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1. Riverautility contractorsWelcome To Rivera Utility Contractors!Sooner or later every home will have its share of plumbing problems.From the common dripping faucet to the ever stressful broken water pipe.Choosing a plumber sounds like a quick and easy task but if you choose the wrongone it could end up costing you a lot of time, money, and stress.We understand that when you have a problem, you need it fixed rightaway, and that's what we'll do for you. Our staff is courteous and customersatisfaction is our main goal. Our technicians have the experience you need to turnany problem situation into a wonderful result.We offer only professional and dependable service for all yourplumbing, heating, and cooling systems, as well as our affordable prices. Justremember, if you want the job done right and on time, the first time, Rivera UtilityContractors is the company for you. 2. About UsWe strive to provide service excellence and sure our customers' satisfaction onevery job!Staying true to our trade and remaining locally owned, we can provide a personal level ofservice that larger companies don't provide. Our high skill set, attention to detail andgreat concern for our customers' satisfaction has helped us build an excellent reputationfor our services.You can be assured that whatever problem arises, we can handle it. We areupfront with our estimates. We do not use hidden fees or try to up-sell services orproducts. It is about our reputation. We like to think that you will never have to look fora plumber again after you call us.Our service is of the upmost quality and our prices are very competitive.We want to be your drain cleaning and emergency and preventative maintenance 3. Our ServicesHave you noticed a leaky faucet in your home?Is your water heater not heating your water adequately?Are you planning a complete kitchen or bathroom remodeling job?Did you purchase new appliances recently?Call Rivera Utility Contractors first!We can handle any of these plumbing tasks andoffer much more.No job is too large or too small for us to handle. In our years of experience, we'veencountered several challenging projects and have continually proven our expertise.Our Services Include:Commercial PlumbingNew ConstructionFaucets & toilets (Repair & Installation)Garbage disposal repair & installationWater heater serviceWater pipesBathtubs & showersAppliance & water hook-ups (water and gas)Sump pumpsGas piping, including leak repairsWater Supply RepairsDrainage RepairsWater-Pressure Repairs 4. FAQWhat can I do for a clogged bathtub or sink drain?This is a very common problem and there is no definitive answer as each drain could beclogged for a different reason. The best thing to do is to make sure that the drain is notclogged with hair or soap chips. You can do this by visually inspecting the bathtub or sinkdrain. Cleaning hair out of your drains regularly, after showers, baths and hair washings isadvised.What is the proper way to plunge a bathtub drain?A bathtub drain is difficult to clear if you have a trip lever because as you plunge the watercould push up the trip lever riser. So the best way to use a plunger in a bathtub is to pushthe plunger in fast and forceful to try to get as much pressure as possible into the p-trap.Plunging a bathtub is not going to work for every clogged drain, and most times you willneed something stronger like a snake. If you don't have a snake or don't want to snake yourdrains, call us today!What is the best way to unclog a toilet?The household plunger is frequently the first defense mechanism used to unclog a toilet.Before using a plunger you will want to turn off the toilet's water shut-off valve. Turning offthe emergency shut-off valve will prevent accidental flushes, which can lead to an overflow.Once you have the water turned off, you are ready to unclog the toilet. The rubber end ofthe plunger should be soft, flexible and have no cracks. To unclog, place the rubber end ofthe plunger over the clog and push down with a fair amount of pressure. The clog should 5. Contact UsAlbuquerque NM, 87105Phone: 505-877-8986Email:riveraplumbingandutilities@yahoo.comBusiness Hours:Monday Friday24 Hour Emergency Service