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Presentation covers the variety of ways that goat producers can make money with goats -- dairy, meat, fertilizer, compost, leather, and landscaping


  • 1. Value-Added Products With Goats Working with goats to produce dairy products, soap, meat, leather, and fertilizer

2. How can you make money with goats? Milk Cheese & dairy products Soap FertilizerManure (compost) Meat Milk-fed pork, beef, poultry Chevon, cabritoLeather Landscaping (brush eating) 3. Selling milk Raw milk Currently legal in Illinois to sell on farm in container provided by consumer Illegal in Iowa; herd shares legal in Indiana See for additional statesGrade A dairy license Need different license for fluid milk, ice cream, yogurt, and cheese Must have a separate certified kitchen for farmstead cheese 4. Equipment for commercial cheese making Commercial pasteurizer Molds for draining cheese Cooler for aging (or cave) + commercial kitchen equipment 5. Ingredients for cheese Milk Something to ripen cheese Acid(vinegar or citric acid) Culture (mesophilic or thermophilic) Rennet Mold (white, blue, red) 6. For additional info on commercial cheese: The Farmstead Creamery Advisor: The Complete Guide to Building and Running a Small, Farm-Based Cheese Business and Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking: The Ultimate Guide for Home-Scale and Market Producers By Gianaclis Caldwell Chelsea Green Publishing 7. Soapmaking Currently no legal requirements for soapmanufacturers Low start-up costs 8. Making soap -- equipment Digital scale Stainless steel or enamel pot 8-cup glass mixing bowl with handle or non-aluminum pitcher 2-cup glass measuring cup Glass or cup (1 cup) Thermometer (needs to read between 90 and 140 F) Plastic spatulas or wooden spoons Stick blender Mold(s) Freezer paper or wax paper Vinegar 9. Soapmaking -- ingredientsOil Frozen milk LyeOptional: Essential oils Fragrance oils Herbs and botanicals Clay Pumice or egg shells 10. Milk as FertilizerLinn, Missouri 1,100 more pounds of grass per acre 18% softer 11. Composting manure in IllinoisLegally can only compost your own farm waste unlessyou have a permit Cannot sell compost unless you have a permit New rules are currently being drafted that would make it easier and cheaper for small-scale compost production and sale. 12. Turning milk into meat Chicken Turkey BeefChickens and turkeys will drink a small amount of milk or whey. Calves can be raised on goat milk. 13. Homegrown meat -- pork Pigs love whey and milk! Our pigs consume all of the whey from our cheesemaking.American Guinea Hogs 14. Homegrown meat -- chevon Extra buck kids can be sold for meat. 15. Legally selling meat in IllinoisSell the live animal and deliver it to the locker as aservice to the buyer. Buyer pays you for animal, pays locker for processing meat. Pros:Cons:No permit required Less marketing work as you only sell live animals, so you have to find fewer buyersMay make less $ per pound Some people dont want to buy a whole animal 16. Legally selling meat in Illinois Butcher meat animals and sell individual cuts Pros Can create your own signature items, such as sausage Potential to make more money Cons Retail meat license required More marketing work because each customer buys less product Need a place to set up shop Must have dedicated cooler and/or freezer for meat 17. Leather Ever heard of kid gloves? Salt hide after butchering and send to a tannery Learn to tan leather yourself Sell as skin? Value-added products? 18. Resources Supplies