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  • Starting Point The aim of the project is to provide a community growing learning and green space within the community.Transforming the space into an urban food-growing landscape, based on collaboration, where anyone who wants to has the opportunity, space and support to grow and harvest fresh fruit and vegetables. To create a vibrant, diverse food culture is a vital aspect of our healthy communities in a deprived area such as Vale Street

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  • Project Aims The project will enrich lives, providing us good food, making good friends and increasing numbers of usage promote all the benefits of local food growing community building, environmental, physical and mental health and well-being, local enterprise and the economy, address issues of sustainability reducing food miles, oil dependency, ecological and carbon footprints and increase biodiversity within an urban environment such as Vale Street .

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  • Vale Street Project Incredible Edible Brighouse aim to empower the community to retain and reuse our green spaces. turning unloved spaces into beautiful, practical areas by growing herbs, fruit and vegetables ties in with Calderdale Councils Green Spaces Strategy -To achieve high quality green spaces across Calderdale including spaces that are nationally recognised for their quality and attractions.

  • Grow Wild The Vale Strete project also supports Calderdale Corridors of Colour which links into the Nationwide Grow Wild Project sponsored by Kew Gardens. Increasing the quantity of suitable pollen- and nectar rich flowers can provide more food for pollinators. Pollinators also require a range of other resources, and this depends on the insect group, eg suitable nesting sites for bees and wasps; particular (native) plants larval stages of some insects such as butterfly and for moth caterpillars to feed on.

  • Why vegetables at vale street

    Getting hold of fresh fruit and vegetables at truly affordable prices can be a real challenge in deprived neighbourhoods.Involve Foster community sprit and engagement at Vale street and food produce 'ecologically'. The project would Involve mainly plant-based food ,and Increase the consumption of food sourced as locally within Vale street , seasonally and directly as practicable. The project would use resources in an environmentally friendly and low-carbon way and Promote knowledge within the community

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