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<ul><li><p>YOUR GUIDE TO KADENA FSS APRIL 2015</p></li><li><p>WWW.KADENAFSS.COM8</p><p>vibe</p><p>Schilling Community Center 634-1387</p><p>Friday, 24 April 5 pm - 8 pm$15 Per personTickets available at the Kadena Offi cers ClubOpen to all ranks &amp; services</p><p>Relish in a night of crime and chaos in the Caribbean where the guilty will mingle among the innocent. Guests will be tasked with uncovering the identity of the killer and making them pay for their crime. </p><p>Enjoy a full-service bar and heavy hors doeuvres buffet, and dress in your best tropical vacation wear for a chance to win our best dressed competition!</p><p>Experience an evening of refi nement at the Kadena Offi cers Club where youll enjoy a 5-course meal paired with samples of decadent wines. Tickets on sale at the Offi cers Club Customer Service Desk beginning 1 April.</p><p>Open to all ranks and services over 20 years of age.Kadena Offi cers Club 966-7409</p><p>Cocktail Hour 6 pmDinner7 pm</p><p>Friday, 3 April 10 pm - 2 amLadies, break out your most stunning cocktail dress for a chance to win big! Gentleman, dress your sharpest at our </p><p>First Friday event only at the Offi cers Club. </p><p>Kadena Offi cers Club 966-7409</p></li><li><p>VENTURE 9</p><p>NIGHTLIFE</p><p>Membership Appreciation Nights</p><p>Wednesday, 1 April5:30 pm - 7:30 pm</p><p>Open to Kadena Offi cers Club members</p><p>Members, weve got a night for you with a delicious dinner buffet, games and </p><p>thousands of dollars in prizes!</p><p>Let the appreciation begin...</p><p>Kadena Offi cers Club966-7409</p><p>Wednesday, 15 April5:30 pm</p><p>In the Rocker BallroomBuffet 5:30 pm - 7 pm</p><p>Open to adult members of the Rocker and Banyan Tree Clubs.</p><p>Enjoy one of the best perks of club membership with a night of food, prizes, </p><p>and of course, lots of fun!</p><p>Rocker NCO Club966-7234</p><p>Officers Club Adult Membership Night </p><p>Enlisted Club Adult Membership Night </p><p>Sunday, 26 April 11 am In the Re ections Lounge$5 Nonmembers (food charge)</p><p>Watch UFC live on our big screen TVs while enjoying hors doeuvres and beverage specials. </p><p>All ranks welcome. Viewing is free.</p><p>Rocker NCO Club 966-7234</p><p>UFC 1</p><p>86</p><p>Dill</p><p>asah</p><p>aw </p><p>vs </p><p>bara</p><p>o</p></li><li><p>WWW.KADENAFSS.COM10</p><p>vibe</p><p>Paid ad. No federal endorsement of advertiser intended.</p><p>Paid ad. No federal endorsement of advertiser intended.</p><p>Wednesdays</p><p>Salsa Night 8 &amp; 29 AprilDance Lessons 7 pm - 9 pm </p><p>Open Latin Dance 9 pm - 11 pm</p><p>Thursdays</p><p>Unit vs. Unit Karaoke Competition2 &amp; 9 April 7 pm</p><p>Grand Finale Championship11 April 7 pm In the Ballroom</p><p>Open Sing Karaoke15, 22 &amp; 29 April</p><p>Double Elimination Dart Tournament 16, 23 &amp; 30 April 7:30 pm</p><p>Fridays</p><p>Devour Hour 4:30 pm - 6:30 pmOld School R&amp;B 6:30 pm - 3 am </p><p>Saturdays </p><p>Old School R&amp;B 7 pm - 3 am </p><p>Rocker NCO Club 966-7234</p></li><li><p>Paid ad. No federal endorsement of advertiser intended.</p></li><li><p>WWW.KADENAFSS.COM12</p><p>play</p><p>JUNIOR GOLF CLINICSIf youd like to know one secret about me, well, here you go: I was once a junior golfer. Around the age of 12, my grandparents both avid golfers themselves took me to the driving range to spend some quality time smacking golf balls around for fun. To their surprise and excitement, I was actually pretty good! They began taking me to the range regularly; they even bought me my first set of mini clubs that Christmas! They were tiny (like me), I remember, and they came in a bright purple bag. I loved those clubs.</p><p>By Christine Phillipp</p><p>In eighth grade, I was the only girl to show up for junior varsity golf team registration. Our school didnt have an official girls golf team, so they set me up with the coach of the club team that carried our schools name. I played all four years of high school, and it wasnt until my senior year that girls golf became a recognized school sport. The certificate that shows I lettered reads, First for the year. I like to believe that it was really the first ever. </p><p>Golf is so rewarding because it takes persistence, accuracy, patience, and discipline to be successful. You dont have to be the strongest or the fastest, and when you use all of the skills youve learned to finally hit that perfect shot, it just feels awesome. </p><p>Theres no better time to establish these skills than in adolescence. Fortunately for youth golfers on Okinawa, Chibana Golf Course will again hold junior golf clinics this summer featuring expert instruction from PGA professionals. </p><p>at the Chibana Golf Course</p><p>CHIBANA GOLF COURSE 966-7327</p></li><li><p>VENTURE 13</p><p>RECREATION</p><p>JUNIOR GOLF CLINICSClasses will consist of four one-hour sessions that cover putting, chipping and the full swing. After completion of their clinic on Thursday, each junior golfer will receive a graduation certificate. On Friday, children will be able to put their new skills to use in a Play Day that starts at 8 am, followed by lunch.</p><p>No golf clubs? No problem! Chibana will have golf clubs available for junior golfers. Plus youll receive a 25% discount on any special order junior golf clubs purchased before 17 August! </p><p>I can say from experience that I wish there were clinics like this when I was first learning. The instructors are great, and kids have an absolute blast learning together. Whats even better is that on lovely, sunny days when you have some time to burn, you can take the kids to Chibana and play as a family. Seeing their skills improve in tandem with yours is very rewarding. Head over to the Chibana Golf Course today to sign up! </p><p>at the Chibana Golf CourseSign-ups run 1 April - 31 May at the Chibana Golf CourseCourse fee $75 per childFor ages 6 - 14In this new Summer Junior Golf Program your kids will receive: Four hours of expert instruction from PGA professionals Fun exercises to help your children become better athletes and golfers Fun practice drills to make learning easier and more enjoyable Smaller class size to make sure everyone gets the personal attention they deserve 9 Hole Play Day to put their new skills to use And so much more! </p><p>Clinics begin 15 JuneJUNE 15 - 19, 22 - 26JULY 6 - 10, 13 - 17, 27 - 31AUGUST 3 - 7</p><p>CHIBANA GOLF COURSE 966-7327</p></li><li><p>WWW.KADENAFSS.COM14</p><p>play</p><p>T O U R N A M E NT</p><p>HomeHome HomeHome&amp;&amp;</p><p>BANYAN TREE GOLF COURSE vs.</p><p>TAIYO GOLF COURSE</p><p>25 - 26 April 7:30 am Shotgun (Both days)</p><p>$100 Per player</p><p>The competition returns! Banyan Tree and Taiyo will face off once again in a gallant game on the green. The winning team will bring home the coveted trophy for their course to keep on display for one year. Entry fee includes green &amp; cart fees, gift pack, breakfast buffet, on-course beverages, </p><p>prizes and a banquet hosted by Taiyo Golf Course. </p><p>Participates must have a verifi able golf handicap. Sign up at Banyan Tree Golf Course.</p><p>Banyan Tree Golf Course 966-7321</p></li><li><p>VENTURE 15</p><p>RECREATION</p><p>Unlimited Possibilities @ Your Library! Come to the Library Sunday, 12 April for a QR code workshop to kick off our weeklong scavenger hunt! Visit the library each day for a new clue and well fi nish the week with a drawing. Youll earn up to three entries throughout the week by completing different tasks at the Library! </p><p>KADENALIBRARY 634-1502</p><p>Wednesday, 15 April 6 pm - 7 pmJoin us for a night with Private Ray Payne, author of Ride the East Wind and Okinawan restauranteur. </p><p>Thursday, 16 April4 pm - 5 pmThe Holocaust Remembrance Committee will read excerpts from Diary of a Young Girlby Anne Frank. </p><p>Not Your Mothers Book Club</p><p>Kadena Library 634-1502</p><p>Miles Halter leaves his home in Florida to attend Culver Creek Preparatory High School in Alabama for his junior </p><p>year. Alaska Young is an attractive yet emotionally unstable girl. Author John Green once again taps into the angst of teenagers as he did in The Fault in our Stars. </p><p>Join us for an engaging discussion at the Library. </p><p>presents</p><p>Wednesday, 8 April 6:30 pm</p><p>Free Pet Adoption DaySaturday, 18 April Noon - 5:45 pmAt the Karing Kennels Adoption Facility</p><p>Prepayment of spay or neuter applies at time of adoption. *Discount applies to some adult pets only. </p><p>Karing Kennels is open for adoptions every Tuesday, Saturday &amp; Sunday from noon to 5:45 pm. For more information please call 966-7338 or stop by building 54300.</p><p>Just adopted, Gredda!</p></li><li><p>WWW.KADENAFSS.COM16</p><p>play</p><p>OUTDOOR</p><p> RECREATION</p><p>ADVENTURE TRIPS</p><p>Saturday, 25 April 12:45 pm - 4 pm</p><p>$99 Per person (Ages 6 &amp; up)Please bring snorkeling gear and a change of clothes.</p><p>Snorkeling with Whale Sharks</p><p>CYCLINGPedal to ZanpaSaturday, 11 April </p><p>8 am - 1 pm $10 Per rider (bike not included)</p><p>$18 Per rider (bike &amp; helmet included)Open to beginner level cyclists.</p><p>CLIMBINGWarrior Wednesday: Indoor Rock Climbing</p><p>22 April 9:30 am - 1 pm$25 Per person (Ages 12 &amp; up)</p><p>Trip includes transportation &amp; climbing gear. </p><p>HIKINGWarrior Wednesday: Mt. Katsudake</p><p>8 April 9 am - 1 pm$20 Ages 8 &amp; up</p><p>Trip includes transportation &amp; tour guide. </p><p>KAYAKINGSea Kayaking &amp; Snorkeling at Blue Cave </p><p>Saturday, 18 April7 am - noon</p><p>$60 Ages 8 &amp; up</p><p>HIKING TRIP to Kagoshima National Park22 - 25 May Register now!</p><p>$850 Ages 13 &amp; upVenture to mainland Japan and climb a </p><p>volcano with Outdoor Recreation! </p><p>Register for all trips at Kadena Outdoor Recreation. Space is limited. </p><p>Outdoor Recreation 966-7343</p><p>play</p></li><li><p>VENTURE 17</p><p>RECREATION</p></li><li><p>WWW.KADENAFSS.COM18</p><p>play</p><p>6 - 10 April 9 am - 5 pm$155 Per person (book included)Ages 15 &amp; up*You must be 16 years old to work on Kadena.</p><p>If youre looking for a fun job in the Okinawan sun, get certifi ed to lifeguard! Applicants must successfully pass a swim test, attend all class sessions for the chosen course, and there must be at least three participants for a class to be held. Give Kadena Aquatics a call to fi nd out more today!</p><p>Kadena Aquatics 966-7343</p><p>LIFEGUARD!</p><p>Private Tennis LessonsMonday - Sunday 1-hour lessons between 9 am &amp; 11 am or 3 pm &amp; 6 pm$20 Private lesson$10 Semi-private lesson (2 - 4 people)</p><p>Group LessonsMonday - Friday 4 Lessons totalVariable times$40 Per person (Maximum 4 students per class)</p><p>Kadena Tennis Center 966-7431</p></li><li><p>VENTURE 19</p><p>RECREATION</p><p>GROUND SCHOOLTake to the skies and learn the fundamentals of flight with the Kadena Aero Club. Our 8-week </p><p>ground course will get you started on your flight path.Visit Building 736 or </p><p>call the Aero Club for more info!</p><p>Aero Club 966-7301</p><p>Outdoor Recreation966-7343</p><p>Open Play Weekends 10 am - 3 pmField Fee $15Rental Package $25</p><p>6 - 11 April $5 off any paint!</p><p>Outdoor Recreation</p><p>Sale!Enjoy $10 off fi eld fees and rental packages 6 - 11 April!</p><p>Kadena Aquatics 966-7343</p><p>Saturday, 4 &amp; 18 April 8:30 am - 9:30 am$5 Per personFree Active Duty</p><p>Lady SpartansFairchild PoolTuesday, 7 April 9:30 am - 10:30 am$5 Per personFree Active Duty</p><p>Lap SwimMonday - Friday5 am - 7 am, 11 am - 1 pm &amp; 5 pm - 7 pm</p><p>Swim Lessons Registration for May Saturday, 25 April Noon - 2 pmSign up at Outdoor Recreation!</p><p>Tired of the same boring run? Let Kadena Aquatics take care of your physical training. Join us in an aquatic training evolution calibrated to a higher level of fi tness. Are you ready to train like a spartan?</p><p>For anyone looking to build greater strength in the water. Please bring swim shoes. Sign up at Kadena Aquatics!</p><p>Unit and Squadron PT available upon request.</p><p>at Fairchild Pool</p></li><li><p>WWW.KADENAFSS.COM20</p><p>energy</p><p>THURSDAY, 16 APRIL6 PM</p><p>Sign up as a team or as an individual.Please register at Risners Customer Service Desk.</p><p>Risner Fitness Center 634-5128</p><p>VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT</p><p>SATURDAY, 4 APRIL 9 AM Come out and celebrate Risners Biggest Loser participants as they begin their journey to wellness in the years biggest weight loss challenge!</p><p>BECOME THE INSPIRATION. Risner Fitness Center 634-5128</p></li><li><p>VENTURE 21</p><p>HEALTH &amp; WELLNESS</p><p>2015 Pacific Muscle Classic</p><p>HEALTH &amp; WELLNESS</p><p>VENTURE 21</p><p>Bodybuilding &amp; Figure Championship</p></li><li><p>WWW.KADENAFSS.COM22</p><p>energy</p><p>2015 PACIFIC MUSCLE CLASSICSUNDAY, 17 MAYThe Pacific Muscle Classic (PMC) is an annual, elite fitness competition that began in 2006. In recent years the Classic has grown tremendously, reaching out to both the military community and local Okinawans. PMC strives to bring attention to the art of body sculpting, which is concerned with firmness, muscle tone, symmetry, proportion, and overall physical appearance of the muscular body.</p><p>Hosted by the Schilling Community Center on Kadena, the competition includes two categories of exhibition: figure and bodybuilding. Those competing in the figure category are evaluated on muscle tone and overall physique, while bodybuilder contenders are judged on a total presentation of size, symmetry, and muscular development. </p><p>Witness the 9th Annual Pacific Muscle Classic Sunday, May 17 at the Keystone Theater. Spectator tickets will go on sale Monday, April 20 at the Schilling Community Center and the Chibana Golf Course. Dont forget to purchase a 2015 PMC workout shirt to show your support for this years contestants! </p></li><li><p>VENTURE 23</p><p>HEALTH &amp; WELLNESS</p><p>How did you get started with bodybuilding? </p><p>I began lifting weights in my backyard at the age of 10, when my uncle taught me how to exercise. He made a makeshift gym out of concrete buckets that hed attached to a metal pole. We trained with dumbbells, and I would try to emulate him because I wanted to have the same physique. When my uncle moved I didnt touch weights again for 10 years, during my first deployment to Okinawa as a young marine. I started incorporating what my uncle taught me at the gym, and I also began taking supplements to help with recovery and muscle growth. I bought everything a young PFC could afford things like protein and weight gainer. For me, that was it. I was bit by the iron bug. For the next five years I only cared about becoming the biggest dude to walk in the gym.</p><p>2013 was my turning point when I switched from weightlifter to bodybuilder. I no longer wanted to be just huge; I wanted to look muscular and conditioned. I took a college nutrition class after work every day for three months. I learned a fair share of information about having a healthier lifestyle. I continue to practice a strict exercise regiment of both cardiovascular and weight training, as well as incorporating a healthier diet. Ive managed to lose fat while at the same time putting on lean, quality muscle. </p><p>What has bodybuilding done for you? </p><p>Its given me the privilege of taking part in a unique sport compared to others. Lifting weights is the easy part, its everything else that goes along with it how the smallest adjustments can make such dramatic changes to your body that can determine whether you are a champion or not. </p><p>What do you hope to get out of bodybuilding?</p><p>I look forward to the day I step on stage and share with an audience what I have molded in hopes of attaining perfect symmetry, definition, conditioning and muscular size. Someday, Id like to compete at a professional level and be an ambassador to this great sport. </p><p>Daniel Castro is an up-and-coming bodybuilder who plans to compete in the Pacific Muscle Classic. We asked Daniel some questions about this physically-demanding sport and what he hopes to get out of it. </p><p>Do you have a special role model or inspiration for bodybuilding? </p><p>Whenever I feel like quitting on anything, whether its because Im having a bad day or just because Im super tired, my inspiration is all of the wounded warriors and fallen c...</p></li></ul>