using the joomla framework for internet of things (iot) case for lighting control

Download Using the Joomla Framework for Internet of Things (IoT) Case for Lighting Control

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This case study presentation shows how we have used the #joomla framework in building a IoT infrastructure for Lighting control systems. The infra provides a way to control various smart devices via web & mobile devices and also mash up other APIs. Its designed to scale easily both in terms of numbers as well as in terms of protocols


  • Building a LCMS with the Joomla Framework the internet of things & Joomla
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  • Our worst fears have come true ! Another CMS on the Joomla Framework !! LCMS
  • What's a LCMS ? How do I Build my Website with it ?
  • Lighting Control Management System
  • What does a LCMS do ? Device Management Device Grouping Scheduling Manufacturer Mgmt User Management Access Control Reports & Analytics
  • Why are they Used ? Control + Automation Intelligent scheduling Maximise energy savings Comply with Building & energy regulations
  • Where are they used ? University Campuses Hotels Industries Street lighting Any situation where volume ligting is implemented
  • What's a Web & Mobile Company doing in this space ? the key is to use our existing expertise in new areas of application
  • Enter Techventures Enventure Partners + Tekdi Technologies Hardware + Software
  • We're looking at making hardware integrations simpler by bringing web services into the picture. Less of embeded programming, more of web
  • A Little Background Replacing Proprietery hardware with Open H/W solutions Replacing Proprietory LCMs built by Billion
  • Challenges Control Thousands of devices Support Multiple transport protocols & formats Support new devices & retrofits Extremely light footprint Scale as needed
  • Simplified Representation HTML5 Browser UI Application Server + Web Services Gateway Gateway Gateway Gateway D E V I C E S
  • Base Architecture Device Drivers ( LED lights/Motors/ Air Conditioning etc) Device Subnet LCMS Backend on Joomla FW LAMP Stack JSON over XMPP/HTTP Webservices JSON over XMPP/HTTP HTML5 Browser UI Mobile App /resource-id/action/value || ds344/dim/10 JSON over Power line / Wireless/ Zigby/Bluetooth Controller DB Device Gateway Raspberry Pis Cloud/Hosted Webserver Currently Hosted on Pi #Python
  • The Blue Box The Joomla Framework (Bluebox) is being used as a Cloud based server that communicates to several "gateways" LCMS Backend on Joomla FW LAMP Stack
  • The Green Box Currently running Raspberry Pi's for the gateways running python among other things for the application code Device Subnet Controller DB
  • Multi Gateway Access Pt Controller JSON over Power line / Wireless/ Zigby Blue Box Access Pt Controller Access Pt Controller Horizontal scaling for volume is achieved by adding more gateways to the network
  • The Framework App Joomla Framework xmpphp package bootstrap package Twig package
  • APIs with the Framework The Framework app outputs both human consumable views as well as Web Services Currently we are using only the Webservices
  • The App in Action HTML5 Web App working off Framework Webservices
  • Polling based Device Discovery Imaging you have Building with 1000 lights installed on various floors Auto Discovery via polling lets the system 'auto discover' devices connected to that g/w
  • Discover available services Discover the services supported by the devices via polling In case of lights it can be ON/OFF/DIM Depending on device type this can vary
  • Group the Devices Managing one by Sucks ! Group devices into logical groups You can create as many groups as you want & assign devices to groups Each device can be in multiple functional groups. - Eg: 1 group per storey, decorative & functional light groups etc
  • Scheduling Create schedules and automate Schedule for individuals or groups Eg: Dim porch lights at 6am, Turn off porch lights at 9am.
  • Override when needed Each device's state can also be overridden, which will override it's state defined by a schedule.
  • Device Mapping Maps Integration for mapping devices
  • User Management Manage Users, Grant access, delegate responsobility.
  • Multiple transport options for G/ws Choose to Connect gateways via different transport methods Choose between XMPP or COAP *Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) is a software protocol intended to be used in very simple electronics devices that allows them to communicate interactively over the Internet.
  • Device Asset & Manufacturer mgmt Makes it easier to manage devices & warranties as well as maintainance from multiple manufactures with asset management done via the same unified system.
  • Before > After
  • A look at the Prototype Working Prototype hardware with live demo launched ! Production devices go live very soon !
  • J! Framework Contributions Full CRUD Example with Add/Edit/List Views & REST Webservices Router that simplifies RESTful URLs
  • What Else ? What Next ?
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) LCMS Is a sub case IoT The Infrastructure for LCMS can be used many many IoT applications The Infrastructure is completely scalable both from a hardware & software perspective
  • M2M & M2E Communications The architechture allows for Machine to machine connectivity as well as Machine to Enterprise communications
  • Term Glossary API - Application Programing Interface LCMS - Lighting control Management System XMPP - Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol is a communications protocol for message oriented middleware base protocol based on XML(Extensible Markup Language). The protocol was originally named Jabber. RPi - Raspberry pi COAP - Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) is a software protocol intended to be used in very simple electronics devices that allows them to communicate interactively over the Internet.
  • Thank You ! Questions ? Interested in an implementation like this or anything that deals with intesting web/mobile/hardware mashups ? Drop us an email ! Twitter @techjoomla | @parthlawate


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