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  • UXBest Practices & StrategiesJessamyn West David Lee King Dr. Frank Cervone

  • UXOpening Thoughts

  • Jessamyns Thoughts

  • universal design

  • 5 - 7 steps Equitable use

    Flexibility in use

    Simple and intuitive

    Perceptible information

    Tolerance for error

    (also low physical effort & "size and space for use")

  • mobile at minimum

  • mobile Way to effectively reach

    digitally divided users

    "Responsive design"

    Better Google rankings

    Helps make tough choices about most important content

  • incent & encourage

  • be careful what you* ask for

    "Strong" passwords

    "Security" questions



    *you AND your vendors

  • Franks Thoughts

  • Design patterns

  • SimpleClear


  • Grids

  • Color psychology

  • Who are you really talking to?

  • Library UX Hell

  • Davids Thoughts

  • Make People Click

  • content

  • General Reference Center:A general interest database that integrates a variety of sources in one easy-to-use interface. Use General Reference Center to find articles from magazines, reference books, and newspapers, many with full-text and images.

  • General Reference Center:Find articles from magazines, newspapers, and reference books covering current events, popular culture, the arts and sciences, sports, hobbies, and more.

  • Find it!

    Books, magazines, newspapers. Topics you're interested in, at your fingertips!

  • titles!


  • and editing.

  • conversation

  • friendly,conversational

  • directions

  • UXDiscussion Time

  • UXTo Do Lists

  • flic.kr/p/81RqH3

    bigger boxesfewer words

  • flic.kr/p/81RqH3

    Type like you Talk

  • show time passing

  • give the user a job

  • make it

    this easy


  • flic.kr/p/pk3p7y

  • UXThanks!