides innovative service capabilities and end-user empowerment for improved customer experi-ence underpinned by proven, cutting-edge performance and scalability on a future-proof cloud-based architecture.

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