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Hi, User Experience and Design Thinking for Startup is a talk about understanding people and designing business for them. I explained the principles that I created to sell the benefits to invest in UX when you need to develop a service or a product. I also gave some examples using this principles. My 7 UX Principles: Essential, People Focus, Smart, Attractive, Practical, Innovator and Flexible. So, after explain an approach I talked about Design Thinking, using that approach to develop service design focused in Startups. I hope that you enjoy the slides and please, give me your feedback. Best Regards, Rafel Daron Twitter: rafaeldaron Email: rafaeldaron@gmail.com


<ul><li> UX &amp; Design Thinking for Startups Understanding &amp; Designing Business Rafael Daron UX &amp; Service Designer @rafaeldaron rafaeldaron@gmail.com </li> <li> - Master in Service Design, Politecnico di Milano, IT - Specialist in Interaction Design, Faber Ludens, BR - Bachelor in Information System, UNISEP, BR - UX &amp; Service Designer at Beta-i, Lisbon, PT - UX &amp; Service Designer at MediaEngine, Milan, IT - Interaction Designer at C.E.S.A.R., Sorocaba, BR - User Experience at CISS, Dois Vizinhos, BR - Teacher at UNISEP, Dois Vizinhos, BR About me </li> <li> What is wrong here? </li> <li> What is wrong here? </li> <li> And here? What is wrong? </li> <li> And how about that? </li> <li> They insist! </li> <li> Please, dont do that at home! </li> <li> Essential Attractive Practical Innovator Flexible People Focus Smart 7 UX Principles To the best experience </li> <li> 1 Exploration </li> <li> 2 Ideation </li> <li> If you want to have good ideas you must have many ideas Linus Pauling </li> <li> Dont be shy! Have crazy and absurd ideas. </li> <li> 3 Prototype </li> <li> MVP / MVS </li> <li> Case: Conecta </li> <li> Case: Conecta </li> <li> Case: Conecta </li> <li> Case: Conecta </li> <li> 4 Experimentation </li> <li> Paper Prototyping Ltia </li> <li> Give to real customers. </li> <li> They liked to use? They will buy? Ask feedback. </li> <li> Fail Often to Succeed Sooner IDEO </li> <li> THANK YOU! Rafael Daron UX &amp; Service Designer @rafaeldaron rafaeldaron@gmail.com </li> </ul>