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  • Let the Magic Begins...

  • Objective:

    Intro UX vs UI What is UX The UX design process Principles in Practice

  • [ ]UX design is a commitment to building products with the customer in mind- Marieke McCloskey Director of Research at UserTesting

    UX design is the art and science of generating positive emotions through product interactions- Tomer Sharon Senior UX Researcher at Google

  • Before Starting to Design:

    What functions is the page supposed to offer? What is your target user? What type of user will be using the page? What is it you want the user to do on the page? Which actions do you expect from the user?

    The goal is to create the most effective design that will cater to all your expectations as laid out in the beginning.

  • Forces and Gravity:

  • Content Placement Guideline:

  • Model in Action

  • Primary Optical AreaStrong FollowWeak FollowTerminal AreaOur UI

  • Putting Elements in Order:

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  • Assisting Decision Making: Hicks Law : the more options we have the longer it takes to make a decision. Paradox of Choice : whenever we have too many options to choose from, we choose not to choose. Thank God We Have Miller : the law of 5 plus/minus 2 options (offer between 3 and 7 options )

    "Understanding how each step of the cognitive process works is a goldmine for designers"

  • The Four Rules of Decision Making: The more options we have the longer it takes to make a decision. Whenever we have too many options to choose from, we choose not to choose. Whenever we do choose between too many options to choose from we feel bad about our choice. Effective decision making is achieved when we have 3-7 options to choose from.

  • Dealing with Complex Structures:

  • Implicit Flow Instructions: The World of Gestalt The Power of Proximity:

    The rule of proximity shows us that the distance between elements will guide the way we perceive them What Made You Group?

    This is exactly where the principle of proximity is working its magic. The fact that a few elements have an equal distance between one another, and a bigger distance between them and the other group, made us treat them as separate groups.

  • Applying Gestalt in Our Layout Design:

  • Making things Readable and Scanable:T.M.I (Too Much Information)TL;DRToo-long-didnt-read

  • Z - ModelF - Model

  • The Rule of 7 Seconds:

    The 7 second rule is a great tool for testing the scannability of your page. This isnt only relevant for web interfaces and promotional pages. This rule can also be applied when dealing with users who are frequently using

    a known interface.

  • It's time to Say Good Bye ..THANK YOU