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  • UX = User + ExperienceDamon Kiesow, @dkiesowHead of Mobile Initiatives

    McClatchy Company

    11:30am - 12:30am | #ONA15ux

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    Next comes ubiquitous computing, or the age of calm technology, when technology recedes into the background of our lives. - Mark Weiser

    Take for example, a hammer: it is ready-to-hand; we use it without theorizing Only when it breaks or something goes wrong might we see the hammer as present-at-hand, just lying there. - Martin Heidegger

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    Journalism Tech is a cargo cult

    Ritual not innovation

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    We are chasing technology

    Print Radio TV Internet Phone ?? ??

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    What will save journalism?

    (Go ahead and Google it)

    iPad, Apple Watch, Tony Haile, Crowdfunding, Rich tech guys, Facebook, Cat

    Videos, Bitcoin, Data, Niche Reporting, Marshawn Lynch, Rap Genius, Native

    Advertising, Social Media

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    Cause or Cure Cancer?


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    Do you have a Watch plan?

    audience content revenue tempo voice publishing editing error correction

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    car dashboard? refrigerator front door contact lens jewelry microwave smoke detector bathroom mirror

    What about

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    Glass is eating the world*

    *Source: Benedict Evans & Corning

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    Ubiquitous computing

    Everything has a chip We stop noticing

    Next comes ubiquitous computing, or the age of calm technology, when technology recedes into the background of our lives.

    Mark Weiser (1952- 1999) Chief Scientist Xerox PARC

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    Opportunity Costs

    We cant do everything

    We can barely count the new things to do

    Emerging technologies lack a playbook

    We need to be using/playing with the new tech

    And we need to make money somehow long the way

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    Readers First

    Technology is not the center of readers focus

    It can not be the focus of our strategies

    Doing so sets us adrift

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    Readers: Make it efficient

    As the pace of information speeds up, readers want a filter

    The fear of missing out v.s the reality of drowning in information

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    Readers: Make it seamless

    Not just how new technologies work, how they work together

    Does your experience move with the user and adapt to their context?

    Tablet Car Radio Phone Desktop

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    Readers: Make it platform native

    Reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the device

    We tend to impose yesterdays forms on tomorrows platforms.

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    OK, what is it with people anyway?

    They seem kind of high maintenance

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    Dont make me think

    Satisficing vs Optimizing

    Our brains have limited processing power

    Working (transient) memory is required to learn new things

    If overloaded, frustration and task failure results

    Design must minimize load

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    Cognitive Barriers

    Number of Steps

    Length of Steps

    Difficulty of Steps

    Adapted from Jordan Julien in UXMag.com


    r Per



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    Cognitive Load

    Number of Choices

    Thought Required

    Clarity of Choice

    Adapted from Jordan Julien in UXMag.com

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    Say the color of the text


    Stroop Effect

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    Conservation of complexity

    Potential cognitive load in a system should be solved by developers, not exposed to users

    40 hours x 1 developer = 40 hours

    0.5 second x 5,000,000 users = 700 hours

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    So, Heidegger

    Ready to Hand v.s. Present at Hand

    When a technology is used intuitively and for a purpose, it becomes an extension of your own body. You see only the work, not the tool.

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    The hammer

    The canonical example

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    The mouse

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    Wired says

    The malfunctioning mouse serves to increase the participants' cognitive load, and lead(s) to decreased performance in some of the ongoing cognitive tasks.

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    Wired says

    (It) could thusly be viewed as a discontinuity in our selves.

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    Connected tools

    Extended Physiologic Proprioception Originated with the study of prosthetic limbs Popularization of the mouse a turning point

    One must deduce that a control system which is very much more efficient is operating in the biological situation in order to reduce the load down to an acceptable level where the system can operate unconsciously. - D.C. Simpson (1974)

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    Close your eyes

    From an outstretched arm, touch your nose The Field Sobriety Test is a test of proprioception

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    How it matters

    Older technologies were accommodated by users

    Now tech is more personal and must do the accommodating

    Users experience and intuit this shift

    Design / UX is now a differentiator and an expectation

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    Delight readers



    Satisfaction =

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    Dont hit your users

    As we remove mediating layers like the keyboard and mouse and control software directly with gesture and touch - disruptions become more painful

    Punchcard Keyboard Mouse Touch Gesture Thought

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    Forget the tech - worry about the audience

    Heidegger again Hermeneutic Circle

    Users are not separate from their experiences

    To understand one, you must understand the other

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    How the industry thinks

    Revenue Goals

    Circulation Goals

    Editorial Goals


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    How readers think

    Surprise me

    Save me money

    Connect me

    Inform me

    Entertain me

    Save me time

    Make it easy




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    We need to rethink how we think

    Problems before solutions Readers not products Servant leadership

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    Empathy is required

    Research Listen Validate Build Test Iterate

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    Bottom line

    Our technology is becoming increasingly invisible Soon everything will have a chip and a screen Audiences will expect information services everywhere As the tech disappears it becomes an extension of ourselves That creates huge demands on design to reduce cognitive load and disruption There is no fix except to listen to readers and build products to support them And iterate - quickly

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    Damon Kiesow

    Head of Mobile Initiatives McClatchy Co dkiesow@mcclatchy.com @dkiesow