Using Social Media tools to look for a job

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Learn how to control recruiter experience. Find out a list of new available tools that will help you get the job you want.


  • 1. Looking for a job in a social media world. Michael Loban @iDeserveaJob


  • According to the national survey, over 85% of participating recruiters indicated that applicantsdo not understand what recruiters wantto know and want to hear from the applicant throughout the hiring process.

What recruiters are saying 3. What does it mean?

  • Recruiters do not want to sort hundreds of resumes.
  • Recruiters want to see creativity, not look for it in the resumes.
  • Recruiters like networking as it makes their job search easier.
  • Recruiters like to see how your experience is aligned with the needs of employer.

4. Recruiters state:

  • For us, hiring process is very complicated and time consuming. Any applicant that makes this decision easier willstand-out .

5. Recruiters on Social Media

  • 77% say it improved their ability to connect to passive candidates
  • 44% say it improved their quality of hire
  • 36% say it reduced their time to hire

6. Recruiter Experience

  • is thequality of experience a Recruiter has when interacting with an applicant . It can range from a specific artifact, such as a resume or a portfolio, up to a larger, integrated experience such as an interview process.

7. Ideal Recruiter Experience Recruiter Needs Business Constraints Technical Requirements Context 8. How to use Social Media

  • Identify problems target employer has before offering them a solution.
  • From the Recruiters standpoint, hiring a right person is theact of solving a problem that company has . Applicant has to identify these problems and the outcomes that the employer is trying to accomplish.

9. Step 1 People Search

  • Technorati Blog Search
  • Facebook corporate groups
  • LinkedIN and Twitter
  • PeekYou and Pipl

10. Step 1 People Search 11. Step 2 Professional Research Entire sites : Specifying* will include all the pages on . Parts of sites : You can use wildcard patterns to include just certain parts of a site. For example,*about* will include only files on that have about in their name. Entire domains : You can also specify an entire domain using * 12. Step 2 Professional research 13.

  • BizShark brings you the latest business profiles, news, financials, web analytics, social footprint, marketing strategies, and other business information by searching across 50+ Internet business databases.

Step 3 Professional Research 14. Step 3 Professional Research 15. Step 3 Professional Research 16. Step 3 Networking 17. Step 3 Networking 18. Step 3 Networking 19. Step 4 Job Interview 20. Step 4 Job Interview 21. Step 4 Job Interview 22. Step 4 Job Interview 23. Self-Promotion

  • Add your voice for interpersonal relationships
  • Connect with old colleagues this is a monthly practice
  • Write recommendations
  • Get recommendations Ebay Review
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Connect with people immediately after the meeting
  • Get a vanity URL
  • Never use templates; custom messages only
  • Add depth to your profile
  • Add links
  • Customize why you want to be reached
  • Add applications

24. Self-Promotion Ways to reach you. Show that you dont just use a phone. Show your work history. Share other social profiles. You are working and your knowledge is not obsolete. Volunteering experience. Personal information. Share This.Gather Testimonials.Downloadable documents about you. 25. Self-Promotion 26. Self-Promotion 27. Twitter Tips

  • Get the most out of your page:
  • Include your job pitch in your bio
  • Utilize Twitter background
  • Include a link to LinkedIN and online CV
  • Establish yourself as an expert
  • @TweetMyJobs & @Microjobs
  • When contacting recruiter:
  • Read their bio
  • Follower/Following Ratio
  • Look at their websites
  • Do the research

28. 10 Ning networks that can help you find a job

  • Recruiter Earth
  • Jober Talk
  • Secrets of the Job Hunt
  • New Media Hire
  • Jobs in Social Media
  • Keith Ferrazzis Greenlight Community
  • Open Networkers
  • Expertise for Hire
  • Jux.ta.pose
  • Smart Tech People