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Job No.: AL-2499

Document No.: V-2154-101-A-214

Reference Drawing: V-2154-101-A-201_Rev.D & V-2154-101-A-205_Rev.A

Vessel Name: Blending Vessel

Vessel Tag No.: V410

C5/20/13Issue for review / approvalL.D.TL.A.VL.N.BB5/3/13Issue for review / approvalL.D.TL.A.VL.N.BA4/9/13Issue for review / approvalL.D.TL.A.VL.N.BRevDateDescriptionPreparedCheckedApproval

IndexMECHANICAL CALCULATION SHEETINDEXPage1. Design Data22. Shell Thickness Calculation23. Bottom Head Thickness Calculation34. Top Head Thickness Calculation45. Auxiliary Stiffener Calculation56. Main Stiffener Calculation67. Coil Half-Pipe Calculation78. Weight Calculation Sheet89. Lug Support910. Nozzle Calculation1211. Welding1812. Wind Load Analysis2113. Seismic Analysis2214. Support Analysis for Wind/Seismic2415. Stresses in Shell by Wind/Seismic2616. Lifting Lug Calculation2717. Vibration Calculation3118. Baffle Plate Thickness Calculation Sheet4319. Conclusion45

&"-,Italic"Project: NOEV LUBE OIL BLENDING PLANT&"-,Italic"Job No.: AL-2499&"-,Italic"Rev. No.: C

&"-,Italic"Page &P of 45

Calculation sheet1. Design Data

Design Code : NoneService: Blending VesselDesign pressureMax. Internal pressure - (Full 3.79 meters of Water)P =0.372barg=0.0372MPa GExternal pressure0.0barg=0.0MPa GWorking pressure0.0barg=0.0MPa GDesign temperature180degrees CWorking temperature60 ~ 80degrees CCorrosion allowance0.0mmVessel inside diameter2400mm(O/D = 2416mm)Vessel length (Flat Head to T.L)2800mm

MaterialS : Maximum allowable stress valueShellSA-240 TP304 / 304L112MPaFlat Top HeadSA-240 TP304 / 304L112MPaBottom Cone HeadSA-240 TP304 / 304L112MPaNozzle NeckSA-312 TP304 / 304L112MPaSupportSA-240 TP304 / 304L112MPa

Nozzle Flange: ASME B16.5 StandardNozzleSizeFlange TypeClassNozzle NeckNozzle outside diameter, mmNozzle inside diameter, mmSCHTHK.N1 A/BDN 50 (2")SO RF15080S5.5460.349.22N2DN 40 (1-1/2")SO RF15080S5.0848.338.14N3DN 50 (2")SO RF15080S5.5460.349.22N4DN 250 (10")SO RF150-10273.1253.1N5DN 100 (4")SO RF15040S6.02114.3102.26N6DN 100 (4")SO RF15040S6.02114.3102.26N7 A/B/CDN 25 (1")SO RF15080S4.5533.424.3N8 A/B/CDN 25 (1")SO RF15080S4.5533.424.3N9DN 80 (3")SO RF15040S5.4988.977.92N10DN 100 (4")SO RF15040S6.02114.3102.262. Shell Thickness Calculation (Refer to ASME Section VIII, Division 1, UG-27)

2.1Minimum required thickness of shell exclusive corrosion allowance (t):Circumferential Stress (Longitudinal Joints)= 0.0372x1200.0=44.6=0.47mm112.0x 0.85-0.6 x0.037295.2

where:P : internal design pressure=0.0372MPaPASS

The minimum fillet weld size =1.414x0.411=0.581mm

Choose Fillet weld size =6mm

7.2Check for Half-pipe Shell under external pressure (Refer to ASME Section VIII, Division 1, UG-28)

t: Thickness of half-pipe shell=5.49mmL: Total length=2800mmDo: Outside Diameter of cylindrical shell course=2416mm


Factor A=0.000225(Refer to ASME Section II, Part D, Subpart 3, Fig. G )B=22.5(Refer to ASME Section II, Part D, Subpart 3, Fig. CS-1 )

Maximum allowable external pressure:


7.2Hydrotest Pressure for Coil Half-pipe (Refer to ASME Section VIII, Division 1, UG-99 (b))

Design Temperature=180degrees CTest Temperature=A.T.MInternal Design PressureP=0.980MPa G

Max. Allowable Stress at Design TemperatureSd=112MPaMax. Allowable Stress at Test TemperatureSt=115MPa

Hydrotest PressurePh=1.3 x P x (St/Sd)

Ph=1.3 x 0.98 (115/112)=1.31MPa G8. Weight Calculation SheetNo.DescriptionThickness(mm)Q'tyUnitUnit Weight(kg)Total Weight(kg)RemarkWidth(mm)Length(mm)Area(mm2)1Shell81Ea1341.71341.6827627590.087851072920963822.64466352Bottom Cone81Ea418.64418.646541319.50353Roof81Ea330.97330.9725665171341.109554974Stiffenner T-150x8+70x8-4Ea33.37133.48237017605Stiffenner PL.50x8-2Ea19.4738.9460844006Top Angle Bar L-70x70x8-1Ea68.0168.017590.087851072911207Half Pipe Coil-160.3m5.76923.338Support Lug - Reinforcement PL.84Ea18.2072.792843509Support Lug - Base Plate254Ea30.31121.26151568.853410Support Lug - Compress Plate184Ea13.3353.3292571.773811Support Lug - Gusset Plate 1168Ea3.0324.262369112Support Lug - Gusset Plate 2168Ea13.07104.5510210013Lifting Lug252Ea6.3312.6631643.961214Nozzle N1A - Neck-0.15m7.631.142" SCH 80S15Nozzle N1A - Flange-1Ea2.302.302" 150#16Nozzle N1B - Neck-0.15m7.631.142" SCH 80S17Nozzle N1B - Flange-1Ea2.302.302" 150#18Nozzle N2 - Neck-0.172m5.510.951-1/2" SCH 80S19Nozzle N2 - Flange-1Ea1.401.401-1/2" 150#20Nozzle N3 - Neck-0.15m7.631.142" SCH 80S21Nozzle N3 - Flange-1Ea2.302.302" 150#22Nozzle N4 - Neck-0.2m61.5212.3010" SCH 40S23Nozzle N4 - Flange-1Ea19.5019.5010" 150#24Nozzle N4 - Reinforcement81Ea21.2421.24331830.72403542225Nozzle N4 - Gusset164Ea2.6810.7220942.707626Nozzle N5 - Neck-0.15m16.402.464" SCH 40S27Nozzle N5 - Flange-1Ea5.905.904" 150#28Nozzle N6 - Neck-0.15m16.402.464" SCH 40S29Nozzle N6 - Flange-1Ea5.905.904" 150#30Nozzle N7A - Neck-0.19m3.290.631" SCH 80S31Nozzle N7A - Flange-1Ea0.900.901" 150#32Nozzle N7B - Neck-0.18m3.290.591" SCH 80S33Nozzle N7B - Flange-1Ea0.900.901" 150#34Nozzle N7C - Neck-0.3m3.290.991" SCH 80S35Nozzle N7C - Flange-1Ea0.900.901" 150#36Nozzle N8A - Neck-0.3m3.290.991" SCH 80S37Nozzle N8A - Flange-1Ea0.900.901" 150#38Nozzle N8B - Neck-0.3m3.290.991" SCH 80S39Nozzle N8B - Flange-1Ea0.900.901" 150#40Nozzle N8C - Neck-0.172m3.290.571" SCH 80S41Nozzle N8C - Flange-1Ea0.900.901" 150#42Nozzle N9 - Neck-0.15m11.521.733" SCH 40S43Nozzle N9 - Flange-1Ea3.703.703" 150#44Nozzle N10 - Neck-0.15m16.402.464" SCH 40S45Nozzle N10 - Flange-1Ea5.905.904" 150#46Nozzle N10 - Spray Nozzle-1Ea13.0813.08Pipe & Flange 2", B. Flange 4", Bolt/Nut47MANWAY M1 - Reinforcement81Ea40.4440.44631913.074748MANWAY M1 - Shell81Ea32.0032.00250200050000049MANWAY M1 - Cap81Ea32.8132.8151265650Baffle64Ea15.9863.9433300051Angle Bar (Baffle Support) L-50x50x6-12Ea1.0612.6722060052Insulation-1set900.00900.00Empty Weight4856Weight of Liquid at Operating Level10083.0Weight of Full Water14345.0Total Weight of Liquid at Operating Level14939Total Weight of Full Water192019. Lug Support (Refer to Pressure Vessel Handbook 10th Edition - By Eugene F. Megyesy)

9.1Wear plate (Refer to Pressure Vessel Handbook 10th Edition - By Eugene F. Megyesy)

BCD: Bolt Circle Diameter3060mmOD: Vessel Outside Diameter2416mm

W: Weight of Vessel (Full of Water)=19511kg(Total Weight + Agitator weight)n : Number of lugs=4Q = W/n: Load on one lug=4877.7303404897kgR : Radius of shell=1208mmH: Lever arm of load=322mm2A : 1st Dimension of wear plate=582mm(Minimum, Including Top Angle Bar Width)*2B: 2nd Dimension of wear plate=550mm(Minimum)t: Wall thickness of shell=8.0mmtw: Wear plate thickness (approximate shell thickness)=8.0mmP : Internal Pressure at Wear plate location=0.00MPa

* Top angle bar connected with wear plate by full welding therefore using this angle bar as a part of wear plate.

Shell material :SA-240 TP304 / 304LAllowable stress value :112.0MPaYield point : Joint Efficiency : 0.85

Shape factors C :


C1 =1C2 =1C3 =1C4 =1

The factors K


K1 =3.3K2 =0.01K3 =6K4 =0.0075

Longitudinal Stress :


Stress due to internal pressure:

PR=0 x 1208=0.00MPa2t2 x 8

The sum of tensional stresses:

73.87+ 0.00=73.87MPa

It does not exceed the stress value of the girth seam:

112.0x 0.85=95.2MPa(ACCEPTED)

Circumferential Stress:

=71.44MPaStress due to internal pressure:PR=0 x 1208=0.00MPat8The sum of tensional stresses:71.44+ 0.00=71.44MPaIt does not exceed the stress value of shell material multiplied by 1.5 :112.0x 1.50=168MPa(ACCEPTED)

Choose wear plate =582x550x8mm

9.2Gussets (Refer to Pressure Vessel Design Manual 3rd Ed. 2004 - Dennis R. Moss, Procedure 3-13)

Q: Vertical load per lug=4877.7303404897kg=47850.5346402036Nn: Number of gussets per lug=2(Double Gusset)b=372mmh=346.5mmtg : Gusset thickness=16mm=57degreesFy: Minimum Yield Strength of gusset material=170MPaFa : Allowable axial Stress=68MPa(0.4 Fy)Fb : Allowable bending Stress=102MPa(0.6 Fy)

Qa = Q.sin : Axial load on gusset=40130.8350631917NQb = Q.cos: Bending load on gusset=26061.2690113936N=155.9927256378mm

A = tg.C : Cross-sectional area of assumed column=2495.8836102056mm2: Section modulus=64889.9478718005mm3


: Bending moment=5383657.21749969Nmm

Axial stress=8.039MPaPASS

Bending Stress=82.9659661329MPaPASSChoose dimensions of Double Gusset as shown above

9.3Base Plate for Double Gusset (Refer to Pressure Vessel Design Manual 3rd Ed. 2004 - Dennis R. Moss, Procedure 3-13)

l : Base plate width=410mma : Bearing width=100mm(Client to confirm)l1=340mm : Bolt hole diameter=38mm

Bending9.3.1Bending (Assume to be between simply supported with two equal spans)

=2452339.90031044Nmm(w.l = Q)


=1.1670862107Nmm2(Uniform load on base plate)


9.3.3Thickness required base plate


where Mb is bending moment

Choose the actual thickness base plate tb=25mm

9.4Compression Plate for Double Gusset (Refer to Pressure Vessel Design Manual 3rd Ed. 2004 - Dennis R. Moss, Procedure 3-13)

e=322(Refer to figure of 8.2 Gussets)Ev: Modulus of elasticity of vessel=183600MPa28100000ksi =193,721.400.006894MpaEs: Modulus of elasticity of compression plate=183600MPat: Shell Vessel thickness=8.0mmR: Inside Radius of vessel=1200.0mmtc: Assumed Compression Plate thickness=18.0mmy: Compression Plate width=220.0mmx: Distance between loads=340.0mmFy