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Issues in approaching value creation projects with microblogging and social media


  • 1.Microblogging - Issues in creating value -Marcello del Bono, MBAMicrocamp Milan, Italy 24 May 08 Marcello del Bono

2. Markets are conversations Photo by Clairity Marcello del Bono 3. often public ones HiFrequency of Stresm of conversation PhoneChat IM Microblog PUBLICPRIVATEOneSMS Many ToToOne ManyWeb Forume-MailBlogLow Frequency ofstream of conversation Adapted from: Marcello del Bono 4. potentially a world of opportunities WorldwideItaly Source: Twitterfacts, Hitwise, Twitter.comMarcello del Bono 5. So, how do Organizations create value with it?Marcello del Bono 6. Micro-blogging usage in organizations- Personal Branding - Facilitating collaborative experience- Hangin on- Promoting special offers- Get feedback- Ideas bank- Hire People - Personality Observation- Signalling new links- Understanding other departments- Understanding peopleactivities- Notifying customers - Understanding other departments- Event updates priorities- Take notes- Hidden Knowledge hunting- Find prospects- Domotics- Provide live coverage - - Set Up Meetings- Acquire votes- Reading news- Promoting events- Building conversations- Sending Press releasesOur elaboration from: Marcello del Bono 7. Which are the Issues? Photo by Pink hats, red shoes Marcello del Bono 8. When all you have is a hammer Photo by Jurek d.Marcello del Bono 9. Traditional value creation view Free Cash Flow 90008000 Anticipate and7000 increase revenues6000500040003000 Reduce, avoid2000and postpone1000 costs 0 -1000 -200020082009 2010 20112012 Marcello del Bono 10. ...but excess of control can freeze enterprenuership destroying value Photo by National Science Foundation Marcello del Bono 11. So let creativity flow Photo by Laszlo-photoMarcello del Bono 12. Ach! Photo by GregPC Marcello del Bono 13. You need to balance your vision Photo by ChericeMarcello del Bono 14. Tool 1 Strategy map- simplified example - CashFlow EFCrossCommunities CSSelling InvolvmentNew Right Cust. ToEfficiencyproductsRight channel IP L&GHiring/StaffingRight tools Right climate The best people & info Marcello del Bono 15. Tool 1 Strategy Map - Web project - Cost/Benefit EF CSOn Budget On Scope. On TimeProj. Project Project Integration Risk Mgmt.Communic. IP RecognizingStaffing L&GIndividualThe best peopleLearning PerformanceLeveragingKnowledge Marcello del Bono 16. Tool 2 Strategy Map and MB benefits linkage - a whole company example - CashGainingNetworkingFlow EF feedbackCrossCommunities After sales CSSelling InvolvmentSupportActivity Rep New Right Cust. ToEfficiency IP productsRight channel Teambuilding L&G Hiring/Staffing Right toolsRight climateThe best people& infoStatus/Mood PersonalityBeingLinkAnalysis Involved/Inform.Last minute SharingchangesMarcello del Bono 17. Tool 2 MB Benefits linkage - Web project -Gaining ERPfeedbackCost/Benefit EF CSOb BudgetOn Scope.On TimeTeam building Proj.Project ProjectIntegrationRisk Mgmt.Communic. IP Bank ofIdeasRecognizingStaffing L&GIndividualThe best peopleLearning PerformanceLeveragingKnowledgeCross- Activity RepSeeding Marcello del Bono 18. Tool 3 Quantifying benefits Benefits impact BENEFIT Strategic impactKPIBusiness Impact NetworkingCommunity involvmentSales increase 5% Gaining feedback Innovation Shorter time to market15 months After sale support Right Channel to right Cost to serve-8%Financial benefits impact per year (Euro .000) Year 1Year 2 Year 3Sales increase by 200 280320Cost to serve -70 -80-90 Marcello del Bono 19. Tool 4 Understanding strategy and benefits Review of existing strategic documentation Brainstorming Interviews Workshops A day in the life of Photo by Jacob Botter Marcello del Bono 20. Tool 5 Identify roles and responsibilities of the activitiesMicroblogging user requirements definition - Example -IT MKTGAdministration Proj manager Team Sponsor 1) identify interviewersR C 2) Select IntervieweesC CCRC 3) Schedule interviewsR C 4) Prepare Interviews A R5) Conduct InterviewsA R I6) Analyze and document interviews findingA R7) Publish requirements A R C 8) User ValidationR RR AI R = Responsible (execute) A = Accountable (Yes or No) C = Consulted before I = Informed AfterMarcello del Bono 21. Tool 6 Identify roles and responsibilities ofthe strategic objectives Do it! R = Responsible (execute)A = Accountable (Yes or No)C = Consulted beforeI = Informed AfterMarcello del Bono 22. Tool 7 The Social Media familyRSS Feeds MashupsBlogging Co-creationFolksonomies Rating/Ranking Internet Podcasting Community Discussions Online Social NetworksTagging Instant Messaging microblogging Citizen Journalism Widgets WikisMarcello del Bono 23. just avoid theupside-down everything looks like a nail attitudePhoto by Exfordy Marcello del Bono 24. Skills Be a fast learner Photo by Mike WarrenMarcello del Bono 25. Skills Learn how to delegate Photo by CairoCarol Marcello del Bono 26. Skills Rock. Do a terrific job Photo by wikipediaMarcello del Bono 27. Finally, be rational and be passionate Photo by www.paata.geMarcello del Bono 28. About me- Marcello del Bono - He has worked as a Consultant since 1990 in Big 4 consultancies, Media and Television companies and as a free lance.He has an MBA-Master of Business Administration awarded by the SDA Bocconi's School of Management in Milan, a Master in International Marketing and Trade, a Political Science-Economics Degree from the University of Milan. He is also internationally qualified as a Programme Manager and Project Manager. He is looking for digital companies willing to be helped on Marketing and Business Development processes in Italy or across the world. Blog Linkedin Twitter e-Mail marcello_delbono @ yahoo.itMarcello del Bono 29. Licensing and copyright Except for the photographs (see next point) this work is licensed under an Attribution Creative Commons 3.0 license. All Photographs in this work are used with permission. Copyright of photographs used in this presentation is owned by the original artist. Rights to reproduce or use the photographs must be obtained directly from artistsMarcello del Bono