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When we examine the Evolution of UX over the years, we can divide it into 3 broad sections. The first section is about the Design´s Paradigm. ( I promise not to be boring). The second one is knowing and accepting that everything we do, we do with the user in the center of our decisions, and understanding that we should measure the risk of our decisions And finally the rapid evolution of new interfaces. Our products have evolved based in the evolution of these sections. I´ll show you this evolution in a section about Liferay Portal


  • 1. UX RevolutionJuan HidalgoUX Designer

2. EVOLUTION = STRATEGY 3. E V O L U T I O NPORTAL PORTALDesignsParadigmUsers InterfacesP o r t a l 4. DesignsParadigm 5. Designs paradigmErgonomics Usability Emo9onSafe Usage Easy Usage Pleasure UsagePreventing negative Experiences Creating positiveexperiences1940 1970 2000*Marco van Hout 6. DesignsParadigmsUX = Emotion = Microinteractions = Details 7. Dieter RamsIndustrial Designer 8. 3.200 million euros 9. USERS 10. Users 11. Users 12. Users 13. Users 14. You can't manage what you don't measure.- Edward Deming 15. INTERFACES 16. 19th century culture was defined by the novel , 20thcentury culture by cinema, the culture of the 21st centurywill be defined by the interface.!-Lev Manovich 17. Interfaces*Borja Delgado @borjadelgadoExcellentPleasurableUsableReliableFunctionalConfort Zone 18. *Denys Nevozhai 19. *Denys Nevozhai 20. *Denys Nevozhai 21. *Denys Nevozhai 22. *Denys Nevozhai 23. Butler 24. Butler 25. Golden Rules? are Designs PrincipleFiJs ChunkingHicksHorror Vacui 26. Fitts LawPredicts that the time required to rapidly move to atarget area is a function of the distance to the target andthe size of the target. 27. Fitts LawFormName SurnameDesignerDeveloperCancel Submit 28. Fitts LawFormName SurnameDesignerDeveloperSubmit Cancel 29. Chunking4- + 30. Chunking10{ 3{keydogpencilskycarfeelingbluegardennovemberwatch3{4{keydogpencilskycarfeelingbluegardennovemberwatch 30skeydogpencilskycar5{30s 31. Hicks LawThe time it takes for a person to make a decision basedon the number of choices available. 32. Hicks Law 33. Hicks Law 34. Horror VacuiHorror Vacui = fear of empty space 35. Horror Vacui 36. Horror Vacui 37. PORTAL 38. Portal 39. Portal 40. Portal 41. Portal 42. Portal 43. 7 44. Themes 45. Themes 46. Themes 47. Guidelines 48. Guidelines 49. #LRDEVCONJuan HidalgoUX Designer at Liferay Inc.!@jhidalgoreina