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Many people think of Social Media as just a means to socialize with your friends. The reality is that Social Networks are now used as a major source by most companies to find and recruit new talent, as well as research new applicants. In this breakout session, Kurt Stoll, an experienced expert in interactive and social media marketing strateties, shows you how you can maximize different social media services like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to not only increase your odds of getting that next great job, but to even have companies and recruiters seek you out for your next dream job. • Learn how to use LinkedIn to its full potential to make yourself stand out in the Crowd • Learn Tips and Tricks to Make People Find You When Looking to Fill Your Dream Job • Effective Social Media Cleanup Techniques to Polish your Online Image


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Maximizing Social Mediato Get Your Next Dream JobKurt StollFounder and Principal Marketing Consultantfor MetaBrand MarketingThoughts on Social MediaMost people think of Social Media as a means to socializeWhere Im AtWhat Im doingWhat Im thinkingHiring companies think of Social Media as a means to find and recruit new talent, as well as research new applicants

Dos and Donts for Social MediaDoUse social media to let people know what you are working on and what youve doneLet people know your thoughts on interesting topics in your fieldLet people know about things that you are doing that make you unique, interesting, and someone they want to know more about

Dos and Donts for Social MediaDont

DontUse social media to let people know how drunk you got last nightOr any other questionably moral things youve done.

4Dos and Donts for Social MediaDont

DontLet people know things that you are not good at or things that you hateUse social media to talk bad about others

5Clean up your actDelete old Facebook posts that you wouldnt feel comfortable talking to someone in HR aboutDelete old Tweets that you wouldnt feel comfortable talking to someone in HR aboutDelete Flickr and TwitPics You Get the PictureLeveraging

LeveragingMake sure that you have updated your experience on LinkedIn with all of the latest informationLook up other LinkedIn profiles with similar terms as your experience to see how they have described their business experience and rework it to describe your work history experience

LinkedIn ApplicationsBox.netStore an MS Word version of your resumeStore other files that are part of your portfolio

LinkedIn ApplicationsSlideShareHost any presentations you have given (like this one)

LinkedIn ApplicationsTripItShare any interesting Business Trips (or otherwise) that you have been on or are going on.

LinkedIn Discussion GroupsParticipate in LinkedIn Discussion GroupsJoin groups that are affiliated with your professionTry Joining AITP Houston (hint, hint)Pose questionsAnswer questions and participate in discussionsLinkedIn RecommendationsGet Recommendations for previous workGet at least 3Dont be afraid to solicit recommendationsBest time to ask is right after you do a good job on a project or deliverableIf you thought I did a good job, can you provide a recommendation for me on LinkedIn?Giving someone else a good recommendation increases your odds of getting one in returnBe Findable on LinkedInFigure out what you want to be known forThink up terms that describe thisInclude those terms in your Headline and your Summary

Be Findable on LinkedInDrive searches to your LinkedIn pageSearch or for those terms as URLsRegister those URLsRedirect them to your LinkedIn pageBe Findable on LinkedIn

Lets Try It Just to Be SureStart a BlogWhereWordpress.comBlogger.comTumblr.comWhatTalk about what you are doing that is interestingTalk about your thoughts on issues in your industryHowLink your Blog to Social Media Services like Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedInPost once, update manyPersonal Business CardsUse all of the available space on the cardFront

What You DoLinksContact InfoPicture (optional)Personal Business CardsUse all of the available space on the cardBack

Experience summaryLinkedIn Link

Personal Business CardsUse all of the available space on the cardUse a good business card serviceVista Print ( Cards ( (


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