Using the Power of the Crowd to Shape the Economy of the Future

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PowerPoint PresentationUSING THE POWER OF THE CROWD To SHAPE THE ECONOMY OF THE FUTURE@AndyRidley1MITIGATING CLIMATE CHANGE WITH CIRCULAR STRATEGIES Material extraction has fueled economic growth since the industrial revolution Source: UNEP (2011) after Krausmann et al. 2009 DROUGHT IN CALIFORNIA10secTODAY, ONLY 7% OF ALL THE MATERIALS ARE RECYCLED AND REUSED BY THE GLOBAL ECONOMY 3 BILLION PEOPLE WILL MOVE INTO MIDDLE CLASS HOMES IN THE NEXT 25 YEARS7 KEY PRINCIPLES OF THE CIRCULAR ECONOMYPrioritise Regenerative ResourcesPreserve and Extend Whats Already MadeDesign for the FutureUse Waste as a ResourceCollaborate to Create Joint ValueRethink the Business ModelIncorporate Digital TechnologyNicolas Raspail () - Merge the two titles / keep only one?Chloe de Roos Feinberg () - keep both i thinkCACPCMCBCSCWSEMI-STRUCTURED(e.g. tagged text)STRUCTURED(e.g. data in a table)UNSTRUCTURED(e.g. text)NETWORK data(e.g. who we reach and why?)IMPACT data(e.g. how much waste avoided)KNOWLEDGE data(e.g. what we know about X)CDWhat kind of data?Where does it come from?How can we organise it?DATA ACCELERATING CHANGE 21CIRCLE PORTFOLIOCIRCLE ASSESSMENTCIRCLE MARKETCIRCLE BUSINESS CASESHARING TOOLS AND MOREIn 2010, the crowdfunding market equated to $880 million.In just four years it grew to $16 billion and it is estimated to have grown to over $34 billion in 2015.THE CROWD HAS THE POWER TO ACCELERATE CHANGEAndy Ridley CEO Circle Economy@andyridley26