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  1. 1. August 7, 2015 Value-Based Supply Chain A case study
  2. 2. Developing a Supply Chain process In 2014 Intralign was approached by one of the nations largest hospital systems, with over $2 billion in annual supply spend, to assist in vendor consolidation and physician alignment efforts. With the goal of applying pressure to vendors to reduce cost, Intralign worked to develop a comprehensive, system-wide supply chain RFI/RFP process backed by accurately categorized purchasing data. 2
  3. 3. Identified and Developed Developed survey to assess owned orthopedic implants and instrumentation and assess active vs dead inventory. Identified usable inventory that could be utilized via inner company transfer. Identified over $2.4 million annual savings in orthopedic implants before undertaking consolidation opportunities.
  4. 4. Deliverables Developed & delivered standardized RFI/RFP documentation as part of integrated negotiation preparation strategy Analyzed and summarized historic spend data and benchmarks to present succinct strategic summaries for targeted negotiation strategies
  5. 5. Cost savings By leveraging the hospital systems significant size and market presence in a consistent fashion, Intralign helped to identify significant cost savings for the organization and established a proven process for successful vendor negotiations and consolidation. In addition, Intraligns supply chain initiatives resulted in increased pricing transparency, leading to increased physician-level support.
  6. 6. For the case study in full go to: /case-studies/ 6


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